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Wish list: fine art by Liam Ó Broin

This week it’s pretty ballerinas, tidy aprons and one cool moonlit cat for Esther N McCarthy.


Wish List: bench by Snug

 Esther N McCarthy picks tactile fabrics, tasty tones for autumn and some great arts and crafts    


Wish list: DFS sofa

Esther N McCarthy digs some retro vibes, hails the love affair between form and function and gives a shout out to our feathered friends.


Wish list: Ursula Celano shamrock tea cosy

It’s tea cups, cosies and all sorts of blooming things for Esther N McCarthy this week.


Wish list: Preserve-making starter kits

Esther N McCarthy is getting all the gear in place for a very comfortable, jam-making season. Oh no! It’s nearly autumn.


Wish List: Umbrellas and starfish?

Esther N McCarthy has watery wishes this week, along with lovely interior set pieces too.


Wish list: green retro TRIM phone

Get into the 70s vibe with this peacock green retro TRIM phone. Launched by the GPO in the UK in 1965 as a fashionable alternative to its regular model, TRIM stands for Tone Ringer Illuminated Model. 

A lava lamp, but no ordinary pretender, this is the Mathmos Telstar- a proudly tapered rocket of liquid and atrophied wax supported by large zinc fins.

Vintage view: Mathmos Telstar lava lamp

Kya deLongchamp explores some car boot classics for collectors.


Wish list: Parfois travel case

This week Esther N McCarthy picks from a wide range of summer goodies for your delectation.

Tattoo your floor with a gorgeous hand knottedrug from

Web watch: Floor story

This is trainspotting for rug nerds.


Wish list: the SIKA chair

Hot metal, cool stools, fluttering butterflies and expensive wild leather furniture, crafted by hand. All part of this week’s list from Esther N McCarthy.


Web watch: Sania Pell

1. Moco Loco


Wish list: Dancing Robot Speaker

Dancing Rapper robots, lightweight lamps and scrabble scatter cushions all make up Esther N McCarthy’s wishful week.

Impress the in-laws with your own family command centre from

Web watch: Urbane Jane

Every home needs a command centre and if yours doesn’t have one, well, better browse on over to Canadian Jane (who claims she’s urbane) and find out how it’s done.


Wish List: Garden Como side table and funky chairs

Downpours be gone — this week Esther N McCarthy is all about the outdoors — lazing in the garden with a sizzling barbecue, billowing table linen, a chilled glass and a cosy blanket for eventide — bliss.


Web watch: Room Renovator

With useful posts like top five tips for optimising space in your home, and even better, with images illustrating them, this is one site to bookmark.


Wish list: Painted ceramic egg cups

When the sun shines — the tough do housework. This week Esther N McCarthy picks an eco beauty — and some other stuff too...


Web watch: Sarah Bracken

For artist and passionate zine publisher Sarah Bracken, finding time to blog must be tricky.


Wish list: Toledo stoneware bowl

From nautical lighting options to magical sea creatures Esther N McCarthy (@estread) adds to her list of wishes.

Bing tin-plate double-decker London bus. Made in Nuremburg, Germany. Early 20th Century.

Vintage View: Tin-plate toys

Kya deLongchamps takes a fascinating look at the history of early 20th century tin-plate toys.

A re-purposed pallet makes a clever sand pit, find out how at

Web watch

1 Stately Kitsch


Wish List: A gift for Dad and Mammy, too

Summer’s in the air and it’s time to choose a gift for Dad — as well as picking up something nice for Mammy, too. Esther N McCarthy goes hunting.

Joseph Lorenzl of Vienna, Dancer with Cymbals on onyx base, c.1920

Vintage view: Art Deco

Kya deLongchamps takes a look at early 20th century statuary, particularly, daring Art Deco figures in ivory.

Homemade xylophone as featured on

Web watch: Crafts Planner

Sometimes DIY should just be fun. Don’t be worried about those shelves that need hanging or that boring old paint job.


Wish list: Chairs for outside — and inside

Dunnes Stores have the Amelia Bistro, €275 and Serving Set, €25 for your viewing pleasure. All items available in store now.

Zipmark Zipper Bookmark creatively designed for readers to save reading place. As featured on

Web watch: 1. I creatived

Cool. This site is just so cool. Go to the gadget tab and you’ve got credit-card knives and hedgehog toothpicks.