Katie Price: Stop picking on my kids over Instagram accounts

Katie Price has hit back at critics who have slammed her for allowing her young children to have Instagram accounts.

Her son Junior, who is 11, had his account deactivated by the social media site but her daughter Princess, nine, has an account that is still publicly available to view.

Katie Price (Yui Mok / PA Wire/PA Images)
Katie told ITV’s This Morning that all of their friends have Instagram accounts and she does not know why her children are singled out.

She said: “It doesn’t upset me, it upsets the kids.

“All of their friends are on Instagram and a lot of them have open accounts. Junior, I’ve tried twice and they have taken it down, Princess’s is still up.”

Asked if there was a lower age limit to have an account, Price said: “I think it’s 13 but with adult supervision I think it’s alright.

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“But why do they pick on my kids? They don’t pick on anyone else’s kids. It’s the same if they work or wear make up. They don’t pick on J-Lo’s or Victoria Beckham’s, they pick on mine.”

Asked if she plans to keep them in the public eye, Price said plenty of children have careers.

She said: “Any work that comes in, I say: ‘Do you want to do this or not?’

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“They have a bank account with their money in it, I don’t let them touch it.

“Princess has a big project next year but I do let them grow up like normal kids. But why not if a modelling job comes along? There are loads of child models.

“Why do mine get picked on when no-one else’s does?”

Katie, who has gone under the knife numerous times, said her children will have no interest in surgery after seeing her go through it.

The TV star revealed she has a new set of breast implants and does not need to wear a bra as a result, but added: “For my face I just have fillers and Botox, no surgery.”

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