Can you give a cat the purrfect home this Christmas?

The ISPCA is appealing for new homes for a number of cats currently in the care of the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford.

The cattery is now full to capacity with over 50 cats and kittens needing good homes - just look at their little faces.

So far this year, 351 cats and kittens have been responsibly rehomed from the Centre, 207 of which originated from an ex-research facility, with 144 being seized by or surrendered to our Inspectors.

50 cats remain at the ex-research facility and the ISPCA would love for them to have found the purrfect home this Christmas.

The charity is appealing to members of the public to consider adopting one of these super friendly cats if they are considering getting a new pet this Christmas.

All the cats are fully vet checked, vaccinated, treated for parasites, litter trained, neutered or spayed and they will need to be rehomed as indoor cats only.

Eva Ellis, ISPCA Centre Manager said:  “These adorable cats will make wonderful pets plus they are naturally independent making them perfect companions for people with busy lifestyles.  They love nothing more than to sit on a lap and be cuddled plus the mere act of stroking a cat has been known to release endorphins in our brain associated with well-being and happiness, linked to lowering blood pressure as well as lowering the risk of heart disease.

Eva continued: “we are however struggling to find new owners to adopt these gorgeous cats and with so many in our care, we are under pressure to find room to take in an additional 50 cats due to be removed from ex research laboratory by the end of December”.

“Despite spending their entire life living in a clinical environment with limited stimuli, these cats are all adorably interactive and love attention”.

Once they find new homes for these adorable felines, it will help free up space in their cattery to help more cats and kittens in need.

You can visit the ISPCA National Animal Centre - Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 to 4pm, email or call 043 33 25035 (0)

Or visit the ISPCA website on to see the many cats and kittens looking for good homes.

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