Look what this groom made for his bride-to-be's hen party

Over the weekend, bride-to-be Andrea Gorman and her 40 hens hit Galway for a night to be remembered, or maybe not in some cases.

Usually, grooms don't play an active role in their lady's last night of freedom but Caymon Flynn really stepped up to the mark.

He got in touch with the maid of honour ahead of the big night with his bright idea...bra pong!

In the game two players go head to head by lobbing ping pong balls into the bra cups - highest score wins.

Caymon got creative and made the game himself from scratch, bras and all!

He swallowed his pride, plucked up his courage and made a trip to the local Penney's to pick up the five bras all in the name of love...and good fun.

Coincidentally, Caymon was spotted picking up the bras by none other than Andrea's aunt, who wasn't sure what to make of the sight and kept quiet.

It all made sense once the game was whipped out on the night and auntie Geraldine was relieved there was good reason behind the groom's purchases.

The game provided endless entertainment for all on the night including other hen parties staying in the House Hotel, Galway.

Andrea and Caymon are getting married next month after a college courtship which blossomed in Quinns pub, Drumcondra over 10 years ago.

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