On the treacherous path to Brexit, the UK and its EU partners could slip up over many things — even fish. 

Brexit brings with it fresh inflation headaches for UK

The EU looks to be leaving the door open for a deal that could avoid some of the major downsides of a ‘hard’ Brexit, writes Oliver Mangan

Nicola Sturgeon: Theresa May has no 'rational opposition' to second independence vote

Nicola Sturgeon has said the British Prime Minister has no rational argument against a second independence referendum following discussions between the two leaders over the Brexit timetable.

Brexit talks: Now it’s crunch time for Ireland

It is vital Ireland secures a strong role in Brexit trade talks, writes John Whelan.

Lucinda Creighton: EU confused by Irish ‘scattergun’ Brexit lobbying

Agri-food stakeholders need to co-ordinate their appeals for a European response to Brexit as the EU is confused by the mixed messages coming from Irish lobbying, says Lucinda Creighton.

Repeal Bill will give UK ministers 'Henry VIII' powers to change EU laws

Ministers will be handed controversial "Henry VIII" powers to change European Union laws as they are repatriated to Britain without full parliamentary scrutiny under plans for the so-called Great Repeal Bill.

EU leaders acknowledge Brexit turning point at Rome summit

EU leaders have marked the 60th anniversary of the bloc's founding treaty as a historical turning point, with the UK preparing to officially trigger divorce proceedings next week.

Donald Tusk: 'It is important that Brexit remains a one-off incident'

He said Brexit must not be the beginning of a process which leads to further splits in the EU

Brexit 'a failure and a tragedy' says top European Commission boss Jean-Claude Juncker

He confirmed that the UK will be presented with a bill for leaving.

Warning of row over UK’s Brexit divorce bill

The dispute over the size of the bill Britain will have to pay Brussels as part of its EU divorce bill could blow up at a very early stage, one of the country’s leading Brexit experts has predicted.

EU Brexit chief eyes 2019 agreement

The EU is determined to sign a Brexit deal by 2019, but has warned the UK it won’t get everything it wants.

Passengers could lose out in Brexit aviation tussle

A leading aviation analyst has warned passengers could be the biggest casualty after the EU ordered UK-based airlines to relocate to EU countries or sell shares to EU nationals to avoid losing major routes.

Alternative finance for SMEs is even more urgent

As British prime minister Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50, which marks the formal start of the Brexit talks process, the subject of funding for small businesses here will be even higher on the agenda.

EU to calm Brexit rivalry

The EU wants to avoid Brexit turf wars by extending its oversight of financial services.

BMW may reverse Mini out of UK following Brexit

BMW hinted it may shift production of the quintessentially English Mini car to mainland Europe, a harbinger of the cultural tremors that may follow Brexit’s economic fallout.

Michael Noonan: ‘Ready’ for EU talks to begin

Ireland is “ready and anxious” to start Brexit talks, Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said, adding the focus must be on securing a transitional deal for the UK.

May to trigger Brexit process on March 29 and 'negotiate hard' for best deal

Theresa May has promised to "negotiate hard" for the best possible deal for Britain as it leaves the European Union, as it was announced that she will trigger the beginning of formal withdrawal talks on March 29.

Britiain to trigger Article 50 on March 29

British Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger EU withdrawal talks under Article 50 on March 29, Downing Street has announced.

Hard border ‘inevitable and harmful’

The return of a hard border between the Republic and Northern Ireland is “inevitable” and will disrupt trade and harm the economy, a leading economist has warned ahead of his lecture in Cork this week.

Tony Blair: Labour should offer chance of staying in EU if trade deals fall through

Labour should be prepared to offer voters the chance of staying in the European Union if the British Government fails to secure its promised trade deal with the remaining member states, Tony Blair has said.

Warning that Brexit could raise price of a loaf by 10c in Ireland

Brexit could put an extra 10 cents on the price of a loaf in Ireland, the milling industry warned.

SNP: UK Government running scared of second independence vote

SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson is to accuse the UK Government of running scared of a second independence referendum.

MEP Brian Hayes bullish over Brexit

Ireland must make it clear that we will not be “railroaded” into a Brexit agreement by other EU countries, warns MEP Brian Hayes.

I have a duty to offer alternative to Brexit, insists Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has defended her plans to stage a second referendum on independence.

Brexit Bill granted royal assent giving PM power to trigger Article 50

Theresa May has been given the legal power to start Brexit talks after the Queen of England granted royal assent to the Article 50 Bill.

Theresa May will formally be given the power to trigger Brexit today

Theresa May will formally be given the power to start the process of taking the UK out of the EU later.

Sturgeon: May more likely to get no Brexit deal than one as good as single market

Theresa May has more chance of getting a bad deal or no deal than one as good as the single market in Brexit negotiations, Scotland's First Minister has warned.

Enda Kenny: Ireland will miss having UK as ally in European Union

The Taoiseach has admitted for the first time that Ireland will "miss" having Britain as an ally at the EU.

Digital border between North and Republic to track movement of goods post-Brexit

The British Government has ruled out introducing Irish border posts after leaving the EU.

Scotland will exit EU with or without independence, says Theresa May

Scotland will leave the European Union whether or not it becomes an independent country, Theresa May has said.

No assessment done yet of economic implications for UK of leaving EU without trade deal

No assessment of the economic implications of leaving the EU without a trade deal has been undertaken by the UK Government since last year's referendum, Brexit Secretary David Davis has said.

Fuels and food retailer Applegreen says Brexit will not slow forecourt growth

Applegreen, the forecourt fuels and food retailer, said it sees no reason to curtail expansion plans because of Brexit, as it plans to open up to 50 new sites in Ireland, the UK and the US this year.

Financial Services Minister concerned over battle for Brexit banks

Financial Services Minister Eoghan Murphy has raised his “very serious concerns” about the behaviour of other EU countries over their bids to lure institutions from London after Brexit.

Minister warns of 'dangerous competition' in EU to attract firms fleeing UK after Brexit

Minister for Financial Services, eGov and Procurement, Eoghan Murphy has warned against a lowering of financial regulatory standards across EU financial hubs as they compete to attract companies fleeing London as the UK leaves that EU.

Theresa May: UK faces defining moment as it leaves EU

The UK faces a "defining moment" as it leaves the European Union, Theresa May said as she prepared to begin the formal Brexit process.

SNP warns Theresa May not to block second Scottish independence referendum

The SNP has warned Theresa May not to try to block Nicola Sturgeon's plans for a fresh referendum on Scottish independence before Britain finally leaves the EU.

Discussing Irish reunification - A 32-county state is a very long way off

THE stars have aligned to facilitate a new round of discussion around the possibility of Irish reunification; the possibility that, at last, the four green fields might be as one.

Markets torn between Brexit and prospect of US rate hike

Stock markets were torn between the continuing fallout of Brexit and the countdown to the probable announcement of a US rate hike tomorrow evening.

Brexit bill clears Lords leaving way clear for Theresa May to trigger Brexit talks

British Prime Minister Theresa May has won Parliament's approval to begin talks on a divorce deal for the UK leaving the EU.

UK moves closer to EU withdrawal as MPs overturn Brexit Bill amendments

Around 3.2m EU citizens live in the UK while more than a million British expats reside in other EU member states.

Theresa May may be in position to trigger UK's exit from EU tomorrow

The British Prime Minister Theresa May may be in a position to trigger the UK's exit from the EU as soon as tomorrow, as MPs debate her Brexit Bill again later.

Getting goods off the island is difficult even before Brexit

As the hard Brexit looms larger, the biggest challenge will come from the disruption in customs and logistics.

An initial Brexit arrangement must be agreed

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one,” wrote Voltaire.

Government angry at Theresa May’s Brexit reticence

The Taoiseach has put his Cabinet and junior ministers on “24 hours’ notice” to return to Ireland from their St Patrick’s Day trips in the event of Brexit being triggered during their absence.

Davis urges MPs to leave Brexit Bill untouched

Demands for the UK government to make major changes to laws allowing Britain to start divorce talks with the European Union have been rejected outright by the Brexit Secretary.

Irish Exporters' Association urges companies to check what impact Brexit will have on them

With Brexit looming, a survey has found that only about a third of Irish exporting companies have explored what impact it will have on them.

JD Wetherspoon Irish pub plans ‘in limbo’

British pub group JD Wetherspoon has effectively put its Irish growth plans on hold until it assesses its performance in city centre locations. It has five pubs in Ireland, four in suburban Dublin and one in Cork, and has plans for more.

Sterling drops against Euro on new Brexit fears

Sterling has had its longest losing streak against the euro since August amid evidence that the UK’s decision to leave the EU is starting to hit economic data just as European policymakers strike a more positive note on the eurozone’s prospects.

Enda Kenny annoyed at pace of Brexit talks

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has bemoaned the lack of clarity from Britain on its post-Brexit relationship with the European Union.

Border with the North could be destroyed by Brexit says Luxembourg's Foreign Minister

The border arrangement with the North could be destroyed by Brexit, according to Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn.

Britons should be able to keep EU benefits after Brexit, says top negotiator

British citizens should be able to choose to keep various benefits of EU membership including the freedom of movement after Brexit, the European Parliament's chief negotiator has said.

Bertie Ahern: Brexit border issue is a 'nightmare' for Ireland

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern says the border issue thrown up by Brexit is a "nightmare" for Ireland.

Oireachtas calls for special EU status for Northern Ireland

Ireland must push for special EU status for Northern Ireland after Brexit, an Oireachtas committee has found.

Markets rally as Mario Draghi signals eurozone upturn

The ECB has pledged to keep its aggressive stimulus policy at least until the end of the year, but markets leaped higher as it signalled there was less of a need to prop up growth and inflation in the eurozone.

Dublin 'must seek special status for North within EU' in Brexit talks

Ireland must push for a special EU status for the North after Brexit, a parliamentary committee in Dublin has found.

Agri-food sector seeks to diversify in new markets

Ireland’s agri-food industry is determined to retain a strong foothold in Britain while exploring new markets, say the hosts of a major Brexit conference.

IFA calls for EU-UK tariff-free trade

The European Commission must prioritise the continent’s 22 million farmers and 40 million related jobs in its talks with Britain about its exit from the EU, said Joe Healy, IFA president.

UK plans for tough post-Brexit life

Britain’s economy is likely to feel the impact of the Brexit vote in the coming years after an initial period of resilience, chancellor Philip Hammond said as he spelled out his plans to steer the British economy through its departure from the EU.

Renewed interest in Michael Flatley’s €20m mansion post-Brexit

The Brexit vote has sparked renewed interest in Michael Flatley’s mansion, which is on the market for €20m.

Inflation hints at British slump

British consumers are feeling the strain of rising prices caused by last year’s Brexit vote, suggesting the economy is heading for a slowdown just as London gears up for divorce talks with the EU, surveys and data showed yesterday.

ICG eyes further growth despite sterling weakness following Brexit

Irish Continental Group (ICG) which is the parent company of Irish Ferries, has said it is confident that 2017 will be another year of growth, despite the twin threats of Brexit and rising fuel prices.

Tourism sector wants €12m to soften Brexit hit

Tourism representatives have called for an immediate €12m injection from the Government to help minimise the negative impact of Brexit on the sector.

Export industry needs a Brexit plan

Ireland, even without resorting to the leprechaun economics jibes, relies very heavily on exports to contribute to economic growth, writes Brian Lucey.

IDA chief: Brexit relocation decisions due ‘within weeks’

Many companies planning to move from the UK in the aftermath of Brexit will be making decisions on new locations within weeks, according to IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan.

Enda Kenny to seek US/EU talks on Brexit

Taoiseach Enda Kenny says that when he visits Washington DC he will seek talks between the US Congress and the EU to discuss the impact of Brexit.

Moody’s Investors Service Report: Brexit and US taxes pose huge risks

A hard Brexit and US plans for tax reforms are the biggest risks facing Ireland’s long-term prosperity, according to a report by Moody’s Investors Service.

Danny McCoy, Ibec chief: Infrastructure is key to making Ireland Brexit-proof

Ireland is missing a “golden opportunity” to ramp up investment in infrastructure that could help make it “Brexit-proof”, according to the chief executive of business and employer association Ibec.

Stephen Cadogan: After Brexit, EU farmers will realise how blessed they are

Would farmers prefer if EU support payments were paid to them monthly rather than annually?

Irish tourism faces hard Brexit border threat

The hospitality industry faces “nightmare” challenges if a hard Brexit brings about a restricted Irish border, the annual Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) conference has heard.

Celtic Tiger-era jobs growth easing Brexit fears for now

There is mounting evidence of a strengthening of the global economy since last autumn.

Hoteliers strike note of caution as Brexit looms

It was all going so swimmingly for hotels and guesthouses in Ireland for the first six months of last year — until Brexit happened.

Britain’s €60bn exit bill could disrupt EU talks

Arguments about the potential €60bn bill that the UK may owe the EU as it prepares to quit the Union could eat into the time left for the UK to strike a new trade deal, a leading economist has warned.