Sinn Féin is to call a vote next week on a bill to phase out so-called "if-and-when" contracts.


Market storm lifts but currency fallout looms

The pressure has resumed on Irish firms that depend on selling their goods and services to Britain.


George Osborne scraps plan for UK surplus in Brexit wake

UK chancellor George Osborne gave up his centrepiece policy of turning Britain’s budget deficit into a surplus by 2020, faced with potential economic stress following the country’s shock decision to leave the EU.


BMW and Intel plan driverless car

BMW is teaming up with chipmaker Intel and camera-software company Mobileye to bring self-driving cars to the road by 2021, becoming the first major automaker to set a specific date to produce a fully autonomous vehicle.


Enda Kenny faces dilemmas in carving Ireland’s new seat at the EU

In the EU negotiations Enda Kenny faces a number of problems.


Concern over Ireland’s manufacturing stamina

There is concern for the near-term performance of Irish manufactured goods exports in the aftermath of last week’s Brexit vote, despite significant growth being achieved in the last month.


Brexit mess scares Finnish voters away from seeking ‘Fixit’ vote

Britain’s decision to quit the EU was all it took to terrify Finnish voters, with more than two-thirds now affirming their loyalty to the bloc.


Volatility expected to slow building materials giant CRH's growth

Building materials giant CRH is expected to see lower-than-anticipated earnings growth in 2017 in light of potential ongoing market volatility and economic uncertainty.


Study details ‘cheat season’ where companies attempt to exceed analysts' expectations

It won’t surprise any market-watcher to learn that in the run-up to earnings season, companies tend to lower the bar for top and bottom line performance, thereby giving themselves better odds of exceeding analysts’ expectations.


Spain vies to host European Banking Authority after Brexit forces relocation

Spain will compete with countries including Austria to host the European Banking Authority (EBA) as the UK’s decision to depart from the EU forces it to seek a new home.