People are wondering what exactly the 'British dream' is after Theresa May’s speech

It was nothing if not an eventful speech for Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference in England.

But in between the coughing fits and the protester handing her a P45, there were some words and chief among them was the phrase “the British dream”.

In her speech in Manchester, the British PM said she would dedicate herself to “restoring hope, to renewing the British dream for a new generation of people”.

Not everyone was convinced by the phrase.

But what exactly is the British dream?

Naturally, Twitter had some suggestions.

Obviously Brits being Brits, many of the suggestions were food-related.

Given May suffered a coughing fit halfway through her speech, perhaps her dreams were slightly different.

For those paying close attention, May did appear to outline what she believes the British dream to be.

May said she believes “in the dream that life should be better for the next generation”.

That may or may not involve giving them chips for tea.

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