Readers' blog: Trump sells supporters down the river

The gradual erosion and corruption of the political system in the US has now manifested itself into a fiscal coup with the approval of the latest GOP tax plan.

Despite some polls suggesting that up to 75% of the US public were against these cuts, the GOP pushed through the legislation at the behest of their corporate donors.

Though these cuts will bring some medium-term tax relief for the middle classes, this will soon be offset by increased costs for health care, education, and other vital services.

The plan, which includes radical reform of corporate and estate taxes, is a boon for the rich.

The next step for the GOP is to look to plug the gap in the federal finances by attacking the social safety net, another long-term target of the vulture corporations.

Provisions such as Medicaid will be further cut and sold off to the highest bidder, while the majority of revenues will be ploughed into the defence budget, a huge feeding trough for corporations.

Trump, in colluding with this plan, has sold his electorate down the river. Yet again he has shown a blatant disregard and ignorance for how important social cohesion is to the prosperity of a nation.

It’s hard to avoid the observation that he, and speaker Ryan, are just puppets of the Koch Brothers and their ilk.

The elections in November have taken on a huge significance and can’t come soon enough for many Americans.

Barry Walsh



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