Water charges

A €270m payment to Irish Water had no connection to the fact water charges were scrapped, the Government has claimed.

Hundreds of farmers and businesses to get 40% water bill discount

Hundreds of farmers and owners of commercial businesses in an area of north Cork are to receive a reduction of up to 40% in their water bills as their supply in early summer was deemed unfit for consumption.

Latest: Irish Water apologises for burst water pipe in Navan

Latest:  Irish Water has apologised after a second major water pipe burst in just over a week, cutting off supply to up 10,000 households and businesses.

Latest: Irish Water ‘sincerely regrets’ loss of water supply following burst pipe

Irish Water says it "sincerely regrets" the inconvenience caused to thousands of people in the North East because of a burst pipe.

Water main repair could cost up to €3m

Irish Water has said that it will cost up to €3m to completely replace a burst water main in the North East.

Latest: Replacing damaged mains pipe could cost €3m

Latest: Fully replacing a mains pipe that burst triggering the water supply crisis in Louth and Meath could cost three million euro and take 18 months, Irish Water has said.

Fianna Fáil accused of wanting to punish those who paid water charges

Fianna Fáil has been accused of wanting to punish people who paid water charges as the opposition party faced criticism for calling for a delay in refunding the 1m homes which paid.

Latest: Conservation grant will not affect refund of water charges, says Taoiseach

Latest: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed that refunds of water charges will not be deducted to account for the water conservation grant.

It is my job to make sure people get water charges refund: Eoghan Murphy

The Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government Eoghan Murphy has said it is his job to make sure people get their refunds of water charges.

Water charges will be refunded ’this autumn’, says Taoiseach

Almost a million households who paid their water charges can expect to get their money back this Autumn.

Latest: Joan Burton denies laughter in car reflected 'relaxed' atmosphere

Update 6.47pm: Former Tánaiste Joan Burton has denied that she was “relaxed” in the car in which she was allegedly falsely imprisoned during a water charges protest.

Dáil votes 96 to 48 to abolish water charges, except for 'excessive use'

Water charges have effectively been abolished this afternoon.

Latest: Taoiseach claims will of majority has won out on water charges

Latest: The Taoiseach has claimed the will of the majority has won out on water charges.

Water charges row comes to boiling point;FF threaten to block election of new FG Taoiseach

Latest: The row between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael over water charges is escalating, with Fianna Fáil's Barry Cowen threatening NOT to facilitate the election of a new Fine Gael Taoiseach.

Campaigners to hold protest, urging 'petulant' TDs to scrap water charges

Anti-water charge campaigners will hold a protest in Dublin city centre this afternoon urging politicians to implement an Oireachtas committee report which recommends scrapping water charges.

Latest: Fine Gael call for legal advice on water charge report

Latest: Fine Gael is asking the Oireachtas committee on water to get legal advice on three concerns over its final report.

Water committee's report 'a victory for anti water charge movement': Murphy

Latest: AAA TD for Dublin South West Paul Murphy has said the recommendations made by the water committee are a victory for the anti water charges movement.

Paul Murphy: Campaigners claiming victory on water charges, but Govt may try again

Anti-water charge campaigners are claiming victory in the final report of the water committee to be voted on tomorrow.

Latest: Water charges issue 'a complete and utter farce' says former Minister

Update 11.53am: Former Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly today described the water charges issue as a “complete and utter farce”.

Latest: Fine Gael thinks Ireland will be in breach of EU law after latest water charge vote

The party was defeated 14-6 in a vote to have the water system funded through general taxation.

Doubts over waste water fine proposal

The European Commissioner for the Environment Karmenu Vella has exhibited doubts that a proposal for waste water fines will comply with EU law.

Latest: Fianna Fáil make water charges submission that may end stand-off with Fine Gael

Update - 2.15pm: A deal could be agreed between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to end the stand-off over water charges which this week threatened to topple the minority government.

Latest:Taoiseach insists Government will not support any water charge system that breaks EU laws

LATEST: Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that his Government will not implement legislation on water charges which is illegal, writes Daniel McConnell.

Latest: Oireachtas committee fails to reach agreement on water charges

Update 4.45pm: A meeting of the Oireachtas committee on water charges has failed to reach agreement about the possibility of scrapping charges entirely.

Right2Water campaign accused of major u-turn

The Right2Water campaign have been accused of doing a major u-turn after it said that those who abuse or waste water should face charges.