US in ‘hot pursuit’ of terrorists says Bush

The United States is ‘‘in hot pursuit’’ of terrorists behind the attacks on New York and Washington, President George Bush said today.

In an Oval Office meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan, the president said he and his military planners have taken note of lessons learned by Russia in its long, brutal struggle against Afghan rebels in the 1980s.

‘‘It is very hard to fight a guerrilla war with conventional forces,’’ Bush said.

‘There may or may not be a conventional component to’’ US military action against terrorists believed to be hiding in Afghanistan.

Bush refused to discuss details of his military plans, but said: ‘‘Make no mistake about it we’re in hot pursuit’’ of terrorists.

King Abdullah said that what those who carried out the attacks ‘‘stand for is completely against all the principles that Arab and Muslims believe in.’’

He said the majority of Arabs and Muslims ‘‘will band together with our colleagues all over the world to put an end to this horrible scourge of international terrorism.’’

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