Water charges

The Right2Water campaign have been accused of doing a major u-turn after it said that those who abuse or waste water should face charges.

Cork County Council fix 375 leaks at new water meters and replace 80 faulty meter boxes

Cork County Council had to fix 375 leaks at newly installed water meters last year and get an additional 80 meter boxes replaced, because they were faulty.

Water charge group may miss March deadline for vote

There are concerns TDs and senators responsible for recommending the future of water charges to the Dáil for a vote will not finish their work by the March deadline.

EU ruling can’t be dodged - Water charges

AS the dire predictions around what Brexit might bring and the learning-on-the-job calamity in the White House suck nearly all of the oxygen out of public discourse, normal, everyday life continues apace. 

Commission for Energy Regulation says water-metering works should be parked

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has said the water-metering programme should be parked, but not abandoned.

Minister proposes free daily water allowance of 123 litres

Adults should be allowed to use 123 litres of water per day free of charge before excess costs apply under a new system, Housing Minister Simon Coveney says.

Water charges issue will not bring down Government, says Taoiseach

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that water charges will not be the issue to bring down the Government.

What future for water charges? Key committee starts work today

A group of TDs and Senators will today start the process of deciding the future of water charges.

Poll reveals most voters in favour of refunds for those who paid water charges

Nearly three quarters of voters say people who paid water charges should get a refund.

Fianna Fáil indicates support for charge on excessive use of water

Fianna Fáil has indicated that those who use excessive amounts of water should have to pay for it.

Minister wants fairness for those who 'respected the law of the land' and paid water bills

Those who paid their water bills cannot be treated unfairly, a senior Cabinet member has said today.

Decision on water-charge refunds 'within three months'

The Government says a decision on whether to reimburse people who paid their water charges will have to be made by the Special Oireachtas Committee within three months

Leo Varadkar doesn't think those who paid their water charges should be refunded

A Fine Gael minister says he believes there should not be refunds for those who paid water charges.

Taoiseach: 'I don't want to commit' to refunding water charges

Taosieach Enda Kenny has said he "does not want to commit" to refunding water charges until after a special Oireachtas Committee looks into the issue, writes Elaine Loughlin, Irish Examiner Political Reporter in Palo Alto.

Minister: People who paid their water charges are not looking for their money back

The Minister with responsibility for water charges is sticking by his calls for water bills not to be refunded.

Minister Noonan raises possibility of refunding water charges

The Minister for Finance has tonight raised the possibility that water bills could be refunded for those who have already paid.

Paschal Donohoe: We need to retain charges to be fair to those who paid

Public Expenditure Minister Paschal Donohoe has said we need to keep some form of water charges to be fair to those who paid their bills.

Report recommends people should pay for 'excessive or wasteful use' of water only

A new report by the expert commission looking at the future funding of water has recommended that the vast majority of people will not pay for water, write Daniel McConnell and Juno McEnroe for the Irish Examiner.

Anti Austerity Alliance calls for water protesters to 'polish their boots', saying massive protests loom

The Anti Austerity Alliance has called for water charges to be abolished - completely.

Update: Dáil to set up committee on water charges as FG and FF accused of 'stitch up'

Update: 2.20pm The Dáil has voted to set up a special Oireachtas committee to decide the future of water charges.

'Significant' funding needed to treat waste water

Raw sewage is still being pumped into Ireland's waterways, with 29 larges towns and cities around the country failing to meet EU standards.

Water supplies serving 830,000 people at risk of contamination

More than 100 public water supplies serving 830,000 people are at risk of being contaminated by dangerous bugs and bacteria, authorities have warned.

No provision in Budget for water - return of charges will pay for it, says Varadkar

The Government says it has made no Budget provisions to cover the cost of water next year - because it is working on the basis charges will return.

Dáil to debate Sinn Féin motion to scrap water charges, but Fianna Fáil unlikely to back it

The Dáil will debate another motion from Sinn Féin this afternoon to scrap water charges.

Howlin denies water charges u-turn as he announces 'fresh agenda for Labour'

Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin has denied making a u-turn over the party's position on water charges.

Latest: Micheál Martin denies FF u-turn on water charges

Update 1.50pm: Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has today denied claims of a u-turn over Irish Water.

'Water charges are gone and won't be back': FF's Thomas Byrne

Fianna Fáil TD Thomas Byrne has said he believes water charges are gone and will not be back.

Thousands expected at water charges demonstration in Dublin

Thousands of people are expected to take part in a national demonstration against water charges in Dublin this afternoon.

Coveney: New model needed for water charges; Naughten says people must pay for waste

Latest: Environment Minister Denis Naughten has said people need to pay for wasting water.

Sinn Féin renews call for abolition of water charges

Sinn Féin is renewing its call for water charges to be scrapped.