Vegetable soup: The winners and losers

As the weather cools Roz Crowley casts her eye over some of the  vegetable soups that are on the market.


Raise a glass to craft beer

To mark the Irish Craft Beer Festival this weekend, Joe McNamee gets a taste of the local brewing scene.

Katie Sanderson and Jasper O'Connor in front of the converted boat shed used for the 'Dillisk project', a series of dinners held in a converted boat shed in Aughrusbeg, close to Cleggan, Connemara, Galway

Restaurant trends and 'food democracy' have changed the way we dine

From food tourism — holidays that are all about the restaurants — to annual pilgrimages to high-end eateries, the way we eat out has been transformed.


Quantity counts more than quality

IT’S hard to say a bad word about organic food. When given a choice, who wouldn’t opt for a plate full of clean, locally sourced fruit and veg? Goodbye pesticides, good riddance chemicals.


Homemade best: 8 top coleslaws tested

THE Oxford Companion to Food tells us the term coleslaw came from Holland when kool (cabbage) and sla (an abbreviation of a word meaning salad) came together to describe shredded cabbage mixed with mayonnaise.


Joe McNamee celebrates the modern dinner party

Is the formal dinner party dead? Joe McNamee says it isn’t always easy to create the right mood as he knows from personal experience.