Budget negotiations

A significant proportion of increased education funding in Budget 2018 is expected to come from businesses rather than the general taxation system.

€5 welfare hike; €4 weekly rise for workers

Payments for children of welfare recipients will be increased to over €32 while pensioners, carers, the disabled and jobseekers are likely to get an extra €5 as part of the budget.

‘No minister’ retains cool demeanour despite the pressure

At 1pm today, the phoney war will be over and Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe will take to his feet in the Dáil chamber and deliver his budget, writes Daniel McConnell.

Fianna Fáil wins classroom promise in late talks

Fianna Fáil last night secured a 26-pupil class size limit and “modest” across- the-board welfare hikes for pensioners, lone parents, and dole recipients in last- minute talks with Fine Gael.

Ministerial row over budget welfare priorities

“Strong” disagreements between ministers over which welfare benefits should get priority in tomorrow’s budget have delayed its finalisation, it can be revealed.

Housing, welfare and health are sticking points as budget haggling goes to 11th hour

A special 11th hour Cabinet meeting for today has been requested by ministers in a bid to overcome a myriad of outstanding difficulties in agreeing tomorrow’s budget.

Responsible budget approach could still be undone by Brexit

We shouldn’t rule out the prospect of Fianna Fáil returning to power just as the economy really picks up, writes Alison O’Connor.

Budget demands are virtually infinite but resources are sadly scarce

With just days to go to Budget 2018, media and others are ramping up for the theatre that is the annual statement of fiscal policy, writes Jim Power.

Economist: Budget must prioritise housing support

Property prices continue to escalate around the country as Ireland’s housing crisis deepens.

Fine Gael and Independent Alliance budget differences unresolved

Major stumbling blocks around Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) and the retirement age remain unresolved between Fine Gael and the Independent Alliance ahead of next week’s budget.

Micheál Martin under pressure from TDs over Fine Gael deal

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has faced a rural mutiny from his TDs who have vented their frustration over the confidence and supply deal.

In troubling times globally let’s focus and budget for our children

Early education is seen internationally as one of the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty — wouldn’t you think that a country that has one-in-nine of its children living in consistent poverty would finally start to put a value on the things that can break that cycle, writes Fergus Finlay.

Time to learn from previous budget mistakes

Hard investment is needed to equip Ireland for the future, writes Tom Healy.

Cuts to USC set for budget

Fianna Fáil is now confident of securing further cuts to the universal social charge (USC) and an extension to the Mortgage Interest Relief scheme in next month’s budget.

Increase health budget to meet needs, say doctors

A doctors’ group has called for the health budget to be overhauled to avoid a further deterioration of public health services.

Cabinet warned demands for extra funds will be viewed 'extremely negatively'

Leo Varadkar and Paschal Donohoe have been accused of “control freakery” by ministerial colleagues after they issued a “omerta” warning over demands for more money in the budget.

Age Action wants pension increase

A weekly rise of €5 in State pensions; a reversal of cuts made in 2012; and an increase in home help hours are among the demands being made on behalf of older people by Age Action.

Tax changes to go ahead despite Fianna Fáil warning

The Government still plans to merge the USC with PRSI and alter tax levels for low-and middle-income earners despite Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin warning there is not enough money to do both and that it breaches the minority government deal.

Doubt over spending-to-tax cuts ratio

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has hinted he may not abide by the two-to-one spending-to-tax cuts ratio agreed with Fianna Fáil in the next budget.

Parties at odds over tax change preferences

The stability of the government support deal between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil may be at risk with both parties differing on tax change preferences for next month’s budget.

Budget 2018 an opportunity to shift fiscal policy towards a fairer society: Unions

Latest: The General Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Patricia King, has said that Budget 2018 should be an opportunity to shift the direction of fiscal policy towards building a fairer society, prioritising higher living standards and quality of life.

Latest: Finance Minister defends halving rainy day fund

Latest: The Finance Minister has defended plans to halve the money set aside for the ’rainy day fund’.