11 things people think should be illegal just because they annoy them

In a little pocket of the internet humans ask other humans to answer the biggest questions they have about life, the universe and, quite often, nonsensical joke topics which are good for a laugh.

This time, Reddit users have been asked what they would make illegal “just because it pisses you off”.

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It’s likely you’ll agree with a few of these, but don’t expect the law to be getting changed any time soon…

1. “Having videos that autoplay with audio on a website.” – LyeInYourEye

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2. “Listening to music on your phone’s speaker while in a public place.” – -Words-Words-Words-

3. “Not putting your house number anywhere on your house. (I deliver pizza)” – oakwooden

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4. “Companies putting crappy stickers all over the product that sticks to the item when you try to peel it off. Come on, I know I’m not the only one.” – flaccomcorangy

5. “Websites asking me to subscribe to their newsletter immediately after I visit them for the first time, without even having the chance to look at their content.” – magkopian

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6. “Playing any type of car noise (like honking) during radio commercials. I can’t tell you how much times it’s thrown me off while driving.” – Acediass

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7. “Leaving shopping carts in parking spaces. The place to return it is right there!” – MTNVINNY

8. “Clickbait videos with the little red circle pointing out nothing.” – flacidturtle1

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9. “Leaving a public bathroom a mess. You know who you are…” – DrifingCloud

10. “Creating pants with tiny pockets or no pockets at all.” – Ryokoo

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11. “Adding people to Facebook groups without their permission. I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR JAMBERRY WRAPS, JENN.” – caitlington

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And breathe…

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