Pat Kenny, best in show

Last year Pat Kenny left the sanctuary of RTÉ for the challenge of re-establishing himself ...

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The Bel Air Hotel, Ashford, Co Wicklow.

The Irish are embracing the supernatural with gusto

People might be sceptical of the ghost hunter clubs springing up all over the country but, according ...

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Life in the fast lane is par for the course

Motorsport is a family affair for Deirdre McKinley and her husband Simon, they are hoping that baby ...

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Harnessing the power of experience and wisdom to prevent age discrimination

We need to tackle age discrimination and recognise the valuable contribution of older people, writes Read article

This much I know: Simon Callow

I can be very lazy. I think many people who work as hard as I do can be. 

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Renee Zellwegger won’t win no matter what she does

Rita de Brun thinks there’s little noble in growing old naturally. What ...

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Nylons nail it for peak pins - 75 years of stockings

The ultimate in erotica, still at the cutting edge of fashion and a staple of every woman’s ...

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Paul D'alton on returning to Ireland and conquering the highs and lows of life 

Paul D'alton returned to his home in Rsocommon after 36 years abroad and it's brought ...

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A good nose for crime: A day with Cork’s canine police

They are some of the sharpest sleuths in the Revenue Commissioners’ arsenal. Brian ...

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Jack and Jill boss to climb a political hill

Charity founder Jonathan Irwin will run in the next election because he thinks the Irish are ready ...

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Ellie O'Byrne at UCC studying for the Mensa test.

VIDEO: Want to find out how clever you are? Ellie O'Byrne takes on the Mensa test

Ellie O’Byrne thought Mensa, the high IQ society, was a club for intellectual ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Damn the Circus: A circus performer’s life is a balancing act

Ken Fanning’s and Tina Segner’s new show is about trying to stay in love with circus despite ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Israeli expats and the Germany question

Israeli expats boasting on social media, about the great lifestyle in Berlin and encouraging others ...

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Ellie Menton

The Way I See It: I felt alone until I realised we are all connected

16-year-old Ellie Menton discusses how our feelings can affect those around us.

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This much I know: Jim Lockhart

At heart I’m still an old hippy. I veer between cynicism and idealism.

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Mary McEvoy on finding the beauty within

Mary McEvoy introduces us to some of the themes in her new book – from growing old to keeping ...

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The science behind a broken heart explains all

Our brains are designed to panic when the love that sustains us is suddenly removed, says JP O’ ...

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Monkey business: Should a monkey be able to sue its owner?

The story of Tommy, the first nonhuman primate to ever sue a human captor in an attempt to gain ...

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Francis Brennan owns the internationally acclaimed Park Hotel with his brother, John and is just the man to give advice on how to best behave as we move through life

Life Lessons from Francis Brennan’s school of charm

The co-owner with his brother, John, of Kenmare’s five-star Park Hotel knows how to treat people ...

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