European leaders are set to give their approval for Brexit talks to move on to their next phase, after receiving assurances from Theresa May that she will continue to drive the process forward despite defeat in the House of Commons.

Irish ‘safe harbour’ for Asian investment after Brexit

The Irish Government could benefit from Brexit by encouraging multinationals already based here to put through more Asian business through the country, the Oireachtas has been told.

Next phase of Brexit talks may start in 'three months or so', says Taoiseach

It could take another three months to get to the second stage of Brexit talks.

Simon Coveney: Brexit transition period could last five years

A Brexit transition period could last five years as businesses will need as much time as possible to adapt, Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has told the Dáil.

EU set to clear Brexit talks phase 2 today

Concrete guarantees that there will be no backsliding on a special Brexit deal for a frictionless border in the North and aligned trade rules there with the EU are expected to be approved today in Brussels.

EU leaders won’t smile just yet as Brexit still has some way to go

Leo Varadkar trusts Theresa May. At least, that’s what he told journalists as he arrived for the crucial leaders’ summit in Brussels, writes Juno McEnroe.

DUP accuse Taoiseach of ’politicking’ as he urges Brexiteers to take responsibility

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said Brexiteers need to acknowledge that they created the difficulties surrounding the Northern Ireland border.

Theresa May heads to EU summit with diminished authority after Brexit vote defeat

British Prime Minister Theresa May will travel to a critical European Union summit with her authority diminished after Tory rebels inflicted a humiliating House of Commons defeat on the British Government in a major Brexit vote.

Taoiseach to attend summit as Brexit talks move towards next phase

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is attending the European Council Summit this morning as negotiations on Brexit move towards the next phase.

Ireland stronger after David Davis’ attempt to derail deal

Leo Varadkar’s main task at the crucial EU summit will be to lock down the special deal on a frictionless border and ensure it is, what one official termed, “David Davis proofed”.

Clause to block UK reneging on border expected to be agreed by EU leaders

A clause to prevent Britain reneging on its Brexit promise of no fresh border in the North is expected to be agreed by EU leaders.

EU's chief Brexit negotiator describes Tory Brexit vote defeat as 'good day for democracy'

MPs have "taken back control" of the Brexit process and inflicted a humiliating House of Commons defeat on Theresa May with the help of around a dozen Tory rebels.

Theresa May sacks rebel MP from vice chairman role after parliamentary defeat

Theresa May has attempted to reassert her authority after a humiliating defeat in a crucial Brexit vote by sacking rebel MP Stephen Hammond from his role as Conservative Party vice chairman.

Website wins €400,000 Google funding to investigate Brexit impact on Ireland

An investigative news website in the North has won €400,000 in funding from Google to undertake a major project examining the impact of Brexit on the island of Ireland.

David Davis in last-ditch attempt to avoid Tory revolt ahead of Brexit bill

Britain’s Brexit secretary David Davis has written to MPs in a last-ditch attempt to avert a Tory revolt and potential Commons defeat for the UK Government’s Brexit legislation.

Essential national infrastructure forgotten about in Brexit border talks

On the North-South Interconnector, the fact is that we have outdone David Davis on backsliding, writes Gerard Howlin.

Theresa May faces ’real possibility’ of Brexit bill defeat

British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing the "real possibility" of Commons defeat on her flagship Brexit bill unless MPs are guaranteed a "meaningful vote" on leaving the EU, Tory rebels have warned.

European Parliament to demand recent Brexit deal be made legally binding ’ASAP’

The European Parliament is to demand that last week’s Brexit deal is converted into a legally binding text as soon as possible.

Howlin: 'There is real doubt whether Theresa May can actually deliver on final settlement'

Theresa May might not be able to deliver a Brexit agreement at all, according to the Labour leader Brendan Howlin.

Brexit Britain guaranteed to be economically worse off outside EU, says think tank

Brexit Britain is guaranteed to be economically worse off outside the European Union, and crashing out without a deal would see the economy take a €113 billion hit, an influential US think tank has claimed.

Central Bank warns households about taking on new debt, 10 years on from financial crisis

The Central Bank is warning households about taking on new debt, almost 10 years on from the financial crisis.

Scottish government wants ’basic answers’ ahead of Brexit meeting

The Scottish Government is demanding "basic answers" on Brexit ahead of the latest meeting of devolved ministers.

Latest: EU will fully support Ireland throughout Brexit negotiations, says Michel Barnier

Latest: The EU's chief Brexit negotiator says it will fully support Ireland throughout its negotiations.

Theresa May rules out any new referendum on final Brexit deal

British PM Theresa May has ruled out a referendum on the final Brexit deal, saying MPs would deliver on the vote to leave the European Union.

Stay in Britain after Brexit, May urges EU nationals

Theresa May has urged more than three million European Union nationals living in Britain to stay in the country after Brexit.

UK commitment to soft border more than legally enforceable, says Davis

Britain's commitment to maintaining a soft border after Brexit is "much more than legally enforceable", David Davis has said.

200 figures in Northern Ireland write open letter to Taoiseach over 'offensive and unacceptable' Brexit

More than 200 figures from Northern Ireland society have written to the Taoiseach warning that the UK's split from Europe is offensive and unacceptable.

Theresa May remains positive about Brexit deal after Ireland issues warning over commitments

Theresa May is taking an upbeat stance on securing a Brexit deal, as Ireland insists the UK must stick to its commitments on keeping a soft border with the Republic.

Ireland scuppers the surreal spoof of Brexit

HERE’S a letter from Irene in Manchester, published in the free London tabloid Metro (circulation 1,475,543, owned by the pro-Brexit Daily Mail, and commonly found littering commuter train carriages).

Damage to freedom of individuals could be worst outcome of Brexit

British law, and the courts enforcing it, has a sacramental significance to older Tory voters, says Terry Prone

David Davis: We want to protect peace process and we want to protect Ireland from Brexit impact

Britain will not pay a £39bn exit bill to Brussels if it does not secure a trade deal, the UK's Brexit Secretary David Davis has said.

Britain's final EU withdrawal bill could cost £100bn, says ex-Brexit minister

Britain's final EU withdrawal bill could be as high as £100 billion, a former Brexit minister has suggested.

People should not get carried away with ’hype and spin’ of Brexit deal, says Sinn Féin

We have a cautious welcome for what has been achieved, but it’s only the beginning of a process of intense negotiations which will last for the next number of years."

Phase one of Brexit negotiations 'successful' but uncertainties remain for phase two

The Education Minister said the Brexit deal reached yesterday will protect Irish interests even if things go wrong in phase two.

'Mrs Softee': UK papers react to Theresa May's Brexit deal

A boost for Theresa May delivered over breakfast in Brussels with Jean-Claude Juncker that was swiftly blunted by a postprandial reality check from Donald Tusk. Here the papers digest Friday's Brexit breakthrough.

UK voters will be able to force changes to Brexit deal at next election, says Gove

Leading UK cabinet Brexiteer Michael Gove has said British voters will be able to force changes to an EU withdrawal deal at the next election if they do not like it.

British PM could offer fresh Brexit deal today

There are fresh hopes of a breakthrough in the Brexit deadlock as Taoiseach Leo Varadkar suggested he could receive an amended deal from British Prime Minister Theresa May as early as today.

Leo Varadkar: DUP do not represent all in North

The Taoiseach has warned unionists that they do not speak for or represent all the people of Northern Ireland in Brexit talks.

May day for DUP as party caught in a mass of contradictions over Brexit

In embracing Brexit, the DUP has placed itself and the union in hock to London, to an unprecedented extent, writes Gerard Howlin

DUP spit in soup of well-choreographed meal

At breakfast, a deal was firmly on the Brexit table. But by lunch, the two-course meal had suddenly gone off.

‘Deal to avoid hard border will stay’

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is refusing to budge on a crucial deal for a frictionless border and special status for the North after unionists slammed the brakes on the planned EU-UK Brexit agreement.

Theresa May warned not to back down in Brexit talks

Hard-line Brexiteers have warned British prime minister, Theresa May, that she could be ousted from office if she backs down on key issues at today’s deal-breaking talks in Brussels.

Cabinet to discuss ‘credible’ UK border plans

Crucial British plans on how to “credibly” avoid a hard Irish border will be discussed at an emergency cabinet meeting this morning with a key deadline looming just hours away.

Days left to devise border solution in Brexit talks

Britain has days to come up with a “concrete” solution on ensuring there is no hard border with the North or Ireland will block Brexit talks moving to the next phase.

Donald Tusk gives Ireland crucial backing on border

European Council president Donald Tusk has handed Leo Varadkar a crucial veto in the Brexit negotiations as tense talks with the UK this weekend go down to the wire. 

Border won’t be fully solved before summit

The Irish border issue will not be fully resolved before a crunch meeting of EU leaders this month, the Tánaiste has told the Dáil.

UK offer of trade regulations ‘hollow’

Any offer by Theresa May’s government in the crunch Brexit talks that merely involved regulations and standards for trade would still lead to a hard border in Ireland and should be rejected outright by Dublin, one of the country’s leading EU experts has warned.

Leo Varadkar won’t meet party leaders over Brexit approach

The Taoiseach has refused to meet opposition leaders to formulate a united approach ahead of Brexit talks.

Phil Hogan raises Brexit pressure on Theresa May

British prime minister Theresa May is facing fresh pressure over her plans to deal with the border after Brexit, with Ireland’s European Commissioner urging her to change course.

EU views North as a new Berlin in Brexit talks

There is room for a special deal on the North in any Brexit deal. 

As the British budget looms, the blight of Brexit is never too far away

The chancellor faces a financial headache amid a tumultuous time for the Tories and ahead of next month’s vital Brexit summit, writes Paul Wallace.

Ireland lose out to French again over EU banking agency

Ireland has lost out of hundreds of high-paid jobs, tens of millions of euro in revenue and the chance to fully restore our international financial credibility after losing a European Banking Authority bidding war by the bounce of a ball.

EU chiefs back Irish threat to veto Brexit trade talks

Ireland’s threats to veto Brexit trade talks unless there is a guarantee of no hard border in the North have been backed by EU chiefs ahead of crunch talks next month.

Government has contingency plans ‘for all Brexit scenarios’

Contingency planning for Brexit is being carried out “for all scenarios”, the Government has confirmed.