Sexual violence

Almost 8,000 claims of adult abuse or neglect have been made to the HSE.

Tusla gets DVDs of children’s sex abuse allegations

Tusla succeeded in securing access to DVDs of garda interviews in which children alleged they were sexually abused by their parents, despite claims by gardaí that releasing the material could compromise its criminal investigation.

More than 50 child protection cases against foster carers

There have been more than 50 confirmed cases of child protection and welfare concerns against foster carers in the past two years, with almost half occurring in the west of the country.

Helping sex offenders stop offending

A pioneering German project works with people with a sexual interest in children to help them control their urges and prevent them offending.

Sexual abuse: Thinking the unthinkable

One In Four is well known for working with victims of sexual abuse. So many are shocked to learn it also reaches out to people who ‘exhibit sexually harmful behaviour towards children’. Caroline O’Doherty discovers how it’s all part of the work to protect all our children.

Student allegedly tried to cut off man's penis after he tried to rape her

A 23-year-old law student from Thiruvananthapuram, India, has been hailed as "courageous" for attacking her long-time sexual abuserand trying to cut his penis off.

New laws aim to provide greater protection against grooming and child pornography

Legislation providing stronger protection for children against grooming and child pornography has become law.