Former Taoiseach and EU ambassador John Bruton has launched a blistering broadside on British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Angela Merkel wants EU-UK dialogue before Brexit negotiations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Britain must engage in "constructive dialogue" with the European Union before negotiations can begin on its departure from the bloc.

Group protests against Brexit outside Government Buildings

Around 100 people have protested outside Government Buildings against Brexit.

Phil Hogan: Britain facing 'bloodbath' over potential UK-US trade deal

Britain is facing into a "bloodbath" over a proposed trade deal with the US, an EU commissioner has warned.

Switching to new export markets won’t be that easy following Brexit

The global economy has started to gain traction, at last. Global economic growth has been unbalanced since the financial crisis, but for the first time in several years all regions of the world economy should experience a synchronised upturn in 2017, according to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in its latest release.

Retailers say UK could face 22% tariff on EU food imports without Brexit deal

British shoppers could face an average tariff of 22% on food from the European Union if prime minister Theresa May fails to reach a trade deal with Brussels before the UK leaves in two years time, UK retailers have claimed.

UK vote may not alter the Brexit picture

The expected strengthening of Theresa May’s hand after June’s UK general election may not make Brexit any easier, writes Kyran Fitzgerald.

A hostile president in France would be far more destructive than Brexit

EU leaders should be considering to what extent they would be able to work around a Le Pen presidency, writes Mark Leonard.

Taoiseach travels to the Hague for further Brexit talks

The Taoiseach will travel to the Hague today as part of Ireland's efforts to be prioritised in Brexit negotiations.

Britain currently pays no tariffs on the €24bn of food it imports from elsewhere in the EU, such as Italian mozzarella.

British retailers warn of risks of 22% tariff on EU food without Brexit deal

British shoppers could face an average tariff of 22% on food from the EU if British prime minister Theresa May fails to reach a trade deal with Brussels before Britain leaves in two years time, retailers said.

Tory election manifesto 'will include PM's Brexit pledges' to stifle rebellion

Peers would also be forced to back the priorities under the Salisbury Convention.

Leo Varadkar: Logical for Enda Kenny to step down in summer

Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar has said it would be logical for Taoiseach Enda Kenny to stand down before the summer.

Ireland must stand ‘firm’ on Brexit in wake of of UK snap election, warns Simon Coveney

British prime minister Theresa May’s calling for a snap general election creates fresh uncertainty for Ireland in the wake of Brexit, Housing Minister Simon Coveney has warned.

Unions wary of Brexit complacency

Not so long ago, people regularly advised one to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

Brexit has returned Irish unity to political agenda, says Michelle O'Neill

Brexit has placed Irish unity back on the political agenda almost a century on from partition, Sinn Fein's Michelle O'Neill has told her party's Easter Rising commemoration.

Theresa May: People are coming together after division over Brexit vote

Theresa May has used her Easter message to suggest people are "coming together and uniting" following divisions over the Brexit referendum.

Demand for Irish passports up 70% in first three months of this year

The amount of UK applications for Irish passports has increased by 70%, recent figures have shown.

Irish passport applications to top one million post-Brexit

The number of Irish passports to be issued this year is set to pass the one million mark, driven by a ‘Brexit’ surge in applications from Britain and Northern Ireland.

50 new staff for state agencies for Brexit

The Department of Jobs is set to spend more than €3m to hire at least 50 extra staff to help State agencies cope with the escalating Brexit crisis.

UK banks tighten credit

More British lenders plan to rein in the supply of credit to consumers in the next three months than at any time since the financial crisis, according to a Bank of England survey that may add to concerns about the UK economic outlook ahead of Brexit.

European parents 'shocked' after London-born children denied UK residency

A European couple have spoken of their shock after their London-born children were refused permanent residency in the UK.

Brexit price hikes eat into wages growth in Britain

Inflation almost completely gnawed away the growth in pay of British workers during the three months to February, the clearest evidence yet that households are feeling the strain of rising prices as Brexit negotiations begin.

Brexit 'an imminent threat to Ireland’s economic security'

A new report is warning that Ireland must do much more to prepare for the serious economic threat posed by Brexit.

Fiscal outlook dims hopes for spending hikes

The room available for tax cuts and spending increases in future years appears limited despite the Government raising growth forecasts in its new economic outlook.

Education needs better support post-Brexit

Brexit, now that is is really happening, is going to cause a major strain on this country.

Brexit could trigger fresh row over Rockall ownership

Brexit could reignite an age-old controversy over ownership of an isolated Atlantic islet off the Donegal coast.

Enda Kenny: Bertie Ahern ‘wrong’ to say Ireland entitled to negotiate with Britain on Brexit

Enda Kenny has said former taoiseach Bertie Ahern was “wrong” to say Ireland is entitled to negotiate with Britain on Brexit.

Charlie Flanagan claims Brexit plan could be 'painful'

Brexit could be "painful" for both Britain and Ireland, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan has warned.

Angela Merkel promises to defend Irish interests at Brexit talks

Germany will fight to safeguard Ireland’s interests in Brexit negotiations Angela Merkel has promised.

Angela Merkel assures Enda Kenny that Germany will fight for Ireland's interests in Brexit talks

Angela Merkel has promised that Germany will fight to safeguard Ireland's interests in Brexit negotiations, writes the Irish Examiner's Elaine Loughlin from Berlin.

Retailers warn 282,000 jobs depend on Irish links to UK after shops lose sales

Irish shops have already seen a dip in consumer confidence and loss of sales

Ryanair may have to suspend flights between the UK and EU, even if a Brexit deal is agreed

Ryanair has warned flights between the UK and the European Union may be suspended even if an aviation deal is reached in Brexit negotiations.

Bertie Ahern wants Govt to go into direct talks with UK on post-Brexit links

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has called for direct negotiations between London and Dublin on relations after Brexit.

Q&A: Understanding procedure that UK is using to exit EU

Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union sets the procedure for a member state to withdraw from the EU, if it should wish to do so. It was first introduced by the Lisbon Treaty in 2007.

Nigel Farage accuses MEPs of 'behaving like the mafia'

Nigel Farage was heckled in the European Parliament after accusing MEPs of "behaving like the mafia" over the conditions of Brexit.

UK's trade deal with EU 'can be agreed within two-year timeframe'

Theresa May has insisted she believes it will be possible to agree the shape of Britain's new trade relationship with the European Union within the two-year timeframe for Brexit negotiations.

Reclaim European democracy from an establishment that’s lost its way

The liberal establishment in London and around the continent is aghast at how populism is tearing Europe apart, writes Yanis Varoufakis

Much could go wrong as May seeks deal

If Britain’s Theresa May concedes too much to those right-wing Brexiteers and Euroskeptics, she could make it impossible to reach a final agreement with Europe, writes Robert Harvey

Preparing your business for Brexit should start now

Trading between Midleton and Middlesex is as easy as trading between Cork and Cobh. The only barrier is physical geography. We can no longer take this for granted.

Britain faces Brexit hit on consumer spending

The British economy’s strong finish to 2016 looks likely to prove a high watermark as Brexit gets under way, according to a range of indicators yesterday which pointed to a growing squeeze on consumers.

What do Donald Tusk's draft negotiating guidelines for Brexit really mean?

Put your hands down – we answer everything you need to know about the Brexit talks.

Michael Gove: Irish citizens in UK will have same rights after Brexit and hard border in North will be avoided

Michael Gove, one of the chief architects of Brexit, has said he envisages that EU citizens will be able to "move freely" in and around the UK after the pull-out is completed.

Exporters to UK have 18 months to prepare for life with trade tariffs post-Brexit

Joe Dermody reports on leading Cork financial advisors and solicitors whose business clients are looking to open new offices in the UK to overcome post-Brexit challenges.

JP Morgan Chase bank eyes Dublin base post Brexit

JP Morgan Chase is in talks to buy a Dublin office building as the bank considers expanding in the capital as one of its options for when Britain leaves the EU, according to sources.

Consumers likely to be swayed by Brexit talks

Household spending in the next few months will likely be influenced by whether the Brexit talks get off to a good or bad start.

Good Friday is Ireland’s Brexit talks ace card

All is changed, changed utterly, writes Jim Power.

Good Friday is Ireland’s Brexit talks ace card

All is changed, changed utterly, writes Jim Power.

Nicola Sturgeon has written a letter requesting a second Scottish independence referendum

MSPs voted in favour of seeking permission for the referendum to take place.

Growing Brexit security row a misunderstanding, says British minister

Critics accused May of trying to make a trade-off between security and commerce.

Stephen Cadogan: Brexit latest fresh milk threat

We are one of the biggest consumers of milk in Europe, at 43.5 million litres per year.

How long will £2.2bn landowner subsidy last in post-Brexit UK?

Brexit threatens multi-million pound annual EU farm payments to the UK’s landed gentry, including the queen.

Market fears amid warning over no Brexit deal

Irish exporters have been warned about further sharp currency fluctuations, should the EU-UK talks end in no trade deal and tough controls over workers.

Brexit may see UK lose its EU air links, warns Ryanair

The UK could lose its air links with EU countries after Brexit becomes a reality in 2019 if aviation isn’t made a priority in negotiations on the terms of the schism, Ryanair has warned.

Nigel Farage sends a message for Ireland while 'celebrating' Brexit

Controversial politician Nigel Farage gave an impromptu interview with 3News Ireland, while supping a pint in London, on the day Brexit was triggered.

TD for Cavan and Monaghan tells Oireachtas committee: Brexit 'could wipe us out'

Pointing out the reliance on the dominant agri-food industry in particular, she said many dairies and food businesses operated as if no border existed.

Foreign Affairs Minister: Ireland is 'Team EU' in Brexit talks

Negotiating Brexit will "be very challenging and very complicated" Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said.

EU leaders pledge to remain united amid Brexit

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany will push for the impact of Brexit on Germans and other EU citizens living in Britain to be as minimal as possible.

Theresa May's Brexit letter to the EU's Donald Tusk in full

Here is the full text of Theresa May's letter to Donald Tusk informing the European Council of the UK's intention to leave the EU.

Latest: Govt notes Brexit 'with regret' but claims to have 'taken important steps to prepare for it'

Latest: The Government says it notes with regret the UK's decision to trigger Article 50.

Brexit countdown: Half of SMEs expect profits to fall

Almost half of small and medium-sized firms expect their profits to fall as a result of Brexit, according to a survey of employers in the sector.

Brexit countdown: Scotland seeks another vote on independence

Scottish parliament votes 69-59 in favour of seeking permission for ballot in 18 months as May declares no deal until Brexit negotiated.

Brexit countdown: UK formally pitches itself into the unknown

British prime minister Theresa May will file formal Brexit divorce papers today, pitching the UK into the unknown and triggering years of uncertain negotiations that will test the endurance of Ireland and the EU.

From builders to bankers, Irish business gives its verdict on Brexit

As British prime minister Theresa May formally triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty today to begin Britain’s exit from the European Union, we have asked major Irish stakeholders their view as to the likely impact on them and on the Irish economy. 

Sterling plunge over Brexit hits new car sales

The drop in the value of sterling because of Brexit is weighing on the purchase of new cars but spending in many other areas of the economy appears to be holding up, the latest retail spending figures suggest.

Ireland needs to stick with policies in face of Brexit turmoil

Stability and reliability are qualities coveted by business leaders and mobile investment capital. The value of these attributes is even greater amid the unprecedented political turmoil that is currently enveloping key global economies, writes Joe Gill.

A sad day alive with possibility - Britain triggers EU divorce

THIS is a significant day for Europe but it is a day of seismic significance for Britain and those who live in Britain’s orbit. 

Ireland needs to stick with policies in face of Brexit turmoil

Stability and reliability are qualities coveted by business leaders and mobile investment capital. The value of these attributes is even greater amid the unprecedented political turmoil that is currently enveloping key global economies, writes Joe Gill.

Fishing industry may prove slippery subject in Brexit talks

On the treacherous path to Brexit, the UK and its EU partners could slip up over many things — even fish. 

Brexit brings with it fresh inflation headaches for UK

The EU looks to be leaving the door open for a deal that could avoid some of the major downsides of a ‘hard’ Brexit, writes Oliver Mangan