Coast Guard Tragedy

Nearly 100 boats have taken part in a cross-border flotilla on Carlingford Lough in memory of the crew of a rescue helicopter which crashed off the County Mayo coast.

Rescue 116 crew to be remembered at Carlingford Lough today

Hundreds of mariners are expected to take to the waters today in memory of the Rescue 116 crew who crashed off Mayo earlier this year.

Operation to deploy underwater cameras to find missing Rescue 116 crew

Teams will continue the search for missing Rescue 116 crewmen Paul Ormsby and Ciaran Smith today.

Waterford Airport opens runway to Captain Dara Fitzpatrick charity run

Waterford Airport is opening its runway for a charity event in honour of Captain Dara Fitzpatrick.

Searches continue for Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116

Renewed searches will get underway from 7am this morning around the crash site of the Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116.

LATEST: Search for missing R116 crew members postponed until Monday due to bad weather

UPDATE 6.10PM:A planned search for the remaining crew missing from Coast Guard Rescue helicopter 116 has been postponed until Monday morning.

Latest: Air Accident Investigation Unit defends publication of audio transcript from Rescue 116 helicopter

Latest: The Air Accident Investigation Unit has defended its decision to publish the final words of the crew of Rescue 116.

Rescue 116 crew remembered during wreath-laying ceremony at sea

Hundreds of well-wishers paid tribute to the crew of Rescue 116 at a special ceremony today.

RNLI tribute to take place for crew of Rescue 116

An RNLI tribute will take place for the crew of Rescue 116 today.

Rescue 116: 'How do we prevent it from happening again'

A report into the R116 helicopter crash off the coast of Mayo has recommended that the company that runs the Coast Guard service in Ireland should review route guides in use by search and rescue helicopters.

Report recommends review of route guides following R116 tragedy

A report into the Rescue 116 helicopter crash has recommended there should be a review of route guides in use by search and rescue helicopters in Ireland

'We're gone': Last words heard from R116 as it 'pitched up rapidly'

An initial report into the Rescue 116 helicopter crash says it "pitched up rapidly" in its final seconds.

Marine Institute ROV conducts last dive in R116 search as Gardaí promise to continue operation

The Marine Institute's ROV submarine carried out its last dive off Blackrock island today, and has left Blacksod bay on board the Irish Lights vessel the Granuaile.

Coast Guard helicopter crewmen still missing after trawlers search Atlantic

A flotilla of trawlers has found nothing after combing a swathe of the Atlantic off north-west Ireland for two winchmen missing from a crashed search and rescue helicopter.

Search continues for missing crew of Rescue 116 helicopter

The RNLI says they are grateful to the civilians who joined rescue teams for yesterday's massive sea search off Mayo and Donegal.

Latest: No sign of missing R116 despite one of the largest sea searches in history of the State

Latest: There is still no sign of missing Rescue 116 crewmen Ciarán Smith and Paul Ormsby, despite one of the largest sea searches ever undertaken in the history of the state.

Latest: Fleet of trawlers to search for missing Rescue 116 crewmen as wreckage is brought ashore

Latest: A large fleet of trawlers is being organised to search part of the Atlantic off the northwest coast for the two winchmen missing from crashed Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116.

Latest: Families of missing crewmen ask fishing boats to join search

The families of the two missing Rescue 116 crewmen, Paul Ormbsy and Ciaran Smith, have appealed to fishing vessels along the north west coast to join the search.

Latest: Searches continue for Coast Guard crewmen after helicopter recovered from sea

Latest: Searches are to continue for two missing Irish Coast Guard crew members after a major operation to lift their helicopter from the sea failed to locate them.

Latest: No mechanical anomalies found on Rescue 116 recorder, says Air Accident Investigation Unit

Latest: The Air Accident Investigation Unit has released a statement confirming that no mechanical anomalies were found on the health and usage monitoring system and multi-purpose flight recorder recovered from Rescue 116.

’I love you to the moon and back:’ Mark Duffy’s wife in moving tribute at funeral

Latest: "I love you to the moon and back," these were the words of Captain Mark Duffy’s wife Hermione at his funeral this morning.

Watch powerful video tribute to Rescue 116 crew

The heartbreaking video posted on Youtube has resulted in an outpouring of emotional posts as father of two Captain Mark Duffy is laid to rest.

Defence Minister: Staff cutbacks not to blame for reduced Air Corps services

"The reason why is there are attractive positions outside the Air Corps."

Latest: Department announces details of Rescue 116 Captain Mark Duffy's funeral

Latest: The time of Captain Mark Duffy's funeral mass has been announced.

Spring tides hamper efforts to raise wreckage of Rescue 116 at Blacksod

Operations at the crash site of Rescue 116 off the Mayo Coast have wound down for the night.

Search for missing Coast Guard crew members continues today in challenging diving conditions

Two weeks after Rescue 116 came down off the County Mayo coast, a major operation is continuing to try and locate two crew members who are still missing.

Latest: Divers suspend operation to raise Rescue 116 helicopter wreckage due to deteriorating weather

Rescue teams which recovered the body of an Irish Coast Guard pilot from the Atlantic seabed have said their hearts go out to the family.

Rescue 116: Drones aid search for two missing men off Mayo coast

The focus of the Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116 search mission off the North Mayo coast has shifted to the recovery of the remaining two missing crew members, writes Evelyn Ring.

'Hearts and thoughts' with Mark Duffy's family as his body is recovered from sea

Rescue teams which recovered the body of Irish Coast Guard pilot Captain Mark Duffy from the Atlantic seabed have said their hearts go out to the family.

Latest: Coffin with Mark Duffy's body driven from Blacksod pier draped in Tricolour

Latest: Gardaí have confirmed the body recovered from the wreckage of Irish Coast Guard helicopter R116 this morning is that of Captain Mark Duffy.