In this game your job is to be the meanest goose alive

So, this might just be the most exciting game scheduled for release in 2018. It’s definitely the funniest.

Not Red Dead Redemption or Spider-Man or Far Cry 5, but a game where your job is to control a goose. A horrible, horrible goose.

Untitled Goose Game comes from an indie Australian studio and the trailer shows the myriad ways you, as a goose, can drive a groundskeeper closer and closer to the edge.

The game comes from House House, whose only other release features centipede-like humans – joined at the waist – playing a game of football. So by comparison this plucky goose is quite normal.

Untitled Goose Game appears to be a puzzle game, with the player tasked with ticking things off the goose’s list of objectives – like getting the groundskeeper wet and making him put on his sun hat – by using things in the environment.

There’s even a button just for your honk, which is inspired, and a snippet at the end seems to hint at multiplayer. Geese. Plural!

Paired with what sounds like a stellar soundtrack, this game looks set to be very fun.

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