Trump presidency

US President Donald Trump has suggested he was just trying to keep fired FBI director James Comey honest with his cryptic tweet implying there might be recordings of their private conversations.

Obamacare replacement bill runs into trouble as four Republicans oppose it

Senate Republicans have released their long-awaited bill to dismantle much of Barack Obama's healthcare law but ran into trouble as four GOP senators said they opposed it.

Donald Trump: I have no tapes of Comey meetings

"Lordy, I hope there are tapes," Mr Comey declared at a congressional hearing.

Donald Trump disputes opinions of 17 US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in election

President Donald Trump has appeared to cast doubt on the assessment of 17 US intelligence agencies that blame Russia for election meddling, questioning why the Obama administration did not try to stop it.

Donald Trump: Mexico will have less to pay if border wall has solar panels

President Donald Trump has said his planned wall on the Mexican border could feature solar panels.

Taoiseach refuses to rescind invitation for Donald Trump to visit Ireland

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said that he will not cause a diplomatic incident by withdrawing the invite to Donald Trump to visit Ireland.

Donald Trump tweets anger over Russia probe ’witch-hunt’

US President Donald Trump has defended his record in a series of tweets which also lash out at the investigation into Russian interference in the election.

Cuba condemns Donald Trump's 'hostile rhetoric' but still wants to talk

US president Donald Trump has thrust America and Cuba back on a path towards open hostility with a blistering denunciation of the island's communist government.

Trump denounces 'single greatest witch hunt in American history'

US president Donald Trump has told his Twitter followers that they are witnessing the "single greatest witch hunt in American history".

Donald Trump 'investigated for obstruction of justice' in Russia probe

The special counsel appointed to investigate Russian influence in the 2016 US presidential campaign is now examining whether Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice, according to a report.

White House: Donald Trump won't sack special counsel investigating Russian 'meddling'

The White House has said Donald Trump "has no intention" of sacking the special counsel investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Watch: Jeff Sessions facing sharp questions over ties with Russia

Latest: US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said he did not have a third meeting with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

Trump allies turn on special counsel Robert Mueller

High-profile supporters of President Donald Trump are turning on special counsel Robert Mueller, the man charged with investigating Russian interference in the US election and possible collusion with Mr Trump's campaign.

Donald Trump: Ex-attorney general's action on Clinton inquiry 'totally illegal'

US President Donald Trump says actions taken by former attorney general Loretta Lynch during the inquiry into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server were "totally illegal".

Trump may 'terminate' Russia probe investigator, says president's pal

As special counsel Robert Mueller builds his legal team, Mr Trump's allies have begun raising questions about the former FBI director's impartiality.

US cancels new protection for endangered whales and sea turtles

It was cancelled even though the fishing industry had proposed the measure.

Second US appeals court upholds block on Donald Trump's travel ban

The ruling from a unanimous three-judge panel deals the administration another legal defeat.

Donald Trump to be sued over payments to business empire

The attorney generals of Maryland and the District of Columbia say they will sue Trump.

US refuse to sign G7 pledge on 'irreversible' Paris climate accord

The US say their priorities are "preserving both a strong economy and a healthy environment".

Fellow Republicans press Donald Trump about James Comey tapes

Fellow Republicans are pressing President Donald Trump to come clean about whether he has tapes of private conversations with former FBI director James Comey.

Melania Trump and son Barron move into the White House

The first family is together again under the same roof: the White House.

Donald Trump '100%' willing to testify under oath on James Comey

President Donald Trump has accused fired FBI director James Comey of lying to Congress and said he was "100%" willing to testify under oath about their conversations.

Is it possible to resist deportations in the age of Trump?

The case of one woman who was suddenly taken away from her family illustrates the harsh mood in the US — but has also galvanised resistance to deportations, writes Marcela Valdes.

CNN drops TV host after anti-Trump tweet

CNN has cut ties with author and television host Reza Aslan, less than a week after he profanely referred to President Donald Trump in a tweet about the London terror attacks.

Donald Trump '100%' willing to testify under oath about former FBI director Comey

US President Donald Trump has said he's "100%" willing to testify under oath about his interactions with fired FBI director James Comey.

Trump's legal team to file complaint on Comey

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer is planning to file a complaint against former FBI director James Comey for details he revealed during his congressional testimony.

'WOW, Comey is a leaker!': Trump tweets response to Comey testimony

This is Trump's first response to Comey's testimony

Russian official mocks Comey testimony

Russian officials have vehemently denied any role in hacking attacks on the Democratic National Convention and voter-registration databases.

Donald Trump tells conference 'we're under siege' as James Comey gives testimony

US President Donald Trump has said he and his supporters "are under siege" but "will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever".

#ComeyTestimony: Trump's lawyer says President 'never suggested FBI stop investigating anyone'

LATEST: Donald Trump's personal lawyer says the president "never, in form or substance" directed former FBI director James Comey to stop investigating anyone.

Everything you need to know about former FBI chief James Comey's testimony

He has revealed the alleged events leading up to Trump firing him from the FBI.

Protests slam Donald Trump’s Paris U-turn

Environmentalists have vowed not to be deterred by the US’s rejection of the Paris Climate Change Accord but to use the international outcry to galvanise efforts towards meeting its carbon reduction targets.

Trump betrays The American Dream

WHEN Yip Harbug — real name Isidore Hochberg — and Harold Arlen wrote ‘Over the Rainbow’ for The Wizard of Oz in 1939 they were writing about America. 

From ancient Rome to Washington, DC: Lessons for Donald Trump

The creed that freedom and the rule of law are inextricable has formed the backbone of democratic theory at least since the time of Cicero, writes Vittorio Bufacchi.