Baptism barrier

What changes are planned and what is proposed? Noel Baker has the answers. 

End of 'Baptism barrier' doesn't tackle need for multidenominational schools: Educate Together

Catholic primary schools will no longer be permitted to use religion as a basis for admission.

Minister pledges to tackle religion in schools issue 'within three years'

It is unclear when parents will see changes to the rules that allow links between religion and school enrolment, despite Education Minister Richard Bruton’s plans to deal with the issue.

Campaign group calls for removal of 'Baptism barrier'

Campaign group EQUATE says the only way to make all primary school children equal is to remove the Baptism requirement for schools.

Education Minister unveils four options to combat 'baptism barrier' in schools

Four options have been unveiled by the Education Minister to tackle the so-called baptism barrier which allows publicly funded schools to refuse places to children based on religion.

Group claims 'nobody has been refused entry' to Catholic schools outside Dublin

A group representing Catholic primary schools is insisting there is no baptism requirement for their school places.

Richard Bruton to announce plans to tackle 'baptism barrier' in schools

Education Minister Richard Bruton is due to announce plans this morning to legislate on the controversial school admissions system.