Lucy Kennedy is living with Katie Hopkins tonight on TV3

It’s finally here - this week Lucy Kennedy moves into the spare room of one of her most controversial hosts yet - Katie Hopkins.

In the second episode of the series, Lucy travels to Bristol in the UK to stay in Katie’s home and gets to meet her family and friends (yes, she does have some).

Lucy and Katie have three things in common: they are both married, they both have three children and they both work in the media - but that’s as far as the similarity goes.

As she enters Katie’s home with trepidation, she has no illusion of finding any common ground between them.

Katie is constantly referred to as ‘the most hated woman in Britain’ and seems to revel in that title, so how will she get on with our Lucy?

As the visit gets underway Lucy meets Katie’s husband Mark (who she reveals her Dad sends a sympathy card to each year on their anniversary) and divulges that life with Katie can be difficult due to the hostility, and also the security issues for their children.

Sparks fly when Lucy asks Katie the question why is such a nice guy like Mark (her husband) with her?

She also challenges her on some of the controversial tweets she has sent, calling her an ‘absolute bitch’ on some of her opinions.

During their chats, Katie acknowledges that Lucy isn’t with her because she supports her views but because she wants to find out what she is like and warns her not to befriend her.

Lucy does not agree with Katie’s extreme opinions or tweets, and finds some of them completely disgusting.

Over the coming weeks the Living with Lucy camera will follow Lucy as she shadows a host of new celebs including Daniella Westbrook and Michael Healy-Rae, on their daily and work routine.

Tune in to Living with Lucy tonight at 10pm on TV3.

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