Open doors for homeless

1. A Homeless Persons Act

This would give homeless people a legal right to suitable accommodation. Suitable accommodation is now available for almost all homeless children because they were given a legal right to suitable accommodation in the Child Care Act 1991.

By contrast, the number of homeless adults, and the number forced to sleep on the streets, is rising rapidly.

* 2. Implementation of the 2005 (sic) Mid-term Review of the National Drug Strategy 2001 – 2008

This report recommended that “appropriate treatment should be provided to problem drug users no later than one month after assessment. This target should be met by the end of 2007.”

Today, in some areas, waiting lists can still be 12 months or more. In other areas, there are no waiting lists, as there are no services.

* 3. A Revenue Transparency Act

This would provide details of all taxes paid by every individual in the State. Just as the income of every social welfare recipient is transparent, so too should taxes paid, as both involve taxpayers’ money. This might create panic amongst some in our society. It might also increase tax revenue.

* Peter McVerry is a campaigner for the homeless.

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