This love story set on the London Underground will make you believe in commuter crushes

The Tube can be a cramped, sweaty and unpleasant place, especially when you’re heading to work on a Friday morning.

But this tale of flirtation on the Underground proves that love can blossom in the most unlikely of places. Like before 9am on the Central line.

And it started like any good love story, with someone having a runny nose.

A great first move, that, having a cold.

This is looking good, plus they’re both incredibly polite, which is a nice bonus.

Could this be the very start of a beautiful romance? The watching commuters think so.

Come on guys, don’t leave it there.

It could be one of their stops any minute!

What’s she going to pull out?

Her pen to write down her phone number? A business card?


Then he pulled out the big guns.

But then she had an even sassier response.

The young American girl had the “boldness of David and the spirit of Cardi B at the same time”, according to our witness, Debra, but numbers still weren’t being exchanged.

It’s almost like he’s sussing out how long he has to ask for her number.

Don’t let this romance blossom and die on the Central line, guys.

We may never know what happened next, because Debra had to get to work, where she’s a YouTube executive at Monsoon and Accessorize.

She tried to look back but the train “drifts off into the distance”, she tweeted, “much like the TfL lovers, drifting in and out of ‘what could have been'”.

Debra, who’s also a YouTuber, was on her commute somewhere between Greenford and Shepherd’s Bush stations when she witnessed all this.

The 26-year-old said: “If not for work, I most definitely would have stayed on that train until I saw the story unfold.

“Honestly, I’m a hopeful romantic so I like to think that what I witnessed was indeed the beginning of something beautiful.”

Here’s hoping they exchanged numbers before Canary Wharf.

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