Fabulous fifties: With age women become more confident and continue to enjoy being sexual.

Frisky business at every stage of life

IRISH women in their 50s and upwards are having great sex, but can struggle to feel attractive in an ...

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Body con: Holly Carpenter is in the fittest shape ever.

Shape I'm In: Grand designs after modelling for Holly Carpenter

HOLLY CARPENTER is savvy enough to know modelling is a short-term career and to keep her career on track ...

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20 Steps to a healthier you with GloHealth - Step 2: Connect

A broad network of positive relationships is crucial to our happiness and well-being, says Dr Deirdre MacIntyre clinical psychologist and director of the Institute for Child Education and Psychology Europe.

United couple: Betty and Patrick Carmody at their daughter's wedding last year.

The cruel road of motor neurone disease

PATRICK CARMODY could not walk his daughter up the aisle on her wedding day last year.

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NOTE: The information contained in Megan Sheppard's column is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a doctor.

What are the remedies for IBS

* My daughter suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, which was diagnosed last September. What are your ...

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NOTE: The information contained in Dr Bernadette Carr's column is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a doctor.

Questions to ask your GP about cholesterol

I recently had my cholesterol checked as part of the occupation health programme run at work. It was ...

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Sex is a democracy and it is never OK for a man to repeatedly impose his predilections on his partner

My boyfriend doesn’t want sex in the missionary position

* My boyfriend seems to have no interest in sex in the missionary position, or indeed any positions where ...

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Online and in the shops: The Power Rangers

The Power Rangers make their Irish debut today, visiting children at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, ...

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Risk alert: It's important to tell your child it's OK to say no.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to ‘stranger danger’

PARENTS want to protect children from abuse, but are often uncomfortable having the necessary conversations. ...

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Doling out pocket money isn't obligatory and parents should do what works best for them

Show me the money: How much pocket money is enough?

Should you give your children pocket money and if so how much? Experts give their views on the pros and ...

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Keira Knightley's tiny waist is unachievable for most of us but a tubby tummy can be a high risk when it comes to your health.

Unattainable celeb waist-sizes shouldn't stop you measuring

IT’S more than a century since women everywhere were liberated from their corsets by the bra.

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Not allowing kids to run in the playground! Pure madness and child obesity is why

Primary school teacher and child nutritional expert Claire Heneghan argues that fresh thinking ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Aspirin may boost pregnancy success

Low doses of aspirin may be of benefit to women who are trying to have a baby, according to the latest ...

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New shorts design ensures mums have plenty of support

An engineer who turned her skills to designing sports shorts for women in need of extra support, especially ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Family affair: Culann and Finn took the four-week sugar ban in their stride, while their mum, Esther (right), threw out a trolley-load of sweets and introduced healthy eating habits.

Balance is the key to healthy eating

Faced with health warnings about obesity and diabetes, mother of two young boys Esther N McCarthy goes ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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As little as 100mg a day of caffeine is all it takes to get us hooked to the point where most people would have withdrawal symptoms if they were to stop using it abruptly

New book suggests caffeine is a widely abused drug

MINE’S a flat white. Plus a couple of squares of dark chocolate and a few cups of Earl Grey tea.

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Eye opener: Eye tests not only monitor sight but can detect other diseases.

Get regular eye checkups to prevent vision loss

EYE tests don’t just assess the need for glasses. They can also detect health problems, like tumours ...

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Rising star: Dublin GAA footballer Paul Flynn also works for the national airline, Aer Lingus.

Shape I'm In: Paul Flynn, GAA footballer

DUBLIN GAA footballer Paul Flynn is flying high. Seven months ago, he joined Aer Lingus in employee engagement, ...

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NOTE: The information contained in Megan Sheppard's column is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult a doctor.

What's the best natural remedy for hayfever?

* I suffer terribly from hayfever at this time of year and have tried just about every remedy, over-the-counter ...

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Lifestyle changes will help reduce blood pressure

* I had a chest infection recently and visited my GP. He measured my blood pressure, it was 145/95.

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Sex is meant to be fun, not functional, and once you get pregnant there'll be no booze and no bikinis, so pack all the hedonism you can into the next few months

We’re trying to make a baby, but sex is not fun anymore

* My husband and I have been trying for a baby for four months, and it is stressful. I’m enjoying sex ...

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