Lord Sugar forgot to attach a picture to a ‘what is this’ tweet and the internet made some odd suggestions

Lord Sugar spent his Sunday firmly on Twitter, mainly tweeting about the football. However, once the game was done, he took to the platform to ask Twitter users for some help identifying something in his “yard”.

The tweet probably should have had a picture attached, so the online public could help him identify the item in question.

Without that though, Twitter users were forced to reach their own conclusions.

First came the very obvious replies, pointing out exactly what he had tweeted. A tweet.

Many referenced his support of Tottenham Hotspur, who lost to Chelsea on Sunday.

Others just used the opportunity to make silly suggestions…

… particularly ones based on odd tasks from his hit show The Apprentice.

Whatever it is, user Jules is pretty sure it’s theirs.

Let’s hope he gets the answer he needs soon – maybe he’ll upload a photo next time.

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