State Papers

The late Labour TD, Michael Moynihan, was identified to gardaí by three constituents as being the supplier of forged Revenue forms which were used to obtain grants fraudulently.

State papers 1987: National Lottery feared rival run by charities threatened its success

The new National Lottery had major concerns in 1987 that its success could be threatened by a rival lottery being set up by two charities which it feared was exploiting legal loopholes restricting the size of jackpots.

State papers 1987: Larry Goodman sought bigger state grants for private company

The multi-millionaire businessman, Larry Goodman, attempted to squeeze further concessions out of the Charles Haughey-led government in 1987, despite having already secured one of the largest ever state grants for a private company.

State Papers 1987: Thatcher criticised Haughey over lack of terrorist extraditions

The British PM hit out over cases that collapsed in the Irish courts, writes Seán MacCárthaigh

State Papers 1987: Adams was working on peace strategy in 1987

Gerry Adams was working on a peace strategy in early 1987, State papers have revealed.

State papers 1987: Bertie Ahern didn’t want to sell CIE hotels

Bertie Ahern sought to reverse a decision of the previous government to sell the former CIE group of hotels. This was within months of his taking office in his first ministerial appointment.

State Papers 1987: Irish politicians abandoned us, says Paddy Hill

Six wrongfully imprisoned for Birmingham pub bombings ‘offered nothing but false hope, promises’

Border could ‘fade away over 50 years’

William Whitelaw, former British deputy prime minister and the first Northern Ireland secretary, believed power-sharing in the region could lead to a united Ireland, newly declassified State papers reveal.

State Papers 1987: Leaders re-established good terms after Anglo-Irish clash

The first meeting between Charles Haughey and British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, after Haughey was appointed Taoiseach for a second time, in 1987, was described as “friendly”.

State Papers 1987: ‘Cowardly’ Robinson was ‘taken down a peg’

Peter Robinson’s reputation for cowardice was shown up by his backfired “invasion” of a small village on the Irish border, Northern Ireland’s most senior civil servant said at the time.

State Papers 1987: Haughey warned that MI5 ordered his assassination

Charlie Haughey was warned by loyalist paramilitaries that MI5 ordered his assassination, declassified state papers have revealed.