High cholesterol could affect a body’s ability to fight cancer as well as increasing the risk of a heart attack or stroke, it has emerged.

Less than two in five hospitals offer free parking for cancer patients, survey reveals

Less than two in five Irish hospitals are providing free car parking to cancer patients, according to a recent survey.

John McCain describes brain cancer prognosis as "pretty good".

Senator John McCain says his battle with brain cancer is a challenge but his prognosis is "pretty good".

‘Bizarre anomaly on sunbeds’ must be tackled

A “bizarre anomaly” that places sunbed sessions in the same goods and services tax category as yoga studios and beauty salons must be addressed says the Irish Cancer Society.

Skin cancer rates at record high in Ireland

The rate of skin cancer is at a record high in Ireland, it has emerged.

Government urged to remove and reduce charges affecting 'struggling' cancer patients

The Irish Cancer Society has called on the Government to remove and reduce charges that are "driving people to the wall" in Budget 2018.

New test could highlight women at highest risk of recurring breast cancer

Testing for immune cell "hotspots" around tumours could help identify women at high risk of relapsing breast cancer, say scientists.

Half of eligible schoolgirls declined HPV vaccine last year

At least 40 women will die because they refused to take up the HPV vaccine last year, according to the Irish Cancer Society.

Two year old on chemotherpay trial to take part in charity fun run

A toddler who is one of the youngest children in the world to trial a chemotherapy drug will take part in a charity fundraiser.

Bradley Lowery, the boy who touched everyone's heart, loses cancer fight

Bradley Lowery, the football mascot whose beaming smile touched thousands of people around the world, has died after a battle with a rare cancer, his family said.

Ireland is drinking less but Europeans most at risk of alcohol related cancer: report

Europe’s drinking habits are putting its people at a higher risk of cancer, a report by the United European Gastroenterology group has found.

Here is what the Govt’s new cancer strategy means for cancer patients over the next 10 years

The new cancer strategy has been unveiled, in a bid to reduce cancer rates in the next 10 years.

New blood test can spot lung cancer relapses up to a year before scans

Scientists have developed a blood test which spots the relapse of lung cancer in patients, up to a year before the disease can be detected by CT scans and X-rays.

More people than ever surviving cancer in Ireland

More people are surviving cancer in Ireland than ever before, the Irish Cancer Society has said.