Suspect your partner of TV show cheating? There’s a new lie detector to help you find out

The act of secretly watching a TV show behind a partner’s back is more common than you might think.

According to a new survey by Bush TV, more than three quarters of Britons have watched the next episode of a TV show without telling their partner.

78% admitted to what’s been dubbed “box set betrayal”, with 21% saying they’d gone even further and watched an entire series in secret.

It’s not a small matter for couples either, with 27% saying they would be more upset about box set betrayal than if their partner were to message somebody else.

(Bush TV/Argos)

The TV show must likely to prompt such behaviour is Game Of Thrones, according to the research, followed by The Walking Dead, Dr Foster and Sherlock.

Breaking Bad, Stranger Things and Doctor Who all feature on the list too.

The most common reason for sneakily watching episodes ahead of their partner was to tease them with spoilers.

To combat the rise of the TV-based betrayal, Bush TV have created their very own special edition lie detector, which is being given away on the Argos Twitter account in December.

Those being put to the test place their hand on the detector, and if they’re found to be lying will receive a small electric shock.

According to the research, men are also more likely to go behind their partner’s back, with 35% admitting to doing it, compared with 27% of women.

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