US travel ban

A complete review of US preclearance at Irish airports is due to be presented to the Taoiseach this week.

Somaliland asks to be exempted from US travel ban

Somalia's breakaway northern territory of Somaliland has asked the United States for an exemption to President Donald Trump's executive order on travellers from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

Donald Trump's travel ban: What happens now?

The US president told reporters on Air Force One he’s considering signing a “brand new order”.

Donald Trump's travel ban: What happens now?

US president Donald Trump has promised more legal action after a federal appeals court refused to reinstate his ban on travellers from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

Trump considers travel ban rewrite after stinging court defeat

Donald Trump is considering signing a "brand new order" after his refugee and immigration travel ban was halted in court.

Trump to fight courts over his travel diktat

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s “see you in court!” response, via Twitter, naturally, to a court decision to uphold the suspension of his travel ban is not at all surprising.

Donald Trump may not appeal the block on his travel ban

It is being reported that US President Donald Trump will not appeal to the Supreme Court to have his controversial travel ban reinstated.

Donald Trump: I've no doubt we will win travel ban legal battle

US President Donald Trump says he has "no doubt" that he will prevail in the federal court case over his travel ban.

Donald Trump calls court decision on travel ban 'disgraceful'

President Donald Trump has hit out at the ruling by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals against reinstating his refugee and immigration order, calling it "a disgraceful decision".

Trump travel ban ruling - what's next

A US appeal court has handed a resounding victory to Washington and Minnesota in their challenge to Donald Trump's travel ban.

Donald Trump says 'SEE YOU IN COURT' as US appeal court upholds travel ban suspension

A US court has refused to reinstate Donald Trump's ban on travellers from seven predominantly-Muslim nations.

Fact Check: Donald Trump order did not lead to IS leader's arrest

Stories shared on social media stating that President Donald Trump's travel ban led to the arrest of an Islamic State group leader at a New York City airport are false.

'A bad high school student would understand this': Donald Trump defends travel ban and questions judges

US President Donald Trump has criticised the court that is deliberating on his immigration and refugee executive order for having motivations he described as "so political".

Judges grill White House lawyers on Donald Trump travel ban

Donald Trump's travel ban has faced its toughest test yet, with a panel of appeal court judges hammering the US government's arguments that it was motivated by terrorism fears.

Homeland Security chief defends travel ban, but believes it should have been delayed

US President Donald Trump's immigration and travel ban made "an awful lot of sense" but probably should have been delayed at least long enough to brief Congress about it, homeland security secretary John Kelly has told politicians.

Supreme Court may be final destination for Trump travel ban battle

The fierce battle over Donald Trump's travel and refugee ban is heading for a possible final showdown at the US Supreme Court.

Irish visitors to America must declare trips to Muslim states

Irish holidaymakers travelling to the US need to declare whether or not they have visited predominantly Muslim countries in the previous six-year period.

Two US states launch court battle over Trump travel ban

Lawyers for the US states of Washington and Minnesota have told a court that restoring President Donald Trump's travel ban would "unleash chaos again".

Travellers arriving in US after judge halts Trump immigration ban

People left stranded by Donald Trump's travel ban have been arriving in the US after the president's executive order was halted by a judge.

Ireland's opposition to Donald Trump requires real courage

IT IS not too difficult to imagine one of the many comedians whose careers have been energised since Donald Trump was elected presenting an Oval Office sketch suggesting that Mr Trump demanded that his advisors fire the “so-called judge” who blocked his travel ban. 

White House expects travel ban to be reinstated by the courts

The White House expects the courts to reaffirm President Donald Trump’s executive power and reinstate a ban on refugees and travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, it said on Sunday.

Emotional reunions at US airports following travel ban suspension

Travellers from the seven predominantly Muslim countries targeted by President Donald Trump enjoyed tearful reunions with loved ones in the US on Sunday after a federal judge swept the ban aside.

Update: US Appeals Court denies Donald Trump request to immediately reinstate US travel ban

Update 9am: President Donald Trump has lost an appeal against a court ruling blocking his travel ban on certain travellers and all refugees.

US visa holders hurry to board flights to US amid travel ban reprieve

Visa holders from countries affected by US president Donald Trump's travel ban have hurried to board US-bound flights after a federal judge temporarily halted the block.

Update: US State Department reverses visa cancellations after Trump travel ban blocked

Donald Trump has hit back after a judge temporarily blocked his travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

US to allow Iranian baby into States for life-saving heart surgery

An Iranian baby banned from entering the United States for life-saving heart surgery under President Donald Trump's executive order will now be allowed to travel for the emergency procedure, officials said.

Philippines sees protests against Donald Trump's immigration policy

Indonesian and Filipino students have protested against President Donald Trump's immigration policy outside the US embassies in their capitals.

US federal judge temporarily blocks Donald Trump's travel ban

A judge has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump's travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Here's how many visas have been revoked under Donald Trump's travel ban...

The State Department contradicts a lawyer’s claim that “over 100,000 visas have been revoked”.

Local mayor corrects Trump campaign manager's reference to non-existent 'Bowling Green Massacre'

Kellyanne Conway claimed two Iraqis “were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre”.

US State Department: Fewer than 60,000 visas revoked under Trump travel order

Fewer than 60,000 people had their visas provisionally cancelled after an executive order blocked their travel to the US, the State Department has said.

VIDEO: Hundreds attend Cork protest opposing Donald Trump

Hundreds of protesters in Cork city centre filled a square to show their solidarity with those affected by Donald Trump's travel ban.

Iran bans US wrestlers from competition after Trump travel ban

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said a special committee reviewed the case and "eventually the visit by the US freestyle wrestling team was opposed".

VIDEO: US embassy who warned protest could turn violent accused of scaremongering

US officials who warned last night’s travel ban protest outside the US embassy could turn violent were “scaremongering” and ignoring the fact protesters were targeting a “racist” policy. 

Lives turned upside down at the stroke of US President Donald Trump’s pen

The absurdity of the perceived threat posed by refugees and immigrants from ‘banned’ countries is about politics not US security, writes Tania Karas.            

Budweiser's Super Bowl ad is an 'accidental' political statement about immigration

Super Bowl LI is just days away and the adverts which will play during football's biggest day have begun to surface, with one catching the world's attention for an unintentional reason.

Enda Kenny defends visit to President Donald Trump on St Patrick's Day

The trip is an endorsement of ‘racist, horrendous’ agenda, claim TDs.

Charlie Flanagan to query US travel ban and undocumented Irish with new US administration

Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan is expected to raise the new travel ban and the undocumented Irish when he meets officials with the US new administration.

Xenophobia may destroy democracy, warns President Michael D Higgins

Racism and xenophobia are gaining ground, exploiting fears and ignorance in ways that could destroy democracy, warns President Michael D Higgins.

Role of women central to necessary reforms within Islam

World Hijab Day is a good time to acknowledge that states such as Saudi Arabia peddle an extreme form of the religion, says TP O’Mahony.

Racism and bigotry that demeans US - America’s ban on immigrants

PRESIDENT Trump and his alt-right inner circle may be indifferent to how the world views the way they are demeaning America but even a superpower’s well-being depends on relationships and treaties entered into with good intentions and trust. 

US Travel Ban: 50,000 undocumented Irish urged ‘not to panic’

The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform in the US is urging the country’s 50,000 undocumented Irish not to panic about President Trump’s clampdown on immigration — as it will only impact undocumented immigrants with serious criminal records.

US Travel Ban: Enda Kenny orders review of Ireland's US pre-clearance

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has ordered a “full review” of American pre-clearance operations in Ireland in response to US President Donald Trump’s controversial immigration clampdown.

US Travel Ban: Anger at ‘earth-shattering’ Trump move

A series of ministers have condemned US president Donald Trump’s “Muslim travel ban” amid cabinet calls for pre-clearance officials in Ireland to ignore the controversial policy.

Protesters sing This Land Is Your Land in support of airport detainees

Protesters gathered outside Philadelphia International Airport burst into song yesterday in solidarity with airport detainees.