Climate change

The World Bank’s president Jim Yong Kim has said the lender will stop financing oil and gas projects in two years.

French President leads efforts to shore up ’fragile’ Paris Climate Accord

World leaders, investment funds and energy magnates have promised to devote new money and technology to slow global warming at a summit in Paris that President Emmanuel Macron hopes will rev up the Paris climate accord.

US federal court considers children’s climate change lawsuit against Trump administration

A US federal appeals court is weighing in on an unusual lawsuit by a group of young people who say Donald Trump’s administration is violating their constitutional rights by failing to address climate change.

Coping with climate change: How the Dutch are facing down rising waters

No place in Europe is under greater threat than this waterlogged country, but the Netherlands’ solution is to let water in, where possible, not hope to subdue Mother Nature; to live with the
water, rather than struggle to defeat it. Michael Kimmelman reports

Coping with climate change: It’s time businesses cleaned up their act

It is gradually becoming unacceptable to pollute for free and pass the bill on to future generations. Some 40 countries are now putting a price on carbon pollution, write Catherine McKenna and Feike Sijbesma

Ireland ‘nowhere close’ to emission targets

Ireland has been ranked as the worst performing country in Europe in relation to tackling climate change and is “nowhere close to being on track” to meeting emission targets.

Ireland ranked worst in Europe when it comes to tackling climate change

The 2018 Climate Change Performance Index places Ireland 49th out of 59 countries.

Citizens Assembly: 97% say climate change should be at centre of government policy

LATEST: The Citizens' Assembly has voted overwhelmingly in favour of Ireland taking measures to address climate change.

Citizens Assembly meets to discuss how to tackle climate change

The Citizens Assembly has today been discussing Ireland's transport policy in relation to climate change.

Citizen's Assembly hears how people can make their homes more energy efficient

Latest: A meeting of the Citizen's Assembly on climate change in Dublin is hearing how people can make their homes more energy efficient.

Latest: Citizen's Assembly hears Ireland failing to reach targets on tackling climate change

Latest:Today's meeting of the Citizen's Assembly has heard Ireland is failing to reach its targets on tackling climate change.

Green Party calls on Government to 'takes its head out of the sand' on climate change

The Green Party has today called on the Government to focus on tackling climate change in Ireland.

Ireland 'playing catch-up on climate change obligations', admits Minister

Latest: The Government Minister charged with overseeing Ireland's new plan to combat climate change has declared it a moral necessity.

Right to Know group take High Court action over access to cabinet papers on climate change

A High Court judge has been asked to overturn a refusal to provide access to documents concerning Cabinet discussions on climate change.

Paris climate change accord irreversible and not negotiable - Merkel

The European Union is "more determined than ever" to make the Paris accord against climate change a success, Angela Merkel has said.

Brazil considers following US in rolling back climate protections

Brazil is considering measures that would roll back environmental protections and make it difficult to meet its Paris climate accord targets.

Theresa May denies being 'subservient' to Donald Trump in row over US climate deal exit

Theresa May has insisted the UK is committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change as she faced criticism over her response to US withdrawal from the deal.

Environmental groups to protest against Trump's decision to withdraw from Climate Agreement

The leader of the Green Party says our efforts to adhere to the Paris Climate Change Agreement will be futile without America's involvement.

Defiant US governors vow to uphold climate act

Three Democratic governors have said they will not let the United States back away from a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, despite Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from an international pact.