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A lava lamp, but no ordinary pretender, this is the Mathmos Telstar- a proudly tapered rocket of liquid and atrophied wax supported by large zinc fins.

Vintage view: Mathmos Telstar lava lamp

Kya deLongchamp explores some car boot classics for collectors.


Wish list: Parfois travel case

This week Esther N McCarthy picks from a wide range of summer goodies for your delectation.

Tattoo your floor with a gorgeous hand knottedrug from

Web watch: Floor story

This is trainspotting for rug nerds.


Wish list: the SIKA chair

Hot metal, cool stools, fluttering butterflies and expensive wild leather furniture, crafted by hand. All part of this week’s list from Esther N McCarthy.


Web watch: Sania Pell

1. Moco Loco


Wish list: Dancing Robot Speaker

Dancing Rapper robots, lightweight lamps and scrabble scatter cushions all make up Esther N McCarthy’s wishful week.

Impress the in-laws with your own family command centre from

Web watch: Urbane Jane

Every home needs a command centre and if yours doesn’t have one, well, better browse on over to Canadian Jane (who claims she’s urbane) and find out how it’s done.


Wish List: Garden Como side table and funky chairs

Downpours be gone — this week Esther N McCarthy is all about the outdoors — lazing in the garden with a sizzling barbecue, billowing table linen, a chilled glass and a cosy blanket for eventide — bliss.


Web watch: Room Renovator

With useful posts like top five tips for optimising space in your home, and even better, with images illustrating them, this is one site to bookmark.


Wish list: Painted ceramic egg cups

When the sun shines — the tough do housework. This week Esther N McCarthy picks an eco beauty — and some other stuff too...


Web watch: Sarah Bracken

For artist and passionate zine publisher Sarah Bracken, finding time to blog must be tricky.


Wish list: Toledo stoneware bowl

From nautical lighting options to magical sea creatures Esther N McCarthy (@estread) adds to her list of wishes.

Bing tin-plate double-decker London bus. Made in Nuremburg, Germany. Early 20th Century.

Vintage View: Tin-plate toys

Kya deLongchamps takes a fascinating look at the history of early 20th century tin-plate toys.

A re-purposed pallet makes a clever sand pit, find out how at

Web watch

1 Stately Kitsch


Wish List: A gift for Dad and Mammy, too

Summer’s in the air and it’s time to choose a gift for Dad — as well as picking up something nice for Mammy, too. Esther N McCarthy goes hunting.

Joseph Lorenzl of Vienna, Dancer with Cymbals on onyx base, c.1920

Vintage view: Art Deco

Kya deLongchamps takes a look at early 20th century statuary, particularly, daring Art Deco figures in ivory.

Homemade xylophone as featured on

Web watch: Crafts Planner

Sometimes DIY should just be fun. Don’t be worried about those shelves that need hanging or that boring old paint job.


Wish list: Chairs for outside — and inside

Dunnes Stores have the Amelia Bistro, €275 and Serving Set, €25 for your viewing pleasure. All items available in store now.

Zipmark Zipper Bookmark creatively designed for readers to save reading place. As featured on

Web watch: 1. I creatived

Cool. This site is just so cool. Go to the gadget tab and you’ve got credit-card knives and hedgehog toothpicks.


Web watch: Roald Dahl collection

Home Focus at Hickeys


Vintage View: The Amber Room

The mystery of the golden Amber Room continues to shine, says Kya deLongchamps


WISH LIST: Summer print from Scatter Box

Picnics with cakes and butterflies — plus a hand-made, glorious red rug — Esther N McCarthy conjours quite a wishful weekend.

A young tar reads of war to his untroubled companion in this early 19th flatback. News of the day from the penny papers formed the theme for many flatback groups and figures.

Vintage view: flatback figures

Kya deLongchamps says flatbacks should not be confused with earlier, more expensive figures.


Web Watch: Atomic Attic

Atomic Attic is the Etsy home of Miles and Aimee Harrison and it’s the cat’s pyjamas.


Wish list: Paul Costelloe’s Living collection in Dunnes Stores

Stargazing, geek crazes and total comfort make up Esther N McCarthy‘s pick of wishes this week.

19th Century Continental watercolour Staubback Falls, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Artist Unknown.

Vintage view: Antique watercolour

Kya deLongchamps says condition and quality is vital in a good, antique watercolour buy.


Web watch: Besotted Blog

Besotted about lovely things, just as the name would suggest.


Wish list: Shoe design by Holly Baker

Oh it’s all spring colours and fresh thinking this week on the wish list as Esther N McCarthy chooses shoes, sheep and sofas for your delectation.

There are few original fireplaces so over-stated that they have to be sacrificed to make family life work.

Vintage view: Vintage fireplaces

Sympathetically inserting contemporary life into vintage surrounds is the way to go, says Kya deLongchamps.


Web watch: Flocked parrot lamp by Abigail Ahern available at Debenhams

1. Abigail Ahern Sharing trade secrets, decorating differently and yabbering are just some of the tabs worth a click on interior designer Abigail Ahern’s Wordpress site.


Wish list: Silk Sweetie scarf

Among the items spotted this week are beautiful silk, a panelpiece and an art exhibition.


Wish list: Owl mini magnets

This week Esther N McCarthy offers a silken tower of Easter eggs for a touch of hall table seasonality and some bright summery things to cast about.


Vintage View: Garden urns and statues

Kya deLongchamps says adding urns or statues to your garden comes with some risks.

Hanbury teapots by Neptune as featured on

Web watch: Hanbury teapots by Neptune

1. Browsers
If it’s sophisticated you want, check out Browsers Easter table tableau.

See if you can work out this Hallmark for its city of assay, maker and date.

Vintage view:

Kya deLongchamps says hallmarks struck into silver are no surer fingerprint on an antique.


Web watch: Reading My Tea Leaves

Vintage hankies from as seen on


Wish list: Nemo double-sided back boiler insert stove

Cute chicks and bijoux beauties jostle for attention in Esther N McCarthy’s list of lovelies.

The Ficus maclellandii as featured on

Web Watch: Plants Are The Strangest People

This guy has a tip jar on his blog. A tip jar. But with 1041 houseplants as of March 29, he needs to keep the green coming into his wallet as well as his home.


Wish list: HAMO beach chairs

Gardening goodies sprout up on Esther N McCarthy’s list this week.

Two frosted glass tumblers from the c.1940. Around  €400 retail for the pair. Lalique Serpent Vase in amber, c.1924.

Vintage view: Lalique glass

Kya deLongchamps takes a look at the extraordinary glass legacy of René Jules Laliques.

Patio table with built in beer/wine cooler plans can be found on

Web Watch: Ana White Homemaker

Every week we pick our top interiors sites. If you have a favourite you’d like to see featured,


Wish list: functionality and style

Functionality, style and a little bit of nostalgia make up Esther N McCarthy’s list this week.

Inspiring greens as featured on

Web watch: Decor8

Every week we pick our top interiors sites. If you have a favourite you’d like to see featured, email:


Wish List: Clever candles to retro clocks,

Go back in time with these gloriously colourful retro clocks, 40cm each and €35 from Harvey Norman.

Lincolnshire, a diverse show, likely to offer up as much interior design goodies as vintage lovelies.

Vintage view: bargain hunting

Kya deLongchamps explores all the fun of the fairs for the best bargain hunting experiences.

A foldable cardboard stool for €7, Tiger brings affordable design to Cork.

Web watch: Tiger stores

A sort of a Scandinavian Dealz, this discount store has recently opened in Cork and everything is under €30.

Marvellous mum mug from At Home with Ashley Thomas range, €12.50 from Debenhams.

Wish list: Mum mug

Marvellous mum mug from At Home with Ashley Thomas range, €12.50 from Debenhams.

Flexing grid pattern by Bjorn Dahelm as featured on

Web Watch: Patternity

Nothing to do with fathering children, this site is a glorious look at pattern.


Wish list: Fresh and funky styles

Springtime is inspiring some fresh and funky styles.


Wish list: Slate Plate place mats

Bright, optimistic colours signal spring and this week, Esther N McCarthy’s list is all about the new season’s offering of pretty things for around the house.

Once a year is good for dusting bookshelves and a blusher brush is the ideal tool for a gentle clean.

Vintage view: Caring for old and delicate volumes

Since ancient times books have served us as compact receptacles for information, wonder and entertainment.


Web watch: Bealtaine Cottage

This wonderful blog explores and shares the life of Colette O’Neill, who has created an “Ark for Nature”, a self-sustaining smallholding in Co Leitrim.