Innovation award for Canadian farmer’s wrench used to unblock combines

Innovations in Canada were unveiled at last month’s big Agri-Trade Equipment Expo in Alberta.

One of the awards went to Arnold Innovations for their hydraulically-assisted cylinder-reversing wrenches, which grain growers can use to make clearing plugged combine harvesters an easier job.

Farmer Richard Arnold came up with this solution to his own experiences with combines.

Having suffered an injury using the factory-supplied wrench, Richard and his son Doug researched and developed a better method.

He now sells a kit costing €2,300-€2,600, which uses a ratcheting system with a long handle, connected to the combine’s hydraulics, with which the combine driver can rock the cylinder to break the lump which is blocking it, and then engage the ratchet in reverse to free the cylinder.

It’s faster and safer than wrenches supplied with the combines.

Arnold Innovations makes these reversers for New Holland and Claas Lexion combines, and is working on versions for New Holland and John Deere machines.

Another award-winning innovation at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo was the ScherGain Drop Pan which can be mounted on any make or model of combine and used for calculating grain loss.

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