New Polish manufacturing plant as Mzuri expands

Adding precision seeding in 2018 to Mzuri Pro-Til drills or retrofitting to older models will further extend the drill's versatility.

The tillage scene in Ireland has seen a growth in the no-till and strip-till markets.

While Claydon is a market leader for many in this space, Mzuri are continuing to grab market share.

Mzuri will launch a precision seeder option for its Pro-Til range of strip-till drills at Cereals 2017 in England next month.

Precision metering on the Pro-Til drill offers accurate seeding depth and spacing from a single-pass system, resulting in cost savings.

Pro-Til’s precision seeding eliminates the need for prior cultivations, and enables users to precision plant crops directly into previous crop residue or grassland, thus conserving moisture and the soil’s natural structure.

Retention of moisture, fertiliser placement, and soil reconsolidation at seeding time, have been proven to play essential roles in successful establishment of crops.

The Pro-Til precision drill places the seed into a moist, friable and nutrient-rich seeding environment, and reconsolidates for maximum soil-to-seed contact, aiming for a perfect environment for successful germination.

Independently operating leading discs cut through surface residue. A breaker leg prepares a strip of clean, friable soil and places a band of fertiliser for the developing roots.

Each band is reconsolidated by a following press wheel to remove clods and air pockets.

The seed is precision placed behind Mzuri’s low-disturbance coulter,which is followed by a second reconsolidation wheel for best soil-to-seed contact.

Each Pro-Til seeding unit has its own individual height and depth control, and hydraulically operated seeding legs exert constant down pressure that can be adjusted on each individual leg.

The system uses adjustable-pressure vacuum metering to accurately space crops, regardless of seed size.

Each unit contains a metering disc and a singulator to prevent skips or doubles, and is driven by an electric motor that maintains the same seeding distance at variable speeds.

A bulk fill system continually replenishes the mini hoppers on each metering unit directly from the Pro-Til’s dual 3,400-litre tank (split 2,040 litres of seed/1,360 litres of fertiliser), for non-stop drilling.

The precision seeding kit should be available for the 2018 season as an option on new Pro-Til drills or for retrofitting to older models, further extending the drill’s versatility to carry out strip-till, direct drilling, and now, precision seeding operations, with one machine.

Earlier this year, the UK-based manufacturer opened a manufacturing facility in Polands. In a joint venture with the Polish company AN-Agro, the new factory will be built in Poland’s Bydgoszcz region, with the site’s production mainly destined for an Eastern and Central European customer base.

Mzuri’s UK operation in Pershore will continue to manufacture, market and service the machines that we see here in Ireland, as well as their home UK market, Scandinavia, and Western European regions.

“These are very exciting times for the company and we look forward to pooling our resources with AN-Agro to grow the European region further,” Mzuri managing director Martin Lole said.

“The business has been going from strength to strength with the demand more than doubling this year, both in the UK and overseas.”

“With the interest being particularly strong in Poland, Russia and Ukraine, the decision to open a factory close to market will help us to better service the area.”

“The additional capacity in Poland is intended to free up some of the UK’s production which will allow us to be more responsive to the rapidly expanding UK market.”

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