Donald Trump

British Prime Minister Theresa May has criticised Donald Trump for not singling out white supremacists for criticism.

US vice president Pence sidesteps questions over Trump's Charlottesville remarks

US vice president Mike Pence said he "stands with the president" after he was asked about Donald Trump's comments on the weekend's violence in Charlottesville.

Government condemns white nationalism following violent rallies in US

"The kind of thinking that comes from white supremacists or white nationalists is a kind of thinking that Ireland condemns outright."

IDA responds to Trump's comments on US companies pulling out of Ireland

The IDA has said it has no reason to believe that US companies will pull out of Ireland following Donald Trump's latest comments.

China says US trade probe would violate international rules

China has sharply criticised Donald Trump's demand for an investigation into whether it is improperly obtaining foreign technology and said it will "resolutely safeguard" Beijing's interests.

What can be done to avoid a catastrophe?

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have been ramping up the rhetoric in recent weeks. The crisis must reach a peaceful conclusion — and China will play a key role, writes Yoon Young-kwan.          


Trump under pressure to explicity condemn hate groups after Virginia violence

Pressure has mounted on US president Donald Trump to explicitly condemn white supremacists and hate groups involved in race-fuelled clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left one woman dead.

Venezuelan government rejects Donald Trump's 'egregious belligerence'

Venezuela's government has rejected US president Donald Trump's talk of a potential "military option" to resolve the country's political crisis, calling it the most egregious act of belligerence against Venezuela in a century and a threat to Latin America's stability.

Al Gore: Trump has 'thrown his lot in' with climate deniers

"Some in his inner circle do have good sense on this, but they have been shouted down."

Trump vows 'fire and fury' on North Korea if threats continue

Defiant Donald Trump has warned Kim Jong Un's government to "get their act together" or face extraordinary trouble - suggesting he had been too mild when he vowed to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea if it continued to threaten the US.

Cast out them demons: Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir coming to Ireland

Rev Billy has long protested against Trump and consumerism, while also providing comfort to spiritual refugees. He’s now bringing his choir to Ireland, writes Ellie O’Byrne.

USA’s security council is at war with itself

In addition to contending with international crises involving North Korea, IS, Russia, and Syria, the NSC, which advises the president, is riven by infighting says Daniel R DePetris.

A nervous and dangerous time: How to sustain optimism in a dark world

“We Come On The Ship They Call The Mayflower

“We Come On The Ship That Sailed The Moon

“We Come In The Age’s Most Uncertain Hour And Sing
an American Tune”

Paul Simon, 1973

Donald Trump shose his own words for 'fire and fury' warning, says White House

Donald Trump was speaking in his own words when he vowed to retaliate against North Korean aggression with "fire and fury", the White House has said.

Donald Trump and the art of the warmonger

IT would, perhaps, be too optimistic to suppose that President Donald Trump has ever perused the famous treatise on war written by the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu.

FBI search home of former Trump campaign chairman

FBI agents have served a search warrant at one of the homes of Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, his spokesman said.

Donald Trump retweets Fox News report based on anonymous sources

Donald Trump has retweeted a Fox News report based on anonymous US intelligence sources, despite his attorney general's pledge to clamp down on government leaks.

Donald Trump interrupts golf club break to tell voters he is not on holiday

Donald Trump may be spending time in the sand but he is making clear to US voters he is not on holiday.

Readers Blog: America needs to remember its own story

It is ironic that, on the day the Irish Hunger Memorial, which faces the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, reopened, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, introduced legislation sponsored by two Republican senators, which will “... favour applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families, and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy.”

Donald Trump banking on another win in 2020 - He could prove difficult to beat

The US president is already well ahead in the fundraising stakes for the next election. If the Russia probe doesn’t derail his efforts, he could be difficult to beat, writes Bette Browne.           

Trump claims support is stronger than ever

President Donald Trump insists his support is stronger than ever, despite a report that some Republicans are weighing a 2020 presidential run without him. T

US to respond to Russia diplomat expulsion order by September 1

The United States will respond by September 1 to Russia's attempt to force a major reduction in American diplomatic staff, Rex Tillerson has said.

A threat too far - NRA attack on newspaper

HIS presidency is barely eight months old but in that short time some of Donald Trump’s performances have been so bizarre, so unhinged, that many of those who care for democracy have decided to look away, to hope that this strange episode will pass quickly and that America will, at the first opportunity, elect a competent, sane leader, be they Republican or Democrat.

Vice president Mike Pence denies running 'shadow campaign' for presidency

US vice president Mike Pence has hit back after a news report suggested he is laying groundwork for a possible presidential bid in 2020 if President Donald Trump does not run.

Donald Trump applauds new UN sanctions on North Korea

President Donald Trump has praised new sanctions the UN Security Council approved for North Korea, saying they will have a "very big financial impact".

Trump administration confirms to UN it is pulling out of Paris climate deal

Donald Trump's administration has officially told the United Nations that the US intends to pull out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

Are Trump murals on West Bank barrier Bansky's work?

Two murals depicting an oversized Donald Trump have appeared on Israel's West Bank separation barrier, just yards from where elusive British artist Banksy decorated a hotel earlier this year.

Donald Trump slams Russia probe as fake story after grand jury is convened

Donald Trump said he hopes for a "truly honest" outcome from the investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election after news broke that a grand jury has been convened.

Fears for undocumented Irish in America over new Trump immigrant proposal

There are concerns that new US immigration laws will make it more difficult for undocumented Irish to secure visas.

US senators move to protect special counsel Robert Mueller in Russia probe

Two members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee have moved to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by president Donald Trump.

Trump's new point-based immigration laws to favour English speakers who can support themselves

Donald Trump has announced legislation aimed at significantly reducing immigration to the United States.

Trump signs 'seriously flawed' Russia sanctions bill

US President Donald Trump has signed what he called a "seriously flawed" bill imposing new sanctions on Russia, pressured by his Republican Party not to move on his own towards a warmer relationship with Moscow in light of Russian actions.

Future of Balkans is in the West, says US Vice President

US Vice President Mike Pence has said the future of Europe's Balkan nations is in the West, reaffirming Washington's commitment to the region as Russia works to assert its historical influence there.

White House says Donald Trump has signed bill imposing sanctions on Russia

US President Donald Trump has signed a bill imposing new sanctions on Russia, conceding under pressure from his own party that a warmer relationship with Moscow was not in the country's best interests.

Trump 'called White House a real dump'

US President Donald Trump has told members of his New Jersey golf club that he spends so much time away from Washington because the White House is a "real dump".

Donald Trump: You don't hear the word Britain anymore

Donald Trump has said he wants to be "very involved" with the UK because "you don't hear the word Britain any more".

Kelly will aim to bring order to Trump’s chaos

With the sacking of Anthony Scaramucci, General John Kelly showed he meant business, but whether he can control Donald Trump remains to be seem, writes Bette Browne

Kushner says Trump campaign was too dysfunctional to collude

Donald Trump's son-in-law has told a group of congressional interns that the presidential campaign could not have colluded with Russia because the team was too dysfunctional and disorganised to coordinate with a foreign government.

President lacks the power to reboot a weakening dollar

The July meeting of the US Federal Reserve concluded last week as expected, with no changes to monetary policy. The Central Bank maintained the target range for the federal funds rate at 1%-1.25%.

Trump insists there is 'no chaos' at White House

US President Donald Trump has insisted there is no chaos at the White House, even as his new chief of staff enters a West Wing battered by crisis.

Republicans fear fallout after ‘epic fail’ on health

Failure to repeal Obamacare has exposed the fault lines in the US party, write Stephen Peoples and Thomas Beaumont

Robbed of fun - Sean Spicer’s departure

SPICER by name and spicey by nature. The departure of Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s loquacious press secretary, has robbed the US president of one of the most high-profile members of his frontline staff. 

The power game of Trump's White House

Mark Leibovich takes stock of how Washington has — and hasn’t — changed in the time of Trump