These students were mystified by their lecturer’s funny t-shirt

Sometimes the oldest jokes are the best.

But not for this economics professor, who probably thought his whimsical t-shirt might get a few laughs at the start of his lecture.

Instead, it baffled some of his students.

It says: “There are two types of people in this world”.

“1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data,” and that’s it.

Get it?

But some of his students didn’t get it, and asked where the second part was.

The professor even had to repeat the scenario to the class, telling them that there were two types of people in that room.

But they still didn’t understand.

This wasn’t an undergraduate class either - it was for students getting their doctorates.

However, people online loved the t-shirt.

Some thought it showed something worrying about the education system.

Although a handful of people online didn’t get it either.

And if these students didn’t get that, there’s a whole wealth of jokes they’re missing out on.

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