A former Fox News presenter is launching an app to help you say sorry

A former news presenter is launching an app specifically designed for making apologies.

In a caps-laden Facebook post on Wednesday, former MSNBC and Fox News presenter Greta Van Susteren announced her new app, unsurprisingly called Sorry.

“SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM are about to get some competition! This will be fun and hopefully get us all thinking..”

Individuals and companies can apologise to the masses or to select people using the app.

Building on the upvote/downvote buttons on other popular social networks, Van Susteren’s app will enable users to “accept” or “reject” the apology.


FREE and COMING NOVEMBER 14 to the APP STORE! SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM are about to get some competition! This will be…

Posted by Greta Van Susteren on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

According to the Facebook post, she has been working on development of the app for more than  a year.

Van Susteren uses Kathy Griffin’s Donald Trump incident as an example of how her app will work.

“Imagine if you and everyone else got to vote ‘accept or reject’ when Kathy Griffin apologized?” she writes. “Was it enough? or not? And how would she know if her apology was accepted without the vote counter?”

If you have an apology that you can’t quite bring yourself to make face to face, you only have five days to wait until the app is released.

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