Diet and Fitness

Kicking off:  Emma Byrne trains for 14 hours a week with Arsenal.

Shape I'm In: Goalie Emma Byrne talks married life and more

IRISH soccer goalkeeper Emma Byrne, 34, is enjoying married life but is still adjusting to her new surname: Bignot.


Grab a SandBell to blast fat and tone up

HANDS up if you want to enjoy your workout and see some serious results?


Eating by the numbers for the Whole30 diet

You must adhere to the Whole30 diet for 30 straight days. Any lapse and you start again, but this popular high-protein/no grain programme may not be for everyone.

Body con: Holly Carpenter is in the fittest shape ever.

Shape I'm In: Grand designs after modelling for Holly Carpenter

HOLLY CARPENTER is savvy enough to know modelling is a short-term career and to keep her career on track she’ll need to diversify.

Keira Knightley's tiny waist is unachievable for most of us but a tubby tummy can be a high risk when it comes to your health.

Unattainable celeb waist-sizes shouldn't stop you measuring

IT’S more than a century since women everywhere were liberated from their corsets by the bra.


3 ways with super squats

Get your pins looking picture perfect in those skinny jeans with three easy moves.

Family affair: Culann and Finn took the four-week sugar ban in their stride, while their mum, Esther (right), threw out a trolley-load of sweets and introduced healthy eating habits.

Balance is the key to healthy eating

Faced with health warnings about obesity and diabetes, mother of two young boys Esther N McCarthy goes on a month-long crusade to cut down her family’s sugar intake. This story is enriched with multi-media content

As little as 100mg a day of caffeine is all it takes to get us hooked to the point where most people would have withdrawal symptoms if they were to stop using it abruptly

New book suggests caffeine is a widely abused drug

MINE’S a flat white. Plus a couple of squares of dark chocolate and a few cups of Earl Grey tea.

On the table: The recent stresses of Irish life have further encouraged poor diet and higher rates of alcohol and tobacco use.

Dying for change: Irish need to look at what goes into their bodies

POOR diet, lack of exercise and high alcohol intake are making us sick, costing us economically and killing us in huge numbers.


Try out The Lazy Day workout

These exercises are easy, fast and can all be done in the comfort of your own bedroom.


Shape I'm In: Pixie McKenna on health, family and everything between

IF there was an Olympic sport for multi-tasking, chances are Dr Pixie McKenna, 43, would win gold. This story is enriched with multi-media content

STAR BUY: Nash 19 to Go, Princes St, Cork, €1.30 each

Top 8 scones tested

MOTHER’S Day is close and an indulgent breakfast is a terrific start to the day.

One to watch: Weather presenter Nuala Carey at the launch of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland's One in 1,000 appeal.

Shape I'm In: Nuala Carey, weather presenter

RTÉ weather presenter Nuala Carey has endured years of puns about her career, but she is more than happy to join in the fun.


Fire up your fat burn

Put the kettlebell on for a quick way to torch calories, says Amanda Khouv.

Liquid solution: For optimum health, exclude or minimise the amount of sugar taken in liquid from fizzy drinks, juices and sweetened teas and coffees.

Less sugar, less protein - how to interpret new nutrition guidelines

Two big nutrition headlines recently grabbed my attention. The first related to sugar intake.

Ride on: Easkey Britton with her beloved surfboard.

Shape I'm In: Catching up with Irish pro surfer Easkey Britton

Irish pro surfer Easkey Britton, doesn’t remember life before surfing.


3 ways to rise and shine

Set your alarm for this easy and energising bedroom workout, says Amanda Khouv.


Delicious treats for Saint Patrick's Day

WHAT better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with an Irish cheese board.

Renaissance man: Actor Don Wycherley mixes it up with TV shows like Bachelors' Walk and stage work.

Shape I'm In: Don Wycherley, Actor

ACTOR Don Wycherley came to national attention in the hit TV dramas Ballykissangel, Father Ted and Bachelors’ Walk.

All covered: Bernadette Bohan, whose third book has been published, says it's vital to give the body what it needs.

Raw food to the rescue

Sharon Ni Chonchuir talks to Bernadette Bohan who now enjoys excellent health thanks to her plant-based diet.

Double take: Fresh veg can be less nutritious than frozen, depending on time between harvest and consumption.

Fresh isn’t always best

THERE’S a common fallacy which suggests that fresh foods, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, are nutritionally superior to their frozen counterparts.


Shape I'm In: Niall Breslin, Musician

Musician Niall Breslin trains twice a day, six days a week for an Iron-Man challenge in May. This story is enriched with multi-media content


On the batter for the perfect pancakes

THOUGH pancakes are easy to make from scratch — even for those with little time for cooking, they have somehow become a convenience pre-made food.


Fast track to fat loss

You can fire up your slim-down mission with this efficient fat-burning training technique, Amanda Khouv explains.

A big success: David Casey has won the Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup, but became a jockey because of a bet.

Riding high with jockey David Casey

DAVID CASEY is one of Ireland’s top jump jockeys. He has won a string of races and titles, including the Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup.

No joke: Jason Byrne runs twice a week and does strength training.

Shape I'm In: Jason Byrne, comedian

TAKING his cue from the Chinese year of the horse, comedian Jason Byrne is galloping through 2014, travelling over and back between Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Scotland.


Out for the count

WITH so many warnings about calories from saturated fats and sugar and their substitutes, convenience food often gets a justifiably bad press.

Open air: Singing is like oxygen for political songwriter Damien Dempsey.

Shape I'm In: Damien Dempsey, singer/songwriter

LIKE a continuous loop, Damien Dempsey can’t separate his song-writing from singing. “Both come quite naturally. I can’t image one without the other,” he says in his hallmark Dublin accent.

Pictured at the Flora pro.activ 'It Takes A Town' launch were Cobh mayor, Cllr John Mulvihill, chef Martin Shanahan and marketing manager Flora pro.activ, Suzanne O'Hara with some of the residents of Cobh, Co Cork.

Keep your cholesterol down

A GROUP of determined people in Cobh, Co Cork, have signed up for a new project from Flora.

1. (a) Transfers with Port de Bras

Get in shape with dancer moves

Get lean and sculpted with this simple, ballet-inspired workout from Sleek Technique, says Amanda Khouv.


Rejuvenate your body with our 7-day, low-sugar diet

Look and feel younger with this seven-day low-sugar diet, says nutritionist Vicki Edgson.


2014 Best Diets in order of ranking

EVERY year, US News assembles a judging panel of top nutrition experts to adjudicate on the best popular diets.


Punch that stress away

There are more benefits to boxing than you might think.

Making connections: Red Hurley is enjoying a new phase in his career thanks to US poet Dr Maya Angelou.

The Shape I'm In: Red Hurley

IF I appear to be breathless it’s because I’m walking as I’m talking,” says showbusiness legend Red Hurley.

"I like to connect with people at their level".

Shape I'm In: Aoife Hearne, dietician

Ms Motivator: Waterford woman Aoife Hearne is the dietician on Operation Transformation.


Not such sweet news

According to reports, the WHO is soon to revise its sugar intake guidelines downwards.

Take a fresh look at your workout routine with new kid on the block, Fast Exercise.

Exercise for a fraction of the time for fast results

Many of us have been following the example of Jennifer, Madonna and Gwyneth, sweating it out for hours in the gym, but Peta Bee says it takes just a matter of minutes each day to make a difference to your weight and shape.

Key players: (LtoR): Volunteer mentors at the Go for Life Fit Line, Mairead McLoughlin, Marie Brock, Richard Farrell and Helen O'Brien.

Third Age: Keep young at heart by exercising daily

Rachel Borrill says age is no barrier to fitness. If you are over-50, start now.


Work it out: Age-proof your body

Louise Pyne urges us to wind back the years and rejuvenate our bodies with a session on the yoga mat.

Straight talker: Cork GAA star Eoin Cadogan says he tends to shoot from the hip.

The Shape I'm In: Eoin Cadogan

AFTER a series of injuries last year, Cork GAA player Eoin Cadogan is ready hit the pitch running — as a hurler and a footballer.


Could you stomach these diets?

Beyoncé, Gwenth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker have deprived themselves of solid food for days on end in order to lose weight.


The psychology of dieting

FOLLOWING the food fest of Christmas, we pledge to adopt healthier eating habits and drop weight.


The Shape I'm In: Vogue McFadden, DJ, model and TV presenter

VOGUE MCFADDEN loves cooking and refuses to use readymade sauces in the kitchen for her husband, ex-Westlife member, Brian.

Staying in shape: Siobhan Byrne says if she doesn't work out she feels terrible.

Trainers back on message for 2014

Now that the Christmas overindulgence is over, Tanya Sweeney asks five well-known personal trainers how they stay in shape and what their New Year’s resolutions are.

Multi-tasking: Paddy Cullivan is a musician, composer, MC and works on political cabaret.

The Shape I'm In: Paddy Cullivan, musician, composer and MC

IT’S lights, action, show time on Friday nights for Paddy Cullivan, house band leader of the Late Late Show’s Camembert Quartet.


Tone up for the slopes

YOU might not be pulling on a bikini, but you need to shape up for your winter holiday just as you do for your summer break.


The shape I’m in: Lorraine Keane

IN TV land second chances don’t come knocking on your door very often.


BURN MORE FAT with these simple steps

Get a load of this simple way to rev up your weight loss, says Amanda Khouv.

In the news: RTÉ news reporter Caitriona Perry starts her new post as Washington correspondent next month.

The Shape I'm In: Caitriona Perry

IN January RTÉ news reporter Caitriona Perry travels to the US to take up her “dream job” — the prestigious post of Washington Correspondent.


Join the bum bum boom

Want to get your rear in gear? Laura Murphy, from Fitnessworx Gym, shows six high-energy exercises you can do at home. This story is enriched with multi-media content

Mark Lingwood

Teenagers are working it out

Arlene Harris looks at how the drive to get fit and ripped is encouraging young men to join Justin Bieber and Niall Horan in regular gym trips.


Shape I'm In: No diets on the menu for Sharon Ní Bheoláin

RTE News: Six One co-anchor Sharon Ní Bheoláin, believes in giving back.


Measuring obesity

OFTEN we have a visual image in our head of what constitutes overweight and obesity.

"My mental health is very important to me"

The Shape I'm In: Alan Quinlan, ex-Munster and Ireland rugby player

EX-MUNSTER and Ireland rugby player Alan Quinlan has a whole new appreciation for the work of sports journalists since he retired in 2011.

Squat and press.

Party-proof your body for the party season

Diary jam-packed with festive fun? Our clever workout will prepare your body for the good times ahead.