Moving to a place in the sun could get you longer holidays

Who gets the most holidays worldwide? With 34 days leave, it’s time to move to Germany or Spain, ...

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Will you be my friend? - Finding a BFF isn’t so easy in the modern world

A best-selling book followed one woman’s year-long search for friendship in a new city. Her verdict? ...

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Roger McGough fell in love with poetry listening to a physics teacher recite it spontaneously in class.

ROGER MCGOUGH: The rhythm of life

Roger McGough’s poems convey the beauty of everyday language, says Richard Fitzpatrick This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Why has heavy-drinking become a barometer of status for the young?

A worrying study shows that young adults who drink most are most popular, says Ellie O’Byrne

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It’s my sacred right to leave the Catholic Church

BETWEEN 1914 and 1915, the Jewish Czech writer, Franz Kafka, wrote the mesmerising novel, The Trial.

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PHIL LYNOTT: The legend lives on

On what would have been his 65th birthday, Ed Power looks at Phil Lynott’s legacy ...

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Turn over a new leaf by reading with your kids

Reading (and being read to) helps your children understand the world around them, and eases them into ...

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Who’s a clever bird, then? The rook, for one

Ornithologists dislike the use of ‘birdbrain’ as shorthand for stupid, because our feathered ...

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Ellie Menton

Some room to express my own view

I would like the world to stop shoving their ideas down my throat and let me come up with my own ideas

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What exactly is the point of the Pirelli calendar?

The fashion industry is already excited about next year’s Pirelli calendar, but it’s a tradition ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Six items we take for granted today which were invented by women

Think of a famous inventor and more likely than not it is a man. Robert Hume looks at six items we take ...

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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segalplay a couple with two smallkids and too little sex in themovie, Sex Tape

Attitude towards sex has changed

A NEW American movie entitled Sex Tape is released here on September 3.

This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Fighting fit: Heated debates on neutral issues induce an impassioned anxiety that can propel you into each other's arms

Why make-up sex can feel so good

How couples argue is an important factor in relationships and a shouting match ...

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This much I know: Paul McLoone, Undertones singer and DJ

I’ve leant that some stuff simply doesn’t matter. In fact, most things don’t matter. 


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Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in'When Harry Met Sally'. Platonic friendships arepossible but may need a levelof emotional maturity.

Is there such a thing as Platonic friends?

"Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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There’s something about Kate Bush

Kate Bush will perform for the first time in more than 30 years this month. Tickets sold out in minutes. ...

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Amal Graafstra

BIG READ: When man meets machine - Amal Graafstra and his bio-hacking body

Do this man’s hands hold the key to the future of medical implants? John Hearne plugs into the ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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When Don Draper met wearable technology

Ad companies are already devising ways to sell their wares on the latest new-fangled, sci-fi consumer ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Kim Kardashian getting a Vampire Facial

The latest mad fads in beauty therapy

Fancy spreading bull semen on your hair, draping a python over your body, rubbing bee venom on your face ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Former US poet laureate Billy Collins reads in Kilkenny at the weekend.

Out of the ordinary poetry

Billy Collins brings a brilliant eye to the most mundane events, writes Alan O’Riordan

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