PDs blitz constituency with free books

THE Progressive Democrats have begun targeting the homes of South Dublin constituents with 50,000 copies of a book which details the party’s history and successes.

The 50,000 copies of Breaking the Mould: How the PDs changed Irish Politics, would have cost the party €649,500 if purchased at the full retail price of €12.99.

It is understood the party purchased the book directly from publishers Gill & Macmillan at a reduced price.

In recent weeks, the book has been distributed at party events and through the postboxes of constituents in Dublin South East, the heartland of party leader Michael McDowell.

Last week, a copy of the book, written by Irish Times political editor Stephen Collins, was left on each seat for those attending the selection convention of Health Minister Mary Harney.

A spokeswoman for the PDs yesterday said the possibility of distributing the books in other constituencies had not been ruled out.

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