Ireland today

Some brightness possible this morning in Connacht and perhaps western Ulster, but in general it will be a cloudy and misty day with the odd spot of drizzle. Little change into the evening with misty and damp conditions. There will be gentle to moderate south-easterly winds.

Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).


Ireland tonight

A cloudy and misty night with some fog likely over higher ground. Drizzle and light rain will become more extensive towards midnight, with some more persistent rain possible on the west coast towards dawn. There will be a gentle to moderate south to south-easterly wind.

Min temp 5-8°C (41-46°F).


Ireland tomorrow

A dull and damp start with largely overcast skies, mist and hill fog. Spells of rain and drizzle will push eastwards through the morning and afternoon, although southern Leinster may stay fairly dry. Gentle to moderate southerly winds, perhaps fresh on the west coast.

Max temp 11-14°C (52-57°F).



Another mild but overcast day with spells of rain and drizzle. Moderate to fresh south or south-westerly winds.

Max temp 13-16°C (55-61°F).



 Overnight mist and fog will lift into low cloud but this then should break to give some sunny spells. Moderate to fresh southerly winds.

Max temp 10-13°C (50-55°F).



Mild again with the risk of showers or longer spells of rain. Strong to near gale force south-westerly winds.

Max temp 11-14°C (52-57°F).



Early brightness but rain will spread up from the south. Gentle to moderate southerly winds.

Max temp 9-12°C (48-54°F).