British election

Calling a vote while the economy is good makes sense, writes Jim Power.

British Labour Party leader refuses to rule out second referendum on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to rule out backing a second referendum on the final Brexit deal achieved after withdrawal negotiations with the European Union.

What is tactical voting and could it decide the outcome of the British election?

Social media is abuzz with talk of voting tactically in the British election but what exactly does it mean?

Corbyn rules out Labour-SNP coalition pact

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out any post-election coalition with the Scottish National Party.

Theresa May asks for mandate to lead as election campaigning begins

LATEST: Theresa May asked voters for the mandate to lead post-Brexit Britain as she rallied Tory troops for the looming election campaign ahead.

LATEST: Parliament clears way for general election on June 8

LATEST: Britain will go to the polls on June 8, after MPs cleared the way for an early general election.

PM May calls a snap election - Power grab or a bid for stability?

THE announcement yesterday by Theresa May that she will today ask the House of Commons to facilitate a general election on June 8 will not help the Irish negotiators charged with protecting our interests during Brexit talks sleep any better. Irish businessmen and women — and workers — who depend on the British market will not sleep too soundly either.

Kenny speaks to May on phone following snap election announcement

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has spoken to the British Prime Minister this evening following her call for a snap election.

Theresa May has called a snap election and placed the biggest bet of her career?

Perhaps it was something in the mountain air of Snowdonia that helped clear Theresa May's mind to make the boldest decision yet of her short premiership, suggests  David Hughes.

One issue is set to dominate the British election campaign ... Brexit

As British voters prepare to go to the polls on June 8 they face the prospect of a campaign dominated by a single issue, suggests Gavin Cordon.

Q&A: Why has a British election been called now and what happens next?

Theresa May has announced her intention to hold a snap general election to strengthen her hand going into the Brexit negotiations so Andrew Woodcock and Gavin Cordon ask the key questions.

Celebrities react to Theresa May's general election announcement

Lily Allen urged voters to back anyone but the Tories.

Theresa May hoping for a landslide victory in snap British election but is that really likely?

The British Tory party will go into the snap general election riding high in the polls and confident of returning with an overwhelming majority.

Tories and EU suggest Brexit negotiations will be unaffected by snap election

The British Conservative Party has said the Brexit timetable won’t be affected by Theresa May’s decision to call a snap election in June pointing to the fact that officials and secretaries of state remain in place.

British business urges politicians to not take eye off economy

Britain’s business groups were as surprised as anyone over Theresa May’s announcement of a snap general election on June 8 and urged the Government to remain focused on supporting the economy.

Snap June election called in Britain - Here’s the political reaction

The decision by British PM, Theresa May, to call a snap election in June has caused much shock around Westminster and further a field.

Latest: Commons to vote on UK general election on Wednesday

Latest: The Commons vote on whether the general election can go ahead will follow a 90 minute debate on Wednesday, after Prime Minister's Questions and any urgent questions or ministerial statements, Mrs May's official spokesman said.