Farming Poll 2017

Most milk producers would settle for a fixed milk price scheme for 2018, at the current price.

Confidence is most valuable commodity in Irish farming

Perhaps the major attraction for the 280,000 or so visitors at this week’s Ploughing Championships is the good nature and upbeat attitude of the farm families of Ireland.

16%-23% rump doesn’t like any of the schemes for farmers

The Basic Payment Scheme remains the most popular scheme among farmers, with almost two thirds (64%) “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the scheme, out of the 569 surveyed in the 2017 Irish Examiner/ICMSA National Opinion Poll.

Only 20% worried about debts

Only one in five interviewed for the 2017 Irish Examiner ICMSA farming poll was concerned about their level of debt.

Farmers would warmly welcome more live exports

Increasing live cattle exports is still seen by farmers as the primary way to boost Ireland’s beef sector.

88% of farmers agree that climate change is real

In the 2017 Irish Examiner ICMSA farming poll, 88% of farmers agreed that climate change was a reality.

Disadvantaged payments unfairly distributed

One-third of farmers who get ANC (disadvantaged) payments believe they are unfairly distributed.

Dairy farmers fond of their co-ops in 2017

Dairy farmers seem to be getting on better with their co-ops in 2017.

Optimism in poll remarkable for a sector with such low incomes

The high optimism levels revealed in the annual Irish Examiner ICMSA farming poll are remarkable, for a sector which provides so many of its members with such low incomes.

Watch: Farming survey: Farmers oppose any Donald Trump visit to Ireland

The vast majority of farmers are opposed to a state visit to Ireland by US president Donald Trump, with an opinion poll also finding a majority of rural dwellers believing he will damage America’s global standing.

Sneak peak at what to expect for Ploughing Championship

Europe's largest pop up town was a blaze of bright lights last night as the tillage fields of Offaly awaited today’s start of the 86th national ploughing championships.