10 of the worst aeroplane experiences to make you feel better about your own travels

Going on holiday is one of the best things, but travelling there can often be a pain in the rear end.

Whether it’s getting stuck on a delayed flight next to someone with body odour issues, or another similar horror, we’ve all been there.

People are taking to Reddit to share their worst plane stories, and they’re likely to make you feel a whole lot better about any shockers you might have had. Here are some of our favourites.

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1. Cabin crew drinking on the job.

“Had a flight attendant throw up on my lap because she had drank too much before we took off. I’m pretty sure she got fired.” – reefersmok

2. The sky going a terrifying colour. 

“Was flying from from California to Minnesota and it was a normal flight at first, but all of a sudden the sky turned blood red. We had apparently flown through the smoke of a forest fire and the pilot gave us no warning. Thought the apocalypse had started.” – bonafideseth

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3. On the flipside, you don’t want people seeing imaginary danger.

“Sat on the tarmac for three and a half hours because a passenger ‘heard a noise’ shortly after the cabin door closed.” – rebknits

4. Being spoken over the entire flight. 

“On a three hour flight I was sat between two obese women who were a mother and her grown daughter. They kept talking over me and I asked if one of them wanted to switch with me and they laughed, ‘oh no! We are fine! Mom wants the window and I like the aisle.’ So I had to just sit there between them awkwardly with my arms crossed (they both claimed the armrests) while they talked over me.” – Cozy_Caterpillar

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5. Sitting next to people who think they belong in first class. 

“Sat right behind first class, the woman next to me complained and griped the entire flight (two hours) that first class had food/cookies and that she wanted some.” – DARMICJOH

6. Kids from hell.

“Flew from NYC to Sydney, which was already 18 hours on a plane in coach. The woman behind me had a two-year-old that she insisted on setting on top of my head every time they would get up or sit down. I get it, lady. Flying with kids is the worst. Just please stop dropping your rugrat on my head every ten minutes.” – hobbes_shot_first

7. When you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster, rather than a plane.

“I was on the maiden flight for Israeli Airlines and the pilot was feeling frisky and was doing all sorts of crazy aerial manoeuvres in the sky. Felt like riding a rollercoaster most of the flight.” – Shippoyasha

8. The dreaded plane sickness.

“Had eight separate flights in as many days. Ended up with full blown laryngitis and couldn’t speak for the next two weeks.” – cleartheway1

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9. Smelly fellow passengers.

“Was travelling to Dubai. Had a really smelly guy sitting next to me, and on top of the BO he kept farting too. Had to keep going to the bathroom because Emirates is generous enough to keep some perfume in the bathroom. Worst three hours of my life.” – unleashable04

10. When pilots share too much.

“The pilot said it would be a 50/50 on having an ‘okay landing’. The whole plane let out an uncomfortable laugh, we all thought it was some kind of joke. We skidded a bit on touchdown but it was a safe landing.” – Minyak

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