"Otherwise I believe the peace process could unravel, as indeed Bertie Ahern, the former Taoiseach and so important to the success of that process has said."

Department of Agriculture's response to Brexit 'not good enough'

Fianna Fáil's Spokesperson on Agriculture says he is growing increasingly alarmed at the lack of a coherent plan put forward by the Government to deal with the challenges posed by Brexit.

Commission: Ireland needs ‘special attention’ on Brexit

Ireland’s case deserves “special attention” in upcoming Brexit talks, the European Commission has said.

Irish firms ‘have no plan’ for Brexit as UK return ruled out

As much as 98% of companies on the island of Ireland currently have no plan in place to cope with the consequences of Brexit, a new report shows.

Second Scottish referendum 'weeks away' from being called

A prominent Scottish independence campaign group has launched a new fundraising drive as it expects a second referendum to be held in May or September next year.

Anti-Brexit campaigners stage go-slow protest between North and Republic

Anti-Brexit campaigners have brought traffic to a crawl on the main road between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Case for exemption from state aid rules in light of the now imminent hard Brexit between Britain and the EU

European Union officials should consider making Ireland exempt from State aid rules in a bid to protect our economy in light of the now imminent hard Brexit between Britain and the EU.

Political revolution of 2016 just the beginning 'across the entire Western world', says Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has said the "political revolution" that swept Brexit and Donald Trump to victory will reverberate through Europe, as he warned that concerns over immigration are here to stay.

'We must not return to hard border' say Kenny and Adams at Brexit summit

A hard border dividing Ireland is inevitable unless a special EU status is secured for the North, Gerry Adams has said.

Tony Blair: Our mission is to persuade Leave voters to change their minds

Tony Blair has said the case for Scottish independence is "much more credible" after the Brexit vote.

Tony Blair wants second Brexit referndum

Tony Blair is set to provoke a furious political row by calling on opponents of Brexit to "rise up" and persuade voters to change their mind about leaving the EU.

Hauliers outline worries ahead of Brexit conference

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny will face the public today when he speaks at a major Brexit conference.

Government under pressure to name a Brexit minister

The Government has lost a key vote on a Fianna Fáil motion to create a Brexit minister, putting it under increased pressure to appoint an individual to the role in the coming weeks.

Brexit 'most economically dangerous issue for North since partition'

Brexit is the most "dangerous thing for Northern Ireland since partition", the leader of the SDLP has warned.

Microsoft raises prices by up to 15% in the UK after Brexit vote

Microsoft has raised prices on a raft of products including laptops and tablets by as much as 15% in direct response to the collapse in the pound following the Brexit vote.

Passport Office hiring more staff to deal with Brexit demand for passports

Brexit is boosting the numbers of people looking for Irish passports, according to official figures.

Enda Kenny confident EU won’t bring Ireland back to ‘borders of division’

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has suggested Ireland will directly seek extra funds from the EU for businesses and areas hit by Brexit.

Taoiseach reveals Ireland will seek EU funds to counter effects of Brexit

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has suggested that Ireland will directly seek extra funds from the European Union for businesses and areas hit by Brexit, writes Juno McEnroe of the Irish Examiner.

Planning for hard Brexit - Sobering reality check on border

OUR report that officials are secretly identifying where post-Brexit customs checkpoints might be re-established along the almost forgotten Northern Ireland border is a sobering reality check.

Brexit game has been slipping from us

While publicly, the Government has to state it is preparing for all contingencies, and it is right and proper it do so, it is clear on a political level, things are not going our way, writes Daniel McConnell

Government scouts new Border customs locations

Identifying location points for full customs checkpoints along the border with the North has begun under Government plans to deal with Brexit, the Irish Examiner can reveal.

Irish ports show Brexit currency fallout

The effect of Brexit on some types of exports and imports may be showing up in reduced traffic through Irish ports.

IAA warns of Brexit hit to Irish airports

Aviation concerns need to be at the forefront of Ireland’s Brexit negotiations, with regulation changes arising from the UK leaving the EU potentially hampering Irish airport growth in the coming years, says the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

Oliver Mangan: Plenty of speed bumps threatening UK growth

The UK economy grew by 0.6% for a third consecutive quarter in the final three months of 2016, continuing its impressive post-Brexit referendum vote performance. 

Ministerial-led events to discuss Irish response to Brexit

The implications of Brexit on human rights provisions in the Good Friday Agreement will be examined in a civic dialogue event organised by the Government.

UK growth still expected to soften despite latest boost

Britain’s economy likely expanded by 0.7% in the three months to January, quickening slightly from the fourth quarter, the UK’s National Institute of Economic and Social Research said yesterday.

Council on Europe formed to push for North's interests concerning Brexit

Political, business and community leaders have come together to advocate for the North's interests in the Brexit negotiations.

UK patients 'could face two-year wait for new drugs' after Brexit

British patients could face a longer wait for new drugs after the UK pulls out of the European Union, experts have warned.

UK 'will have hard Irish border and does not care,' says Sinn Féin's Pat Doherty

Britain will impose a hard border on the island of Ireland as it leaves the European Union regardless of its impact, a senior Sinn Féin MP has said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook tells Theresa May he is 'very optimistic' about the UK after Brexit

Apple boss Tim Cook has told British Prime Minister Theresa May the technology giant is "very optimistic" about the UK's future after Brexit.

Enda Kenny in Warsaw as part of Brexit contact-building efforts

Taoiseach Enda Kenny is in Warsaw today holding a bilatteral meeting with Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo about the impacts of Brexit, writes Daniel McConnell, Political Editor in Warsaw.

Gerry Adams: Taoiseach needs to protect Good Friday Agreement amid Brexit debate

Gerry Adams has said tonight's vote by the British Parliament on amendments to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, shows that "the British government does not care one iota for the people of the North."

Bill giving Theresa May power to start Brexit talks backed by MPs

Proposals to give UK Prime Minister Theresa May the power to start formal Brexit talks have cleared the House of Commons following overwhelming support from MPs.

'What is their plan?' UK Government urged to 'come clean' about post-Brexit immigration plans

The UK Labour party has called on the British Government to come clean with its plans for immigration after Brexit, as it urged ministers to put the economy at the heart of negotiations.

Ireland hoping to attract firms moving out of UK, ambassador tells MPs

The Republic of Ireland hopes to attract firms moving out of the UK to avoid the impact of Brexit, the Irish ambassador to the UK has told MPs.

British Government defeats attempts to give politicians decisive say over final Brexit terms

The British Government comfortably defeated attempts to give British MPs a decisive say over the final terms of Brexit in the face of anger among Tory remain campaigners.

Scottish Parliament votes against triggering of Brexit process; Tories brand it 'grievance politics'

UK legislation to remove Britain from the European Union should not proceed, according to Scottish politicians.

Enda Kenny: Risk of violence if Brexit border talks fail

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has warned of a possible return to cross border criminality and even armed conflict if Brexit negotiations fail to take account of the island of Ireland.

Taoiseach: Hard Brexit could bring return of 'armed conflict' in Ireland

The Taoiseach has warned of a possible return to cross border criminality and even armed conflict if Brexit negotiations fail to take Ireland's unique position into account.

Minister Naughten warns Brexit could threaten Ireland's energy supplies

The Environment Minister is warning that Brexit could threaten Ireland's energy supplies.

Weak sterling drives Irish shoppers North

Weak sterling is sending Irish consumers online and to the North.

The Irish border after Brexit will be real but can be simplified

Michael Lux and Eric Pickett report on the measures that can be taken to ensure controls at the border with Northern Ireland are as efficient and smooth as possible...

Brexit border deal ‘not legally possible’

Ireland is heading for Brexit “disaster” as Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s desired special deal between the Republic and the North is not legally possible, it has been claimed.

Post-Brexit hard border would be a 'disaster' for Ireland, former Minister Dermot Ahern warns

A post-Brexit hard border would be a "disaster" for Ireland, former Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern has warned.

EU-UK trade deal possible within two years, says Latvian PM

A UK trade deal with Europe alongside Brexit negotiations is possible within the same two-year timeframe, according to an EU leader.

Closed border not an option, say Chartered Accountants

A closed Irish border is not acceptable for either trade or people, Chartered Accountants Ireland has said in its strongest statement yet on the implications of Brexit.

Here are the key points from Britain's 'white paper' Brexit plan

Negotiating aims will adhere to Theresa May’s 12 principles in securing a good EU exit deal, which would then be put before both houses of parliament, says Arj Singh.            

Enda Kenny's seamless border dream with North is 'unenforceable'

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s hopes and British Prime Minister Theresa May’s promise to maintain a seamless and friction free Irish border is unenforceable, it has been claimed.

Simon McKeever: Tips for Irish firms facing Brexit - Prepare for the worst

The immediate impact on Irish businesses over the last year has undoubtedly been the weakening of sterling, and although it recovered somewhat against the euro on January 17 after UK prime minister Theresa May’s speech, to 86.8p, it remains 24% below the level of November 2015.

Royal Bank of Scotland to pick Dublin as base

Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Howard Davies indicated the UK taxpayer-owned bank would probably pick Dublin as its EU base following Brexit and may have to move “tens” of employees from Britain to other offices.

Enda Kenny left Theresa May in ‘no doubt’ that Ireland will not stand for a hard border

Enda Kenny told his party that he left British prime minister Theresa May in “no doubt” this week when she visited Dublin that Ireland “would not stand” for a hard border with the North after Brexit.

Brexit set to hit Irish motor industry growth

Brexit may put a halt to the recent strong growth in the motor industry, with new car sales expected to fall this year.

New UCC president Patrick O’Shea sees Brexit dividend

The chance to attract more research funding and international investment because of the fallout from Brexit are to be a key focus of University College Cork’s new president.

Dublin Port eyes sustained growth in spite of Brexit

Dublin Port expects to see average yearly trade volume growth of over 3% for the next two-and-a-half decades.

We learned a little from Theresa May's visit to Enda Kenny— but not enough

Enda Kenny and his giddy advisers were on their best behaviour for the visit of Theresa May. But there was a touch of the absent landlord visiting the land, writes Political Editor Daniel McConnell.

Enda Kenny must come away from Theresa May meeting with result

Enda Kenny must come away with some win or result, writes Juno McEnroe

Fine Gael TDs backing calls for Brexit minister

A number of government TDs are backing the idea of a Brexit minister amid concerns Taoiseach Enda Kenny is unable to focus on securing the best deal for Ireland.

What Brexit might really mean for the rest of us

Possibly the real significance of Theresa May’s recent speech setting out Britain’s position on Brexit was that it has energised interest and debate on the topic beyond the political classes.

Phil Hogan says we must prepare for hard Brexit

Ireland’s EU Commissioner, Phil Hogan, has said the Government must prepare for the worst-case Brexit scenario.

Theresa May’s Trump card not a likely winner

Brexiteers claim UK-US deal will fill the trade vacuum, but it could be a hollow solution, writes Guy Verhofstadt.

CPL shares up as Brexit fails to hit earnings

Shares in CPL Resources closed over 1.5% higher as the recruitment firm said sales and profits continued to grow despite uncertainties caused by the UK’s Brexit vote.

‘Brexit risks’ as Barclays to set up in Dublin

The Central Bank has cut its growth forecast for this year even as the Irish economy has shown “resilience” to the first shockwaves from the UK’s Brexit vote and the drop in the value of sterling against the euro.

Donald Trump and Theresa May in White House: Brexit boost?

When it comes to international relations and diplomacy, symbolic gestures matter.

Company chiefs fret even as UK clears its first Brexit test

The UK economy may have cleared its 2016 Brexit test, but that’s not easing companies’ concerns about the approaching challenges.

German pitch to lure UK banks

German regulators will meet more than 20 foreign banks on Monday to spell out requirements for moving some operations to Frankfurt, sources said, as the city accelerates plans to win over business from London after Brexit.

Court rules on article 50: Parliament’s authority is confirmed

There was nothing surprising about yesterday’s eight-to-three ruling by Britain’s supreme court that the House of Commons must be consulted before Article 50 — the formal invocation of UK/EU divorce proceedings — can be triggered.

Brexit ruling: PM Theresa May declines request to address Dáil about Brexit

British prime minister Theresa May has refused to address the Dáil on Brexit, following a request from TDs, despite a fresh UK court ruling throwing Britain’s EU exit into more disarray.

Brexit ruling: Britain vows to stick to exit timetable

Legislation will be introduced “within days” to ensure the British government can stick to its timetable of triggering the process of leaving the European Union by the end of March.

Brexit ruling: PM Theresa May can’t bypass MPs and peers to trigger Article 50

There are many questions surrounding the Brexit ruling and Shaun Connolly has the answers right here.

Brexit ruling: EU economics commissioner backs ‘special’ North but hints at return of borders

The EU’s economics commissioner Pierre Moscovici has said Brussels will “do everything to preserve” the North’s peace agreement and its “special” position once Brexit negotiations begin with Britain.

Brexit also means UK has to strike new airline deals

Ireland now has full knowledge on how the UK intends to exit the EU and that provides a level of insight that helps shape how to respond.

Sterling slump ‘to cut number of UK tourists’ here

The slump in the vale of sterling following the Brexit vote will likely hit the number of visitors from Britain, new research conducted in Britain revealed.

Yanis Varoufakis: A new deal to save the European project

No European nation can prosper sustainably if other Europeans are in depression. That is why Europe needs a New Deal before thinking of federation, writes Yanis Varoufakis.

Enda Kenny: Ireland has a plan to deal with Brexit

Taoiseach Enda Kenny will today set out a strong defence of his actions on Britain leaving the EU and insist that Ireland is “Brexit-ready” and does have a plan.

Michael Creed: Stress our ‘special situation’ in Brexit talks

Ireland must not allow itself to be “punished” for having a clear market need to continue selling products to Britain in a post-Brexit world.

Following Brexit a hard border would put officers in the ‘firing line’

A ‘hard border’ between Northern Ireland and the Republic following Brexit would place the police “in the terrorist firing line”, officers have warned.

Children must not be a casualty of short-sighted Brexit

Tanya Ward says it is in the best interests of all children for Britain to stay within an EU-wide common child protection system.

Challenge for Irish business negotiating new trading arrangements during Brexit negotiations

The way in which the UK leaves the EU and on what terms is critical for jobs and investment in Ireland, writes John Whelan.