Harvey Weinstein

The French government on Monday proposed a bill focusing on sexual harassment and sexual violence against minors, aiming to eventually make harassment against women in French streets an offence.

Generations of ambitious young people were subject to predators

Thinking you’re cool gives you no armoury to cope with a sexual predator like Weinstein, writes Terry Prone.

Harvey getting a grip on himself, not women

Today let us look at the recent statement from a squillionaire Hollywood mogul exposed as a long-term sexual predator.

Hillary Clinton quizzed on parallels between husband and Weinstein

Hillary Clinton has refused to be drawn on the parallels between the scandal engulfing film producer Harvey Weinstein and that of her husband during his time as US president.

Kate Winslet: I deliberately did not thank Harvey Weinstein during Oscar speech

She said she left him out even though his company paid for and distributed the film.

Hollywood applauds Weinstein’s Academy expulsion and turns attention to Trump

Celebrities have backed the Academy’s decision to oust the mogul.

Weinstein expelled by Oscars Academy as Lysette Anthony alleges rape

She alleges she was attacked by Weinstein in the Eighties.

Harvey Weinstein expelled from Oscars committee

Harvey Weinstein has been expelled from the Oscars organising committee over allegations of sexual assault.

Irish women discuss sexual harassment in wake of Weinstein allegations

Terry Prone spoke on the Late Late Show about her own experiences of Harvey Weinstein-like behaviour among men in the Irish media.

Hillary Clinton draws comparison between Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump

President Trump was caught on tape in 2005 making a crude comment about a woman.

Lenny Abrahamson on Harvey Weinstein: 'Powerful abusers rely on silence of colleagues'

Irish Equity has assured its members that the union will support them should they have any concerns regarding their treatment in the workplace.

Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks and Quentin Tarantino comment on Harvey Weinstein

More stars have spoken out over the allegations.

Lena Dunham: Hollywood gagged by silence of the men

When we stay silent, we condone behaviour that none of us believe is right and it reinforces the culture that keeps women from speaking out, writes Lena Dunham

Colin Farrell labels Harvey Weinstein allegations ‘atrocious’

Colin Farrell has spoken of his horror at the allegations of sexual harassment and assault made against Harvey Weinstein, and his hope that changes will be made.

Erasure’s Andy Bell: Weinstein allegations part of Hollywood system

The singer said that similar stories have “always been there”.

Jane Fonda: I wish I had spoken out against Harvey Weinstein allegations earlier

The Oscar-winning actress also recalled her own experience with harassment by a director.

Rose McGowan said ‘day of reckoning’ would come for Hollywood

The star spoke about her dislike of Hollywood in an interview several months ago.

Scotland Yard investigate sexual assault allegation against Harvey Weinstein

British police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault involving Harvey Weinstein from the 1980s, sources said.

British police investigating allegation of sexual assault involving Harvey Weinstein from 1980s, sources say

Merseyside Police said it had received a report of an alleged sexual assault in the London area.

New York Police Department to review Harvey Weinstein complaints

They are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

Kate Beckinsale: Saying no to Harvey Weinstein 'undoubtedly harmed my career'

Kate Beckinsale has documented an encounter she says she had aged 17 with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and said "saying no to him professionally many times over the years... undoubtedly harmed my career".

Jim Davidson: Disgraced Weinstein on ‘trial by television’

The comedian was interviewed on Good Morning Britain.

Annette Bening had ‘moments that were awkward’ as a young actress

The star is one of many to discuss the ongoing Weinstein scandal.

Harvey Weinstein: We all make mistakes

Weinstein is thought to be on his way to a rehab facility.

Harvey Weinstein: The key developments in his Hollywood downfall

The high-powered film executive has faced a string of sexual harassment allegations.

Seth MacFarlane says Oscar joke about Weinstein was retaliation for harassment

He said his friend Jessica Barth had told him a story about Weinstein harassing her.

Lea Seydoux says she had to defend herself as she joins Weinstein accusers

She says she had to be “forceful” to resist him.

Film Academy brands Weinstein allegations ‘repugnant’ and ‘abhorrent’

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has already announced it had suspended Weinstein’s membership, effective immediately.

Cara Delevingne accuses Harvey Weinstein of trying to kiss her and blocking door

She says the producer invited her to his hotel room.

Harvey Weinstein claims ‘tipping point’, hopes Annette Bening

The actress said she hopes the allegations will mark a cultural shift in Hollywood.