Govt announces more Special Needs Assistants for schools

390 additional Special Needs Assistants posts have been announced.

It will bring to almost 11,000 the number of SNA's available to work with children who have an assessed need for an SNA in primary and post-primary schools.

The Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn said 170 assistant posts will be made available immediately, while 220 will come on stream in 2014.

Minister Quinn said: "Despite our economic difficulties, we need to support our children with special needs to achieve their full potential in school.

"I’m delighted that Government has today approved the allocation of more SNA posts. This means there will be almost 11,000 SNAs available to provide support and care for children with special needs in primary, post primary and Special Schools."

The National Council for Special Education will allocate the new SNA posts on the basis of assessed need.

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