A White House social media slip-up is making people think Donald Trump doesn’t do all his own tweets

Does Donald Trump write all of his own tweets?

Some people have suggested he doesn’t, after what looks like a White House staffer’s social media mistake.

Earlier, Donald Trump tweeted out the following message to his 40 million Twitter followers, very much in his usual style.

However, people spotted that Dan Scavino, the president’s director of social media (and assistant, according to his Twitter bio), tweeted out exactly the same thing almost simultaneously.


Anyone who runs multiple accounts might recognise the mistake – which can happen when using a social media dashboard like Tweetdeck, that lets you tweet from different accounts.

But some people weren’t that shocked, and said there were certain things about the tweet that made it sound less like the president himself.

Scavino hastily deleted his own tweet, and instead re-tweeted the Donald Trump version.

But this does seem to show that even the president’s more dramatic tweets, with exclamation marks, words in caps, and talk of “fake news”, aren’t necessarily composed by his own fair hand.

And this isn’t Scavino’s first social media blunder.

Last month, he tweeted out a video he said was of Hurricane Irma at Miami airport, only to be corrected by the airport itself.

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