Foods to eat and avoid with gallstones

I have trouible with gallstones. Which foods should I eat or avoid?

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Back pain: Should I rest or keep active?

I’ve had a couple of episodes of lower back pain over the last year which lasted for a few weeks ...

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Your guide to marathon preparation, with GloHealth

With so many marathons taking place in autumn, this is peak training season for long distance runners.

Hard lesson: Classrooms are breeding grounds forillnesses but most children recover quickly.

Common childhood illnesses

CHILDREN will soon be back in classrooms, which are breeding grounds of knowledge and creativity, ...

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There is no safe level of smoking

WE’VE heard the warnings and we know the dangers. Smoking most definitely kills. 

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Why can’t I enjoy sex like everyone else?

I’m 38 and I’m in a good relationship. We have regular sex, but to me it feels like a ...

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Online and in the shops: Baby fair

Pippa O’Connor is the ambassador for the SMA Know-How Pregnancy and Baby Fair 2014, which takes ...

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Helping children with asthma return to school easily

The Asthma Society is conducting clinics to show teachers how to manage children who have the ...

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Trading places: Susie Travers with her children Darragh and Emma.

Bed-sharing with your child

YOU never meant it to happen but there are three in the bed — you, your partner and your toddler. 


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Top 8 tomato ketchup tested

KETCHUP originated in the East as a type of spicy sauce often made with soya, but today it usually ...

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Shape I’m In: John Creedon

IF John Creedon was a weather condition, he would probably be described as a warm, westerly breeze ...

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Expert warns of dementia increase

Ireland is facing a huge leap in the number of people suffering from dementia, an expert has warned.

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Obese people ‘at greater risk of getting cancer’

People who are overweight or obese are at greater risk of developing cancer, according to a major new ...

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Excessive salt sees 1.6m heart-related deaths yearly

Consuming too much salt leads to more than 1.6m heart disease-related deaths around the world each year, ...

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Chuck Feeney: Set up Atlantic Philanthropies

€14.7m grant to aid dementia sufferers

A €14.7m grant from the foundation set up by Irish-American philanthropist Chuck Feeney will help ...

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Change your body

HANDS up if you’d like the sleek and slender silhouette of a ballet dancer? Yes, you and just about ...

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Safe smoking

CHOMPING into juicy burgers at summer barbecues, few people will spare a thought for the health risks ...

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High notes

CREATIVITY is my greatest joy — it’s something I inherited from my mother," says legendary ...

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Age no barrier for transplant athletes

IF you’re feeling your age — fed up with your creaking bones — and need a dose of positivity, then ...

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Dr Bernadette offers health advice for people with restless legs

Q. I am a woman in my early 40s and recently I have had an uncomfortable feeling in ...

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Taking care is key to dealing with herpes

Q. My new girlfriend (she’s 31) has just told me that she has herpes. 

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