Waiting Lists

The Health Minister says he will hold hospital managers to account over waiting list times.

Change the law, fire and hit pockets to end health service waiting lists

AT this stage, exposés of failure in our health service are as regular as Christmas pantomimes.

Sharon and her daughter Megan, 13, who is suffering worsening scoliosis on 'Living on the List'.

Vested interests within the health system adding to pain of 'living on the list'

Vested interests within the system benefit from work practices that are costly in cash, and contribute to keeping people ‘living on the list’ in pain, writes Gerard Howlin.

Minister for Health needs to get over his ‘heartbreak’ and get on with change

If being ‘ashamed’ and ‘heartbroken’ over hospital waiting lists is the best Simon Harris can offer, the issue will never be resolved, suggests Health Correspondent Catherine Shanahan.    


Update: Here are the full list of actions sanctioned by Simon Harris on waiting lists

“This will see significant reductions in waiting lists for scoliosis and waiting times for scoliosis patients.”

Simon Harris to meet with CEO of Crumlin Children's Hospital to discuss scoliosis treatment

The Taoiseach said the focus of the government's efforts will be to ensure no further delays in scoliosis surgeries.

Enda Kenny denies hospital waiting lists are deliberately being massaged

An Taoiseach admitted last night’s RTÉ documentary on hospital waiting lists was "hard to watch".

HSE accused of fraud by Labour Party

The Labour Party is accused the HSE of committing a form of fraud on the Irish people over waiting lists.

Simon Harris admits feeling ashamed over hospital waiting lists

The Health Minister says he’ll do everything he can to reduce waiting lists in the next year.

Viewers shocked as people on hospital waiting lists often consider suicide

Viewers of ‘RTÉ Investigates - Living on the List’ were shocked to hear of people on hospital waiting lists in Ireland contemplating suicide as they were living in constant pain.

WATCH: 'I know Darragh is suffering' - RTÉ investigates life on a waiting list

The programme documents how as time passes patient's conditions worsen and the long term impact can be far-reaching.