'Parade', a depiction of a military inspection, is part of Kerry Collins's exhibition at Crosshaven's Fort Camden.

Kerry Collins is putting her paintings on parade at Fort Camden

Kerry Collins is so fascinated by Fort Camden she’s exhibiting there

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Panti says people don't expect him to be funny when they come to his shows.

Panti Bliss in a twist

Rory O’Neill says people are expecting him to be a freedom fighter on political issues but there’s ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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About to get hammered by the English?

A Wetherspoon’s pub has opened in Dublin as the Brits attempt to take us on at what we do best. This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Hotel for dogs

Massages, aromatherapy scents and individual chalets and beds — it’s all in a day’s ...

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Flesh to flash this summer

HOW much for a pound of flesh? That depends whereabouts it’s from.

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This much I know: Margaret E Ward, Journalist and Broadcaster

I’m an introvert, socialised to become an extrovert.

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Jamie’s FoodTube revolution

I KNEW that Jamie Oliver was successful, of course. How could I not? I knew that he made television programmes ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Cyclists are riding high for the Cork Cycling Festival

NO road tax. No costly NCT, and you can repair a puncture yourself. Cycling is cheap, reliable transport, ... This story is enriched with multi-media content

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Hard act to swallow... Aeriel Manx says it’s mind over matter when it comes to sword-swallowing

FOR most people, the bathroom would be an unlikely place to start a career but for sword-swallower Aeriel ...

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Local experts help to make the shows we love come alive

In Belfast, elaborate sets are being constructed, the fine metalwork of armour is being polished and ...

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It’s right up our street – Ireland the perfect backdrop for hit TV shows

Aside from the tax breaks here and the Irish countryside being a perfect backdrop for making TV period ...

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Irish woman’s major role in miner rights

THREE years ago many Irish people had never heard of Mother Jones.

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Cliff diving is becoming a popular sport on Inis Mór

Jumping into a blowhole in Inis Mór is now a popular extreme sport, says Kelly O’Brien. This story is enriched with multi-media content

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The quintessential John Hinde postcard with ginger-haired boy and girl with donkey laden with turf.

Six things you didn’t know about the humble postcard

From saucy ones to tinselled or Hinde holiday snaps, postcards retain their popularity, Robert ...

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Ann Leahy practising her  Taekwondo with her 10-year-old grandson, Conor.

Ann gets a kick out of learning Taekwondo with grandson

Taekwondo lessons are helping to build a bond of respect between Ann Leahy and her young grandson, writes ...

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ANOTHER CHANCE: Stephanie Meehan is determined to look forward despite her tragedy. "Fiachra wasn't given a chance but I've been given another chance," she says.

Priory Hall: There is some light at the end of the tunnel

Stephanie Meehan is moving into a new home following the Priory Hall debacle, but not all former residents ...

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Susan Cox, aka Foxy P, is among those leading the Irish burlesque craze

Burlesque is breaking the boundaries

Irish women are lapping up burlesque, with its sexy and expressive moves, and now, writes Norma Costello, ...

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Luis Suárez latest biting drama has earned him a four month ban

Suárez wasn’t the first: Here are other sports stars who crossed the line

Footballer Luis Suarez may have taken one too many bites at the World Cup, but tennis grunters and eye ...

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Turkish aid to Irish famine was highest form of compassion

RECENTLY, I got to spend a few days in Turkey’s capital. I can quickly warm to a city like Ankara. ...

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The end of an era for Michael Murphy

As he hangs up his headphones for the last time, newsreader and psychoanalyst Michael Murphy looks back ...

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