Twickers’ VIP defence grounds Irish

THEY couldn’t stop the Irish going over the try line, but they did manage to stop them at the door.

In the wake of last Saturday’s Six Nations victory, parents of the players found it impossible to get through defenders on the door of the Twickers VIP lounge.

Ger and Sandra Earls, parents of Keith, were tackled while trying to meet up with their son after the game. Stewards told them they did not have the proper accreditation, pointing out some were wearing team jerseys and jeans – a no-no in the VIP lounge.

Mr Earls said he saw other parents, including those of team captain, Brian O’Driscoll and Paul O’Connell, getting the same treatment.

“In fairness they were only doing their job. I wanted to meet Keith as he was up most of the previous night with the bug that hit Brian O’Driscoll and when I saw him get sick on the field at half-time, I thought he wouldn’t be able to go on. But he’s a tough character. He came down to where we were and once we met him we were delighted and went off to join our friends in a pub for a great time,” Mr Earls said.

Special tributes were paid to Keith Earls, Paul O’Connell and David Wallace at yesterday’s meeting of the Limerick City Joint Policing committee.

Supt Frank O’Brien said they were wonderful role models for the young people of Limerick and have been active in a wide range of community activities.

Cllr Tom Shortt singled out Earls, who was reared in Moyross, for praise, saying: “Keith has followed the path to brilliance.”

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