The Irish government has warned UK authorities it will not be used as a "pawn" in Brexit negotiations.

James Brokenshire: Customs union would stop UK negotiating international trade deals

The UK Government has insisted there is no possibility of remaining within a customs union post-Brexit.

Leo Varadkar eyes global trade to overcome Brexit challenges

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has pledged to double Ireland’s diplomatic and trade forces abroad by 2025, as Ireland tries to overcome challenges faced by Brexit.

Brexit position paper to outline UK position on cross-border legal disputes

The UK government's position on cross-border legal disputes after Brexit are being outlined later.

UK unveils proposals to allow trade to continue with Europe post Brexit

Britain has set out proposals to ensure that trade in goods and services can continue with Europe after the point at which the UK leaves the European Union.

UK unveils proposals to allow trade to continue with Europe post-Brexit

Britain has set out proposals to ensure that trade in goods and services can continue with Europe after the point at which the UK leaves the European Union.

Brexit talks will not move on to trade by October, Slovenian warns

Brexit negotiations will not proceed to haggling over a future UK-EU trading relationship by October as previously planned, the Slovenian prime minister has warned.

Taoiseach says Brexit talks can only move forward if progress is made before October

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said Brexit talks can only move forward if sufficient progress is made before October.

Brexit 'will have bigger impact on Anglo Irish relations than Easter Rising'

Brexit will more radically change Ireland's relationship with the UK than the 1916 Easter Rising and partition, an MEP said.

Remove all trade barriers after UK leaves EU, pro-Brexit economists say

A group of Brexit-backing economists have urged the British government to abolish all trade barriers after leaving the European Union.

'Trade could be distorted' by proposals for business in the North

Manufacturers from Great Britain could rush to establish bases in Northern Ireland to avoid customs tariffs post-Brexit, a lobby group for the industry said.

Calls to build bridges between TDs and British MPs over Brexit

More bridges need to built between Irish and UK politicians ahead of Brexit, a Fine Gael TD has said.

British Government officials 'confident' ahead of Brexit trade talks in Autumn

UK Government officials remain "confident" they will make sufficient progress by October to ensure Brexit trade talks begin, amid reports Cabinet ministers believe they could be delayed.

Irish farmers say restrictions-free border impossible under Brexit

Farmers have said it is impossible to see how the Irish border can stay open and free of checkpoints under the Brexit proposals.

We don't see a return to hard Irish boder, says British government

The UK Government has set out its vision of a free-flowing and unmonitored Irish border post-Brexit, with the majority of local businesses avoiding customs tariffs.

SImon Coveney: Ireland has to prepare for 'worst case scenario' with Brexit

LATEST: The government has warned Ireland must be prepared for the worst case scenario when it comes to Brexit.

UK confident it will be able to enforce immigration controls without hard border

The Government is "confident" it can enforce new immigration controls on EU citizens without a hard border with Ireland.

No physical changes to Irish border arrangements proposed after Brexit

The Government will argue against any new technological or physical monitoring on the Irish border in Brexit talks over the future of its only land frontier with the EU.

Post Brexit customs plans 'utterly deluded', shellfish farmers say

Shellfish farmers selling tonnes of oysters in Europe have said post-Brexit customs and border ideas are "utterly deluded" and could wipe out their businesses.

'Position paper' to recommend spot checks at border but Brokenshire insists government wants 'no change'

The Northern Ireland secretary insists the government wants 'no change' in how people cross the Irish border. Northen Ireland secretary insists government wants 'no change' to Irish border

Theresa May reassures nationalists in the North she wants no 'physical border'

The Prime Minister has moved to reassure nationalists living in Northern Ireland that Brexit will not see the UK turn its back on its "unique and special relationship" with Ireland.

UK dismisses idea of customs border in Irish Sea

The UK has strongly dismissed the the idea of a customs border in the Irish Sea, writes Elaine Loughlin and Daniel McConnell.

Avoiding Irish border checks is top priority for Brexit negotiations

Avoiding check points or any other physical infrastructure on the Irish border is the UK Government's number one priority when negotiating post-Brexit arrangements for its only land frontier with the EU, a Whitehall position paper will state.

UK dismisses idea of customs border in Irish Sea

The UK has strongly dismissed the the idea of a customs border in the Irish Sea.

Exports up as pound drops

Trade figures suggest Irish firms involved in exports and imports of goods with Britain are faring surprisingly well amid the Brexit-driven slump in the value of sterling against the euro.

Britain reveals that it wants it all and then some more

Like a spoilt child, Britain has announced that it wants it all, and then some more, writes Elaine Loughlin.

The dream of a clean exit begins to sour for Brexiteers

James Chapman is a name that may not be obvious to you but his intervention in the Brexit debate is a profoundly important one.

Ireland looking to new overseas markets after Brexit, says Taoiseach

Brexit makes it more important for Ireland to develop new overseas markets, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.

Latest: British brexit proposals on customs must be close to status quo, Irish Chamber of Commerce

Latest: Any temporary post-Brexit customs deal must be as close to the status quo as possible, leading business lobbyists have warned.

Sinn Féin: Tories prepared to use Ireland as collateral damage in Brexit talks

The imposition of a customs frontier on the Irish border would "play fast and loose" with both the economy and peace process, Sinn Féin has warned.

Jermey Corbyn should position Labour behind anti Brexit efforts: Henry McLeish

A former Labour first minister has urged Jeremy Corbyn to throw the party behind efforts to stop Britain leaving the European Union.

British expected to offer free movement for Irish nationals and call for customs border in Brexit papers

It is believed new British position papers on Brexit to be published this week will include a Scehngen-Zone style offer of continued free movement for Irish nationals and calls for a custom border between the two countries.

Issue of customs border to be tackled in Brexit discussions this week

The issue of a customs border is expected to be tackled in Brexit discussions this week

Theresa May heads back into Brexit battle

Theresa May is expected to be back in Downing Street this week as ministers prepare to flesh out their negotiating position on Brexit.

UK bosses want clarity on Brexit

After the maelstrom of UK prime minister Theresa May’s election crisis and a struggle in government over the shape of Brexit, business chiefs have a request for the UK: Give clarity on how the EU divorce might look.

UK interest rate hikes to depend on Brexit talks

The June 2016 vote for Brexit has slowed down the UK economy in the first half of 2017. GDP rose 0.2% in the first quarter and 0.3% in the second quarter, down from 0.5% and 0.7% in the final two-quarters of last year, Oliver Mangan.

Seabrook boss concerned at psychological impact of hard border

One of Ireland’s best-known businessmen has said a hard border after Brexit would severely undermine the “excellent social and commercial relations that have been so carefully constructed” in recent years.

Ireland needs grown-up SME policies

Brexit may well hold hidden benefits for Irish trade, but the Government needs to work hard to
unearth them rather than merely wait for them to arrive, writes Kyran Fitzgerald

Hurdles ahead for equine sector with Brexit

Ray Ryan reports on why Irish sport horse industry leaders attending Dublin Horse Show will be keenly aware of the Brexit challenges ahead

Ibec calls for change as 80% of firms lack Brexit readiness

Lingering uncertainty surrounding Brexit is hampering the future planning processes of nearly 80% of companies on the island of Ireland, according to a new report.

Unresolved UK EU divorce bill will cost Ireland

The continued failure by Britain’s negotiators to produce a meaningful proposal for exiting the EU has the potential to create significant collateral damage for Ireland. The infantile “go whistle” comments by Boris Johnson in relation to settling the EU exit costs does nothing to move the Brexit negotiations onto a serious and realistic level.

Wanted: Less complacency about our energy needs

As far as energy is concerned, potential Brexit tariffs and the sterling exchange rate are red herrings. Tariffs — as opposed to transport costs — are no big deal in the oil, gas or electricity exploration and production industries.

Brexit penny yet to drop

The Brexit negotiations have formally started. Mind you it’s not as if it’s the central plank of the news every night. This is all very strange given that they have less than two years to conclude the talks.

Leo Varadkar criticised for Brexit stance

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is set to face criticism over Ireland’s post-Brexit border stance when he travels North this week following his insistence that Ireland will not stand for a divide on the island.

Taoiseach takes hard line on post-Brexit border

The Taoiseach has put it up to Britain by stating that the Government is “not going to design a border for the Brexiteers”.

IMF cuts UK growth on Brexit clouds

Britain has suffered the biggest downgrade of economic growth projections by the IMF for the world’s rich nations this year, prompting the finance ministry to renew its call for a smooth exit from the EU.