A leading economist says Irish companies exporting goods into the UK should may face extra costs when Britain leaves the EU.


Marketing gurus catch a ride on Pokémon Go craze

Marketers will have to catch ‘em quick if they want to capitalise on the Pokémon Go craze.

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Investors should enjoy the calm before reality sets in

Geopolitical risks have intensified over the past month or so with Brexit, the terrorist attack in Nice, the shooting of police officers in a number of cities in the United States, the tragic shootings in Munich, and the failed military coup in Turkey.


N20 Cork to Limerick road upgrade an ‘immediate priority’

Improving the existing N20 Cork to Limerick road should be an “immediate priority” for government as part of a wider effort to improve transport links across the island of Ireland.


Overseas buyers swoop for UK firms

Overseas buyers lured by a plunge in the pound are looking to snare British companies on the cheap, ensuring a steady flow of deals since Britain voted to leave the EU and defying expectations of an M&A drought.


Competitive streak is vital for nation’s future

In the harsh world of international business, the pressure to perform is unrelenting.


Sky’s the limit for farm drones

The flying of drones was banned in the air space over the site of the national ploughing championships in Ratheniska, Co Laois, last September.


IFA pushes for strong enforcement of grocery rules

Farmers need strong enforcement of the new Grocery Goods Regulations, according to the Irish Farmers’ Association.


Macra president: Vital need to keep on top of market forces

As farmers, we are price takers and have little control over the price we receive for our products. A huge proportion of our time is consumed dealing with external factors to our businesses and those of the farmers we represent.


Europe sharpens focus on crucial ecological role of bees

Beekeepers and environmentalists globally are increasingly concerned about the threat posed to honey bees and other important pollinators by insecticides.


There is still a need for unions

While the current generation are the most vocal on their terms and conditions of work than any in our history, there is still a need for unions to ensure lawfulness and fairness, says Kehlan Kirwan.


History shows we can’t ignore threats to the stability of the business world

While Brexit is hogging the headlines, it is not the only threat to the stability of the business world, writes Kyran Fitzgerald.