There was an unofficial Cathedral World Cup on Twitter and it proved immensely popular

Twitter’s poll function has been successfully utilised by the like of Richard Osman, who has run world cups of chocolate and biscuits among others on the social media website.

But what about a World Cup of cathedrals?

Architecture enthusiast and Twitter user Ben Brock, known on Twitter as @cinemashoebox, realised that the number of Anglican cathedrals in England and Wales lent itself to such a format, and decided to set it up himself.

A total of 12 groups containing four cathedrals each was decided upon, with the group winners and four best runners-up going into four semi-final groups, where the winners would contest the final.

The competition began small, with 124 votes deciding Group One – easy progress for Durham there.

But as you can see, by the semi-finals the groups were attracting thousands upon thousands of votes each.

Even the Archbishop of York got involved.

Ben tweeted pictures and information about the cathedrals in action, while the media teams from certain cathedrals had their say too.

Lincoln City called on a League Two friend of theirs for help.

By the time the final came around, each of Durham, Bristol, York Minster and Lincoln were eager to see which of them would be crowned champions.

With voting underway, it was a tightly contested final.

With 33% of the vote each, Lincoln pipped York Minster to the title by a matter of a handful of votes, it seems.

A huge moment for Lincoln cathedral.

But what a competition all 48 cathedrals gave us – and all for free.

Some might point out that this was a local competition, more of an FA Cup of cathedrals – what about the cathedrals around the world that didn’t compete?

Well, hold onto your cloisters, because an international competition might very well be a possibility.

That would give local champions Lincoln cathedral something to a-spire to, wouldn’t it?

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