The scenes at this ‘pizza party’ were completely surreal

A “pizza party” in the city of Chicago witnessed some pretty weird scenes as people dressed like slices of the cheesy stuff danced with sparklers at the gathering.

More than 250 people attended the Now That’s What I Call Pizza event, put on by restaurant-finding website The Infatuation and restaurant delivery service Caviar, and there were 1,500 slices cooked by five of Chicago’s best restaurants.

As tasty as that sounds, and no doubt was, this video is clearly the highlight of the party.

Even in context, it’s pretty weird.

Jackie Widmann, partnerships account director at the Infatuation, was one of the people wearing a onesie.

“It was just too hilarious not to film, we wanted to create a moment where people would be like what the f*** is happening,” she said.

“What’s funny is now people think that if they go to this restaurant (Happy Camper) they can get sparklers with their pizza, and we’re like maybe they should just start doing it because it’s been such a good marketing technique.”

(The Infatuation/Caviar)
The party was the second put on by the Infatuation in collaboration with Caviar, following one in New York, and if all goes to plan scenes like that will be heading to cities across the US in 2018.

Explaining the motivation behind the party, which also featured classic 1990s songs, Jackie said: “It was basically a happy-hour night-time party where you could come, eat all the pizza, drink all the drink – and it was just an experience we were creating for people that would hopefully introduce them to Caviar as the preferred delivery service with the best restaurants.”

It definitely sounds like something that would be welcomed in this country.

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