100 passengers left stranded after airline forced to cancel flights

Shannon Airport
Shannon Airport

One hundred passengers remained at Shannon Airport last night after Aer Lingus had to send over 500 passengers to hotels in the US and Ireland on Wednesday night when their flight was cancelled because of a technical problem.

The Airbus A330 jet was due to leave Shannon for Boston on Wednesday but was grounded after a fault developed. Flight EI-135 was later cancelled and 253 passengers sent to hotels.

This had the knock-on effect of the return service, EI-134 from Boston to Shannon also being cancelled, leaving 254 passengers in hotels in Boston overnight.

Some of the passengers left stranded in Boston were rebooked on last night’s Boston to Shannon flight, while others had to fly to Dublin and get a bus to Shannon.

Passengers at Shannon who were due to travel to Boston were rebooked on flights from Dublin while others had to travel via London.

Yesterday’s Dublin to Boston flight was operated by a larger aircraft that provided additional capacity for passengers left stranded by the cancelled flight from Shannon.

The airline confirmed: “Flight EI-135 Shannon-Boston and flight EI-134 Boston-Shannon were cancelled on Wednesday due to a technical problem with the aircraft.”

“Passengers (total 253) from the cancelled flight EI-135 were accommodated in hotels overnight and were been rebooked on Thursday’s flight to Boston from Shannon and Dublin to Boston and a number have been rebooked on flights via London. Due to limited availability on the Shannon to Boston flight, not all passengers could be accommodated on this flight.”

Some “254 Passengers from the cancelled flight EI-134 were accommodated in hotels overnight and have been rebooked on Thursday’s flights from Boston to Shannon and Dublin,” the airline confirmed.

Those flights were due to arrive in the early hours of this morning.

One of the passengers, Ann DuPonte, a retired IT worker from Massachusetts will be facing a battle against time today as she attempts to get home for the beginning of her grandson’s wedding celebrations.

“He’s my oldest grandson and he’s the first to get married,” she said yesterday after having moved from a hotel near the airport to one in Limerick city.

“We have been treated very poorly. I felt so bad for those people with young families. There was so little information from the company. Nobody got back to us when we tried to find out what was going on.”

Ms DuPonte is a diabetic and had a medical scare having only brought enough insulin to get her through until Wednesday.

“The staff at the chemist were very good to me but the staff at the airport didn’t really respond when I first told them about it Wednesday. I was a little worried for a while.”

The company has only one long-haul aircraft based at Shannon which means the same plane is used to operate Aer Lingus’s seven, weekly US services.

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