Ireland today

A largely cloudy day with spells of rain affecting Munster through the morning with wider spells of rain pushing into eastern parts of Ulster and Leinster as the day goes on. It will be drier across Connacht and western Ulster with the odd bright spell at times. Breezy.

Max temp 13-16°C (55-61°F).


Ireland tonight

Remaining cloudy for many areas with further spells of patchy light rain affecting parts of Leinster, eastern Munster and into Ulster. The rain will be heavy at times across northern Ulster. It will be drier across western areas of Munster as well as Connacht. Breezy.

Min temp 10-13°C (50-55°F).


Ireland tomorrow

Largely cloudy through the morning with spells of patchy light rain clearing Ulster, Leinster and eastern Munster. Turning drier into the afternoon with some brighter spells developing across Connacht and western Munster later in the day. Moderate northerly breeze.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).



Turning increasingly cloudy with spells of light rain from the west. A little less chilly.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).



It will be a mostly cloudy day with some scattered showers at times. A moderate south-westerly breeze.

Max temp 14-17°C (57-63°F).



A largely cloudy day with some showers in the north. Rain later in the west. Light winds.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).



Mainly cloudy with scattered showers developing widely, some heavy at times. Generally light winds.

Max temp 15-18°C (59-64°F).