Women with an aggressive type of breast cancer have been offered new hope of a targeted treatment for the condition.

Bradley Lowery, the boy who touched everyone's heart, loses cancer fight

Bradley Lowery, the football mascot whose beaming smile touched thousands of people around the world, has died after a battle with a rare cancer, his family said.

Two alcoholic drinks a day raises cancer risks, says study

Irish people who drink an average of two alcoholic drinks a day are placing themselves at an increased risk of developing bowel and oesophageal cancer.

Ireland is drinking less but Europeans most at risk of alcohol related cancer: report

Europe’s drinking habits are putting its people at a higher risk of cancer, a report by the United European Gastroenterology group has found.

Here is what the Govt’s new cancer strategy means for cancer patients over the next 10 years

The new cancer strategy has been unveiled, in a bid to reduce cancer rates in the next 10 years.

New blood test can spot lung cancer relapses up to a year before scans

Scientists have developed a blood test which spots the relapse of lung cancer in patients, up to a year before the disease can be detected by CT scans and X-rays.

More people than ever surviving cancer in Ireland

More people are surviving cancer in Ireland than ever before, the Irish Cancer Society has said.

Charity defends #IWantToGetCancer ad campaign

The Irish Cancer Society is defending its hard-hitting #IWantToGetCancer campaign.