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Budget 2013

Martin: Labour TDs think Budget is 'a disaster for them'

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that Labour TDs have described the Budget as "a disaster for them".

Deputy Martin has said that voters are angry with Labour following cuts in child benefit, the back to school allowance, and in the respite care grant.

He has is now calling on Labour TDs to vote against the Social Welfare Bill when it's introduced into the Dáil this week.

Deputy Martin said that Labour TDs will pay the price if they support the cuts.

"What we're hearing on the ground is that people are genuinely amazed that the Labour Party went along with this Budget," he said.

"That's what they're probably hearing on the ground, we're certainly hearing it.

"Anecdotally, everywhere we go, in our clinics, and elsewhere, that this will finish Labour.

"But that's a matter for the Labour Deputies themselves to deal with, you can ask them.

"Privately, they are saying around the House even last week before they went home for the weekend that this was a disaster for them."
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