Maurice McCabe

The divide is between those who want a wrongdoing addressed once highlighted and those who want it to remain buried, says Special Correspondent Michael Clifford.

Email trawl for Charleton Tribunal omitted Frances Fitzgerald

The email accounts of former minister for justice Frances Fitzgerald and her political advisers were not examined in the recent trawl for documents relevant to the Charleton Tribunal.

Committee critical of Justice Department's acting chief

Oireachtas members have severely criticised the acting chief of the Department of Justice for insisting the department had “fully complied” with initial discovery orders issued by the Charleton Tribunal.

Michael Clifford: Deflections rather than answers in justice committee postmortem

There was what some might regard as a preliminary postmortem on Frances Fitzgerald’s ministerial career yesterday.

Latest: Fitzgerald could not have tried to stop legal strategy to discredit Maurice McCabe, says Justice Department chief

Latest: A spokesperson for the Department of Justice has today insisted the former Tánaiste could not do anything about the Garda legal strategy to discredit Maurice McCabe.

Taoiseach still believes Frances Fitzgerald 'did no wrong'

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he still believes former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald 'didn't do anything wrong'.

Independent barrister set to oversee Department of Justice email probe

An independent barrister is likely to be appointed, potentially as soon as this weekend, to oversee an external inquiry into why the Department of Justice failed to hand over key Maurice McCabe email files to the Charleton Tribunal.

Disclosures Tribunal chair dismisses allegations made by Garda whistleblower Keith Harrison

Mr Justice Peter Charleton made the request in an interim report that dismissed all of the allegations made by Garda whistleblower Keith Harrison and his partner Marisa Simms.

Frances Fitzgerald may have departed but this issue is far from buried

It took an extraordinarily long time, in political terms, for Frances Fitzgerald to finally announce that she would resign, suggests Alison O’Connor.

Independent Alliance doesn't regret stance on Frances Fitzgerald, says Shane Ross

Shane Ross does not regret the stance taken by the Independent Alliance to support former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald right through the latest McCabe emails scandal.

Leo Varadkar tells party meeting he believes Frances Fitzgerald will be vindicated

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has told the weekly Fine Gael party meeting in Leinster House that he believes Frances Fitzgerald did nothing wrong and that she will be vindicated.

Review of Justice Department must be thought out

The Department of Justice has received a hammering before, but few can recall a time when its own minister and the Taoiseach gave it such a public tongue-lashing, writes Cormac O’Keeffe.

Taoiseach to name Simon Coveney as Tánaiste

The Taoiseach is expected to announce the appointment of Simon Coveney as Tánaiste in the Dáil today.

Taoiseach tells party meeting he believes Frances Fitzgerald will be vindicated

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has told the weekly Fine Gael party meeting in Leinster House tonight that he believes Frances Fitzgerald did nothing wrong and that she will be vindicated.

Latest: Email furore has strengthened confidence and supply agreement, says Murphy

Latest: The Housing Minister has said the recent crisis may have brought Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael closer together.

Baffling defence of Frances Fitzgerald leaves Leo Varadkar’s credibility damaged

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar miscalculated by continuing to back his mentor Frances Fitzgerald, meaning the country was left on the brink of an election as he played a game of chicken with Fianna Fáil, writes Political Editor Daniel McConnell

Leo Varadkar: Good woman leaving office without a full hearing

The Taoiseach strongly defended Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald in spite of her decision to resign over a failure to act over a Garda management strategy to discredit whistleblower Maurice McCabe.

Frances Fitzgerald resignation: A natural advocate for some of the most vulnerable in society

It was her action, or inaction while in Justice that finally led to Frances Fitzgerald’s downfall, writes Elaine Loughlin

Fitzgerald defiant after resignation as spotlight turns to Varadkar and Flanagan

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan are under considerable pressure over their handling of the Maurice McCabe email scandal which claimed the scalp of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald who resigned.

Frances Fitzgerald resignation: Wider cabinet reshuffle may be on the cards

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar may use the resignation of Frances Fitzgerald as Tánaiste as an opportunity for a wider reshuffle at Cabinet to embolden the party ahead of any general election.

Fitzgerald chosen as candidate for Fine Gael in Dublin Mid-West constituency

Former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald says she wants to vindicate her name as she spoke publicly about her resignation over the controversial Maurice McCabe email saga tonight.

Read Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan's address to the Dáil on email scandal in full

The Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has addressed the Dáil in the wake of the scandal which led up to Frances Fitzgerald's resignation as Tánaiste.

Fitzgerald fallout: Minister Flanagan says 'stark lessons' must be learned from whistleblower row

Latest: Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has apologised and said questions over the treatment of whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe could have been handled better.

Frances Fitzgerald's political career: She promised a new era for policing

Frances Fitzgerald promised a new era for policing when she assumed the justice portfolio in May 2014.

Maurice McCabe's bid to throw light on Garda wrongs is linked with several political crises

Whistleblower Maurice McCabe will forever be linked with some of the biggest names in Irish politics being brought to crisis point.

Government pulls back from the brink: Timeline of events

Frances Fitzgerald has resigned as Tánaiste after a week-long crisis over an email that brought the Government to the verge of collapse.

Frances Fitzgerald resigns 'to spare unnecessary election'

A Fine Gael Councillor in Cork has criticised the Taoiseach for the handling of recent events which led to the resignation of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald.

Tánaiste’s defence in tatters following release of Department of Justice files

Frances Fitzgerald’s May 2015 McCabe scandal defence was last night left in tatters after new Department of Justice files showed that she was fully aware of “aggressive” tribunal attacks against the whistle-blower — and that her officials actively liaised with then-Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan on how to avoid July 2015 media questions on the issue.

Blame game leaves us no closer to resolution

We need to stop focusing on quick-fix solutions but instead work on reframing Irish policing to ground it in the principles of human rights, writes Liam Herrick. 

When she had the chance, Frances Fitzgerald did nothing

The treatment of Maurice McCabe should have rung alarm bells for Frances Fitzgerald, says Michael Clifford.

Martin needs a win or his party credibility is damaged

Having called for the head of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald last Thursday, he has spent the past four days seeking a way out of causing a general election.

Opposition rounds on Tánaiste’s ‘failings’

Opposition parties say new documents on what Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald knew about a garda strategy to discredit Maurice McCabe make her position untenable.

Pressure mounts on Tánaiste from FG ministers

Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald faces mounting pressure from her Fine Gael ministerial colleagues after fresh information around her knowledge of the Maurice McCabe scandal emerged.

AG did not give Tánaiste legal advice over email

The office of the Attorney General did not give crisis-hit Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald legal advice when she received the May 15, 2015, email raising concerns over the deeply controversial garda legal team strategy against Maurice McCabe.

Department reform needs to be proactive, not reactive

It’s default mode in Ireland. There’s a crisis in policing and the justice system — then proposals are dusted down and presented as a fresh effort to respond to the problem.

Damning silence from political class as another whistleblower faces the sack

As the country teeters on the precipice of a snap election over the mistreatment of whistleblower Maurice McCabe, another man who spoke up about wrongs within the public service is facing the sack from the Defence Forces — without a whisper from the majority of the political class.

Michael Clifford: A few little twists of fate meant Frances Fitzgerald's resignation was inevitable

The drip-feed of information over the O’Higgins Tribunal and the Disclosures Tribunal had only one possible outcome, writes Special Correspondent Michael Clifford

A general election nobody wants puts our Brexit negotiations at risk

I don't believe Frances Fitzgerald was, or could have been, part of the conspiracy against Maurice McCabe, writes Fergus Finlay.

Election crisis: FG and FF meetings come to a close with no developments following new revelations on Tánaiste

Latest : The meeting between Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin has come to an end with no new developments tonight.

Leo Varadkar offers Justice Department break-up to prevent election

A radical break-up of the Department of Justice into two has formed the basis of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s offering to Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin in a bid to avoid a general election

Readers Blog: Brass necks and lack of accountability

What a wonderfully creative country for self-exoneration with a perpetual penchant for self-forgiveness against all the odds and evidence. Wiping the slate clean is seemingly where it’s at — no need for any awkward dallying in the sanction or discipline zone. No thank you, sir.

Michael Clifford: Should Frances Fitzgerald have queried McCabe issue?

Frances Fitzgerald’s 2015 dilemma must be seen in context of the forces of the State lined up against McCabe, but should she have questioned why he was targeted, asks Michael Clifford

Spare the country an election and go, says Fianna Fáil

Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald could spare the country an unnecessary general election if she resigned, Fianna Fáil said yesterday.

Nóirín O’Sullivan phone call further weakens Frances Fitzgerald's credibility

And the kicks just keep on coming for Poor Frances, writes Daniel McConnell.

Leo Varadkar offers Justice Department break-up to prevent election

A radical break-up of the Department of Justice into two has formed the basis of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s offering to Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin in a bid to avoid a general election.

‘No way back’ for Fine Gael as early election date looks likely

Fine Gael ministers and TDs are demanding an early general election and have said Tuesday, December 19, is the most likely polling day.

'Extraordinary development': Fianna Fáil examining Justice Department documents in new attempt to avoid election

LATEST: Fianna Fáil is set to examine Department of Justice documents tonight in a fresh attempt to avoid an election.

Election Crisis: Haughey was in a similar position

Charles Haughey told the assembled media: “I will not be asking for the Tánaiste’s resignation from the cabinet. I will not be putting him under any pressure to resign, nor will his cabinet colleagues. It is entirely a matter for my old friend of 30 years.”

Election Crisis

Election Crisis: Soldiers of destiny call for war but plan for peace

Planning for war but preparing for potential short-term peace, the soldiers of destiny are attempting to work two strategies to address the latest political crisis.

Election Crisis: Frances Fitzgerald’s future hangs in the balance

Fine Gael supporters will this weekend rally around embattled Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald and encourage her to remain on, as the Government fights off the possibility of a snap election.

Election Crisis: Snap election may benefit Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael

If recent opinion polls are to be believed, a snap election may push voters back into the arms of the traditional large parties of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

Election Crisis: How Frances Fitzgerald went from safe pair of hands to likely election trigger

The Department of Justice is now, in some ways, considered the new ‘Angola’ of Irish politics, writes Juno McEnroe

Election Crisis: Crunch time for Leo Varadkar

Leo Varadkar has left open the possibility of accepting the resignation of his Tánaiste, Frances Fitzgerald, to avoid the country going through a bitter Christmas general election.

Election Crisis: Mary Lou McDonald will lead Sinn Féin in general election, says Doherty

Sinn Féin’s deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald will lead the party into the general election should it happen, her colleague Pearse Doherty has said.

Election Crisis: Transparency would mean a painful confession

Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald has cut an isolated figure in the Dáil this week, but nonetheless came out fighting for her future, writes Caroline O’Doherty

Election Crisis: 1992 winter election gave way to a Spring Tide

Today is the 25th anniversary of the last winter poll — unless you’re a meteorologist and count the last two general elections, held in February, as winter votes.

Election Crisis: Only three brave TDs backed Maurice McCabe

Everybody is rushing to stand at McCabe’s shoulder. There is no risk now, writes Michael Clifford

'Let's all calm down a bit': Varadkar not seeking Tánaiste's resignation

Latest: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said he believes there is still a chance to avoid a Christmas election and is not expecting the Tánaiste's resignation.

Tánaiste not going down without a fight

Facing the political gallows, the Tánaiste forcefully argued that she was not part of any conspiracy to undermine Maurice McCabe and had nothing to hide. 

Sinn Féin: We’re not looking for election despite tabling motion

Sinn Féin has denied wanting to trigger a general election with the tabling of a motion of no confidence in the Tánaiste, but insists the party is ready for one if the Government collapses.

‘Serious questions to answer’ for justice minister

The justice minister is now facing serious questions as it emerged he was told of an the email at the centre of the latest Maurice McCabe scandal a full week before the Taoiseach was informed.

Frances Fitzgerald fallout shows Irish politics never ceases to shock

The likelihood of a snap general election has moved a step closer after Fianna Fáil dramatically withdrew its support for the embattled Tánaiste, effectively ending its backing for the Government, writes Juno McEnroe.

Government back from brink - but FG parliamentary party told to prepare for vote in mid-January

The country may be facing a snap general election in January after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar refused to sack his Tánaiste, Frances Fitzgerald, over the Maurice McCabe email saga.

FG vote unanimously to support Tánaiste in late-night emergency meeting as threat of general election looms

Latest: Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has said that the government is standing behind Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald, as the threat of a general election looms tonight.

Tánaiste under fire: Attorney general backed decision, claims Tánaiste

The Office of the Attorney General yesterday backed Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald’s decision to take no action when she was told of the Garda legal team’s alleged strategy to discredit Maurice McCabe in May 2015.

Tánaiste under fire: Twists, turns, and contradictions in email timeline

The curious tale of when Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald became aware of a legal smear campaign against Sgt Maurice McCabe has seen twists, turns and contradictions, but still lacks full clarification.

Tánaiste under fire: Fitzgerald humiliated as Government makes fifth U-turn on McCabe

Tánaiste humiliated as Taoiseach vents frustration having misled Dáil twice on whistleblower email saga

Tánaiste under fire: TD details further effort to attack McCabe’s character

What’s the big deal? Is it all about chasing a political head?

Tánaiste under fire: Annoyed Varadkar indicates this is one can he isn’t prepared to carry

You know how it feels when you have to carry the can for someone else’s mistake.

Latest: Tánaiste says new legal advice shows email reaction was correct; SF to hold off on motion of no confidence

Latest:Sinn Féin says it will hold off on tabling a motion of no confidence in Frances Fitzgerald until after leaders’ questions tomorrow.

Questions still need to be answered in Maurice McCabe email controversy

Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald is fighting for her political life as the Government’s handling of garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe has yet again engulfed the coalition in controversy.

Live: ‘I can only assume I did read the email’, says Tánaiste

Latest:  An Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald has addressed the Dáil on the controversy surrounding the receipt of an email relating to Garda Maurice McCabe, which the former Minister for Justice said she could not remember receiving or reading in May 2015.